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Laser X is a new form of laser tag, one which prides itself on the comprehensive system it has. You can use it inside or out, playing during the day or at night. The voice coach tells you how well you are doing, keeps tracks of your shots, and tells you when to recharge. You can play teams or just go rogue and play against everyone else in the group. Pinpoint accuracy means you can shoot right every time.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Laser X is $49.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Lots of Playing Options

    There are three playing options. You can choose sides, being either red or blue. Alternatively, you can choose to play the “rogue” setting whereby you can shoot at anyone, regardless of team affiliation. For larger groups you can include two teams and rogue players. What’s more, there is no limit to the number of players, so long as each player has their own vest and gun. So you can have as many people join in as you can, or just play one-on-one. When you order the kit though it only has two vests and guns. .

  • Pinpoint Accuracy

    When you start playing you get pinpoint accuracy up to 200 feet. After each hit, the vest will keep count. As you shoot, the power indicator shows you when to reload and even tells you guiding things to help you shoot better. Due to the lasers, you can play inside or out, day or night and still see.

  • Comfortable Design

    The receiver vests and blasters are a more comfortable and lightweight design compared to the laser tag vests often given out at professional establishments. What’s more, the vest design is small enough that it does not get in the way of running, jumping, or any other movement with your arms.


  • Small Target Size

    Due to the small size of the target, with this particular game you have to make sure you shoot the other person with a direct hit. Other, larger vests and game units give you certain points based on where you hit them, because each area counts as a hit to a different degree. This is not the case here.

  • Batteries

    To operate the blasters and vests you need batteries. So eventually you will have to replace the batteries depending on how often you use them.

  • Voice Coach

    The interactive voice coach is great except that it can give away your position. So to play using the coach, you will need to wear headphones or ear buds so that you, and only you, can hear it. Of course, this then takes away from your ability to hear anything else which might inhibit how well you can play.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, laser X really works, and it really works during the day and to a degree at night. The lasers are visible, but they are not big so if you want to play at night, it is best to have some sort of lights on to help you.

How it's Different from Competitors

Compared to other laser tag kits, it is decidedly similar. The biggest difference is that it is more lightweight and you can move around easier while wearing it. This allows for more exciting moves and jumps. However, otherwise, it operates on batteries the same as others, has the same gun design, and has similar range for the accuracy of your shots. What's more, it is similar in terms of its cost to other units, though you do get discounts if you want to buy extra kits.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Insert Batteries

    Put batteries into each unit.

  2. Play

    Put on the vests, charge the gun, and start playing.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Laser X online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Laser X online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 07 Dec 2019 Kurt - (Canton, GA)

Lazer X

Order for 4 players. Only received one. Charged for two. Charged me double price. What kind of scam is pulling here? Do not have a phone number or return policy. Complete RIP-off.

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Laser X Infomercial
Laser X Infomercial

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