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Little Nomad Mat Little Nomad Mat or Alternatives
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The Little Nomad Mat is foam matting that can be put down to create a play area for the family. These mats are designed for use in children’s rooms, to provide a soft and child-safe play surface. The mats can be put together in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs. They can add comfort to a room, or simply an area where children can play in without being hurt. These mats can also be adapted for use in other areas of the house.

Little Nomad Mat Little Nomad Mat or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

How it's Different from Competitors

While it is textured and printed to look like a rug, the play mat offers all of the advantages and safety features of foam flooring.


  • Practical

    The Little Nomad Mat is made of tiles of soft foam that can be assembled easily and quickly. It is light in weight, and can be disassembled to be very compact. This means that it can be stored or transported easily.

  • Expandable

    The tiles of the mat can be fitted together to allow the mat to fit rooms that are non-standard in size or layout.

  • Non-toxic

    This mat meets the strictest standards for safety. The materials used are completely non-toxic.

  • Seamless

    The mat special perfectly fitted edges for a seamless and ‘completed’ look.

  • Easy to Clean

    Any product meant for children should be cleaned once on purchase and before it is actually used. The procedure for cleaning the mat is simple – one much connect the pieces of the mat together, and with a sponge soaked in mild soapy water, clean the entire printed surfaces. Dish soap, or any other mild soap can be used for this purpose. After cleaning the map, dry it off with a towel, and it is ready to use. Harsh soaps or detergents should not be used, as these could damage the mat.

  • Durable

    The mat is made of rugged materials, and may be used to replace carpets or other floor coverings.

  • Pleasant Colors

    Little Nomad Mats are printed in four designs. The ‘Petal’ design is done is a cream-pink. ‘Feather’ design is a soft, gentle gray. ‘Mist’ is a pastel blue, while ‘Dusk’ is a gray pattern with touches of brown. The designs themselves are paisley, or based on eastern mandalas, and are quite tasteful.

Positive Points

  • Safe to Use

    The foam used in the mats is EVA foam of premium quality. All the materials used in the mats are tested for quality, and to make sure that they conform to crucial standards of safety. The standards used as safety protocols for the mats are the EU Toy Directive & the US Safety Standard. It's been proved that dangerous substances such as lead and other heavy metals, phthalates and formamide are excluded from products meant for children. All the testing of the mats is conducted at an independent laboratory approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

  • Customizable

    The mats are easily customized. Each foam tile is a square that is two feet on each side, and these fit together to cover the space you need. Non-standard sizes are also available as needed, and single tiles can be purchased. The mat can be expanded as an when it is needed.

  • A Number of Uses

    While the Little Nomad mat is child safe, it can also be used for yoga, or in an aerobics studio. The materials is designed to not slip or move under tension, and it also does not stick to the skin. It can be used as a mat for the feet, under a desk. This mat can also be used as a comfortable flooring for the kitchen or for a workplace.

  • Suitable for All Ages

    While the mats can be used in children’s rooms, the sophistication of the patterns and designs means that they can also be used by teens or adults.


  • Takes Damage From Pets

    The mats may not be suitable for a house with pets. While some sorts of pets may be acceptable, those that have sharp claws may be able to damage the surface of the mats.

  • Be Careful Vacuuming

    As the mats are made of foam, powerful vacuum cleaners should not be used to clean them – these could damage the mat surface. The mats have been designed to be cleaned using a cloth and mild soapy water.

  • Don't Place Heavy Things on

    Since the foam is soft, placing heavy furniture or equipment on it will compress the foam, and the resulting mark is likely to be permanent.

  • Don't Place on Thick Carpets

    While the mats can be placed on a low-pile carpet, they are not suitable to being placed on thicker carpets, as they may flatten the carpet.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Sort Out the Edge Pieces

    First one must remove all the ‘edge’ pieces. These are pieces that from the outer edge of the mat, and give it a complete and seamless look. Put these edge pieces to one side.

  2. Sort the Tiles Into 2 Styles

    Now take all the remaining tiles and sort them out. The tiles will be in two styles, ‘Style A’ and ‘Style B’.
    Each style is easy to identify, and necessary if one is to create a complete pattern. A Style tiles have a dark square in the right, lower corner of the tile, and a detailed pattern of crosshatches to the left of the tile. B Style tiles have the dark square on the left, lower corner of the tile, and the detailed pattern of crosshatches to the right.

  3. Choose the Layout

    Choose the area that your mat will occupy, and check again that you have enough pieces to cover that area. You can assemble the mat even if you do not have enough pieces, in a smaller area. Alternatively, you can leave pieces that you don’t have out of the assembled mat, and purchase them and put them in later.

  4. Match the Corners

    Once you’ve sorted the tiles into the different styles, and decided on the layout, you can then begin to put the mat together. Do this by arranging the Style A tiles first, to the layout you have chosen, attaching them as you go along. After the Style A tiles are in place, you can place the Style B tiles so as they complete the pattern, attaching them as you go along.

  5. Add the Edge Pieces

    Once you’ve put together all the main tiles, you can attach the edges to give the mat a completed look. Remember that the edge pieces will not always match the pattern of the tile perfectly, as there are two styles of tiles. Position the corners correctly. The mat is assembled.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Little Nomad Mat online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Little Nomad Mat online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 21 Aug 2018 Alison - (American Canyon, CA)

Not Good

I wanted to love this product so much but the pattern on the tiles peels off! They replaced it THREE TIMES! Every replacement peeled. So now I told them I want a refund so I can buy something that doesn't suck. It's too bad. A good idea but not executed well.

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Posted: 27 Jul 2018 Maya - (Durham, NC)

Horrible Product

Started peeling off within 3 days of placing it on the floor. We have no pets and my baby barely crawls yet. So cheap. Do not buy not worth the money. And dangerous for your little one.

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Posted: 19 Jul 2018 Jessica - (Dickson, TN)

Worst Purchase Ever

Beautiful prints in comparison to other play mats available. Bought this for my daugher and the minute we unpacked it, we realized how cheap the material was. Nevertheless, we ot it together. “Seamless” is a lie. Not all the pieces fit seamlessly together. If you put on tile, you risk falling as I did when stepping onto the mat. Bought a rug gripper, and that was also useless. If you wash with a sponge and soapy water as it states, the pieces start to lift and they are not flat against the floor. Don’t waste your money on this.

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Posted: 03 Jul 2018 vanessa - (Chicago, IL)

Not Worth the Price

I got this mat because of the wonderful design. I like my house to look modern with the touch of safety for my child. After a wk days of getting the 2 set of mat it started to peel (design part). I follow the directions given so I did not use any chemicals just damp cloth. I emailed them and they only provided me with 1 set of mat. Since only 2 were peeling I felt that was fair. They advise me to through away the mat that were peeling. NOW the other mats are peeling as well. Unsafe for my child and ridiculous for the amount I paid. Plus the mats are hard and not soft. Therefore if my daughter falls there is no protection. I don't recommend this product and find other safe mats to use.

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Posted: 13 Jun 2018 emily - (Denver, CO)


First of all, these are smelly (some weird plastic odor you cant get rid of-very toxic material) foam mats with a sticker on the top! The sticker comes off easily! My sister got this for me bc she saw this on shark tank and likes to over pay for crap. The mats don't lay flat and my baby tripped over the edge, face planted and got a bloody nose. These are dangerous! I called to get an exchange and the lady i spoke to (i assume the "stylish mom" who owns this ridiculous company) was so snobby & rude. She told me it was my fault that i didn't put the mats together properly (how hard can it be?). She refused to let me even do an exchange telling me it would cost her more to ship it out! Poor business tactics, no wonder she didn't get a deal! These mats are for superficial, rich-b*tch moms that chose fashion over function and safety. I tossed it in the garbage! I strongly recommend baby play or skip hop on amazon. They're way cheaper and better quality! Tell your friends, this lady needs to be stopped selling dangerous and toxic products to our kids.

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Posted: 08 May 2018 Mnnyny - (Independence, KY)

Terrible Chemical Smell

This product smells like it was made in China. It has a Terrible chemical smell when I open the package. I’m not putting my baby in it.

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