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Kite Shield Kite Shield or Alternatives
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Kite Shield is a natural mosquito repellent which is designed to cover your skin and in doing so, create a barrier between yourself and the mosquitos. The ingredient mixture purportedly confuses the scent receptors on the mosquitos which normally help them locate food, and often your skin. Results mean that you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and safety without worry. Worry of mosquitos landing on you, biting you, and possibly infecting you and your loved ones.

Kite Shield Kite Shield or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Kite Shield is $29.99 plus $5.99 shipping, for a total price of $35.98.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Kite Shield being discontinued. Kite Shield may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Kite Shield being discontinued. Kite Shield may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.


  • Scientifically Tested

    Knowing that good products come with good science, the company behind Kite Shield has actually completed scientific studies. The results of these studies have shown that mosquitoes are in fact confused by the formula on your skin. As a result, there is a legitimate barrier between your skin and the outside world. Mosquitos do not land on you or your loved ones, so you are all protected. What’s more, the ingredients are natural. This means you can protect yourselves naturally without any harsh chemicals. These studies show that this formula repels mosquitoes. They also show that said formula is effective against three specific types of mosquitos: Aedis aegypti, Culex quinquefasciatus, Anopheles quadrimaculatus. Said spray has not been tested against other flying insects like bed bugs, midges, or biting flies. So they cannot testify to the efficacy of this spray on those.

  • Positive Reviews

    The reviews posted on the site are quite positive, particularly from users who have applied this formula to their entire family and been able to enjoy the outdoors like never before.

  • Deet Free

    This formula is 100% DEET-free, which is better for your health. DEET causes damage to certain clothing, plastics, painted surfaces, and more.

  • Travel Size

    Rather than remaining indoors, fearful of mosquitos and the increasing range of disease they bring, you can hit the outdoors without fear. These bottles are 100 ml each and the perfect size for travel.

  • Deals and Guarantees

    When you purchase Kite Shield you can get two bottles for just thirty dollars plus shipping and handling. Then a third bottle for free. For the original order you pay six dollars in shipping and handling. To cover the third bottle you pay only three dollars in shipping and handling

    There is a thirty day money back guarantee, although it does not cover shipping and handling.


  • No Epa

    The EPA has yet to approve Kite Shield, but potential buyers should be aware that it does qualify for exemption from registration.

  • Not All States

    You cannot order if you are in South Dakota or Connecticut.


  • Not All Species

    The company has emphasized that they tested their spray against very specific types of mosquitos. Culex in addition to the Culex Quinquefasciatus are most easily protected against, but it must be noted that many mosquito species are closely related. So while data for efficacy and duration does not exist for all mosquito species, the results show that so far it repels the most common species.

    Additionally, the company has stressed that anyone with specific medical conditions or asthmatics should talk to their doctor before using this repellent.

  • No Product is 100%

    The technology behind this formula is sprayed directly onto your skin such that your skin is more or less invisible to mosquitos who won’t be able to track you down. Of course, the effectiveness of this product, like all other repellents, needs to be taken with a grain of salt such that mosquitos could still accidentally bump into you while en route. Should this happen, they might still bite you, even though the spray worked.

How It Works

Patent pending, the special formula for this repellent targets the sensing receptors of mosquitos. These receptors are responsible for guiding the mosquitos toward food sources like humans. With a synergistic blend of botanical additives, the formula creates a barrier on the skin and confuses mosquito receptors. Found in the formula are things such as isopropyl alcohol, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, thyme oil, corn oil, vanillin, and wintergreen oil.


  • Other Repellents

    The alternatives to this spray include many other sprays which contain a variety of chemicals or natural elements. Many include some combination of the same essential oils as this product, such as citronella or lemongrass. There are also alternatives such as candles or scented outdoor products which you can light around the areas where you will be. These too include some of the same oils. There are propane fueled alternatives and electricity fueled alternatives, but they are not as easily portable.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Storage

    Storage should take place in a cool, dry place, one which is away from heat or flames. When stored under these conditions, experiences show that the product remains stable. As you store it, there is no definitive length provided by the company. Rather, they state that should you begin to feel concerns over the potency or effectiveness of the spray, you should replace it. Once certifications come out, additional testing can be completed to help provide a more quantifiable answer.

Fun Fact

The company is partnering with non-profits in order to provide mosquito protection to those in need, while raising money for a project to end malaria.


Applications should be re-done every two hours when outdoors, or as needed. The company states that against Culex quinquefasciatus it will remain effective for up to four hours, but against Aedis aegypti it will only remain effective for up to two hours. Against Anopheles quadrimaculatus mosquitoes it will remain effective up to ninety minutes, although individual results may vary.

Pregnant women should look over the ingredient list with their doctor to determine whether it is safe to use with your medical history. While safe for use on children, the company has provided a list of the ingredients contained in this spray. With said ingredient list, it is best to speak with a doctor about whether your specific child or children can use the spray, given medical history and allergies. Kite Shield should not be put on the hands of children because kids often stick their hands in their mouths. When applying, adult supervision is required. No recommendation can be made as to the efficacy of this spray on pets.

So far this spray has not been tested on all fabrics for compatibility. It is recommended that you test it on a small and inconspicuous area of your clothing before you use it, to ensure the botanical oils do not stain it. In areas where you anticipate extreme mosquito infestations, you should apply it to your skin directly, then wear pants and long sleeve tops over it. The chemical is not waterproof nor is it resistant to sweat, so you should reapply as necessary.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Kite Shield online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Kite Shield online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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