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Koo Koo Egg Drops

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KooKoo Egg Drops are soft and cuddly stuffed toys for boys and girls that will lay plastic eggs for you when you gently squeeze their tummies. Each of the six plush characters available will lay three eggs each, and within each egg, you'll find a surprise baby critter to add to your toy collection. Every KooKoo character will also make a kooky sound when squeezed, which will only add to the fun. These stuffed toys are all multicolored, as are the eggs and critters found within their bellies.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Koo Koo Egg Drops is $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping, for a total price of $28.98.

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How It Works

These stuffed toys all have three eggs in each of their bellies, so when you give the belly of one of them a gentle squeeze, an egg will pop out through the creature's bottom. The same thing will happen when you squeeze the toy's belly twice more until all three eggs have been released from their belly. Following that, you'll be able to open up all three eggs that have been "laid, " which are all made of plastic, and find the toy surprises inside.


  • Six Multicolored Characters

    When selecting one of these toys for your own, you'll be able to choose among six characters, including a duck, a martin, an owl, a macaw, a parrot and a penguin. All of these characters come in different colors and have feathery hair and great big eyes. They don't come with names, so you'll be able to assign names, personalities and even genders to them yourself.

  • Soft and Cuddly

    KooKoo Egg Drops are soft and cuddly like standard stuffed toys, so you can snuggle them in bed just as you would a teddy bear. If you find that keeping the included eggs in your toy's stomach makes their body less soft, simply leave them somewhere else while you're cuddling the toy.

  • Make Noise

    These stuffed toys make a sound resembling a laugh when squeezed, which'll appeal to many kids of various ages. The sound is brief enough, however, that it likely won't annoy any older children or adults who happen to be around.

Positive Points

  • Don't Need Batteries

    You won't need batteries or any other source of power to make these toys lay eggs, besides your own hands, so you won't have to start picking up extra batteries at the store or online.

  • Good Gift for Kids

    KooKoo Egg Drops make a great gift for almost any child, especially if you'll be giving them one at a birthday party where all the children can try making the new toy lay an egg. If you need to buy gifts for a group of children, you might want to get each child one of the six characters, and then they can all have fun playing pretend with them together.

  • No Plastic Eyes

    Plastic googly eyes are a hazardous part included in many stuffed toys, one which young children may pull off and put in their mouths. Fortunately, the big and bright eyes on each KooKoo character are made of fabric, so it's highly unlikely that any child will be able to pull them off their toy's face. On each KooKoo stuffed animal, there actually aren't any small plastic parts that can be pulled off at all.

Negative Points

  • Sound Can't be Disabled

    While the sound that comes out of one of these toys won't be annoying in most situations, there are a few situations in which it would be nice if it could be disabled. Unfortunately, this isn't an option, so any child will simply have to stop playing with theirs while they're in a movie theater, in a quiet classroom, or near someone who's trying to sleep.

  • Only 15 Surprise Toys

    There are 15 collectible critters that each KooKoo Egg Drop toy can "lay, " but there are also six different toys that each lay three eggs. Therefore, if you get the entire set of six characters with three eggs inside, you'll end up with at least a couple of collectible critters that are the same.

  • May be Hard to Insert Eggs

    How you're supposed to get your eggs back into your stuffed toy's belly after they come out is not explained, so this process could be difficult, especially for small children.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Can Store Things in Eggs

    When the eggs that these stuffed toys have released aren't inside them and aren't being used to store your collectible critters, you can use them to store other things, such as jewelry, coins, or notes.

  2. Double as Easter Decor

    Another thing you can do with your plastic eggs if you're keeping your collectible critters somewhere else is use them for Easter decorations. If you don't have any decorated hard-boiled eggs or chocolate eggs or don't have very many, you may even want to use these plastic ones as part of an egg hunt.


  • Don't Put Other Things Inside

    The bellies of the KooKoo Egg Drops have been designed to only hold eggs, so don't put anything else inside, such as food or other toys. Other toys could end up stuck in there, and if you were to insert food, you might forget about it and wonder where the awful smell in your room is coming from later!

Save Money

If you buy a standard stuffed toy, you'll just get one toy, but if you buy one of these egg-laying stuffed toys, you'll basically get four toys in one, plus some pretty plastic eggs. That means you may not need to get any new toys for a few weeks—or even longer.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Koo Koo Egg Drops online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Koo Koo Egg Drops online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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