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Lift N Shape Bra

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The Lift and Shape bra is a new bra that gives you an instant lift and shape. You have no more under the bra slippage as your bra lifts too high and you are left exposed and uncomfortable below. It is fully adjustable, and easy to adjust. There are no slips or sags, as it stays in place. You do not have to deal with painful underwire. Instead, make adjustments from the front that stay in place all day.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Lift N Shape Bra is $29.95 plus $5.95 shipping, for a total price of $35.90.

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  • New Technology

    Lift and Shape Bra is purportedly the only bra you will ever need. With ¼ adjustable front notch systems on the front, you can make custom adjustments to each side.

  • Better Customization

    It is a well-known fact that for most women one breast is bigger than the other. For many women, the difference is slight, but not in every case. As such, finding an even amount of padding or getting the adjustments for each cup is imperative. In more extreme cases, bras need to be customized with lift or padding in only one cup but not the other.

    This is also true of people who have implants or who have undergone mastectomies. That said, other bras only allow for individual adjustments to the straps, but this one allows for individual notch based adjustments to each cup on either side. Such an adjustment means you can achieve even lift for both cups even if you need different size adjustments from one side to the other.

  • Lots of Sizes

    You can create an instant custom conform to your body, one that makes you look slimmer and gives your chest the lift you need for a perkier outcome. What's more, you can just lift from the front of each side, placing the cups exactly where you want them, changing your entire look. This works well for anything from an A cup to a D, or even DD cup.

  • Outfits Fit Better

    Outfits fit better. There are many outfits, tops in particular, which are designed for women with specific places sewn into them for the cups. Shirts and dress tops often have seams sewn into them as an indication of the cup area, the strap area, or where the back of the bra is supposed to rest. When you try and pull the cups higher to give extra lift, the bra no longer sits correctly in the shirt, where these seams are sewn. The result is that the tops look somewhat off. .


  • Only Two Colors

    There are only basic colors available right now. The company has not mentioned any goal to provide new color options or alternative materials. Right now, if you opted to use this bra you would need to stick with the basic colors. You would not be able to get different colors to match different outfits nor would you be able to get any prints or designs.

    The plain, smooth materials is rather dull and might not work with every outfit. What’s more, you have no options for changing the straps, such as a dual strapless bra, because the straps of a necessity in the cup lifting process.

  • Cannot Use on Other Bras

    Should you choose to use this bra, it makes other bras obsolete. This is somewhat a downfall because it means the money you spent on good bras before is now gone to waste, with the other bras no longer being needed. You cannot just affix some element to other bras, like alternative products allow. Instead, you just have to replace what you have.

Tips & Tricks

  1. No More Shoulder Pain

    Normally, when you try to adjust a bra for better fit and fuller lift, it does not work out the way you want. While you might tug at the straps and make adjustments behind your back, it ends up just pulling the entire bra up higher, with the cups still dragging far behind. The cups are never lifted individually, which is really what women are trying to achieve when they tug on the straps for extra lift.

    What’s more, this regular tightening of the straps just causes pain on the shoulders, as the cups start to lift above the breast and the straps start to dig into the shoulders.

    With this bra, that is no longer an issue.

How It Works

This patented protected technology does away with the struggle of trying to place the straps where you want them to rest in the front. Then hold them in place while you turn the bra around to make the adjustments in the back. With this new system you just lift from the front to adjust your strap in a customized fashion. Each side is adjusted without having to reach behind you, take off the bra, or remove the straps and turn the bra around. This design eliminates sag which can make you appear older or heavier. It gives a perky look instead. Adjustments are made in seconds, and you are ready to go.

How it's Different from Competitors

Compared to the alternatives out there, this bra seems to fill a need quite perfectly. Women are always tugging at the straps, especially while dressing, trying to keep the look they see in the mirror when they tug. Tugging from the front of the straps lifts the cups and gives better shape and comfort, but securing the straps in the back falls short of the desired cup lift. Alternatives try and give back support, extra center hooks for the back. They try to give lots of padding in the cups to try and naturally push the cups up / together, but they all fall short.

Other alternatives out there focus on extra wide straps to encourage better lift support, but still hook and affix the straps in the back. Some have a connector in the center of the bra rather than the back of the bra, but the straps still secure behind. The main reason for this is that the straps have the plastic hook which would stick out under a smooth shirt if it were located in the front. So, to remedy the lack of bras that lift and the back strap fixes, this bra has done away with the traditional hook for the straps. It has replaced it with an integrated system that focuses just adjusting the cups, not the straps. This solves the issue of so many women who are always adjusting the straps beyond what they need, just to try and achieve better cup positioning. .


  • Back Hooks

    There are alternative hooks that are third party style hooks you affix to the bras you already have. One of the most common measures is a plastic piece of various designs which hooks the two straps together in the center of your back. These pieces are designed to move your bra straps where you want them, but in doing so, they tighten the bra and lift the cups.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Lift N Shape Bra online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Lift N Shape Bra online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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