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Kiss My Lash is a stand with three mirrors attached at eye level so you can see your lashes up close when you are applying your eye makeup. It has a special triangular shape design so that you can see the tops of your eyelids very easily. The mirror can be moved and readjusted at will using the flexible arm attached to the stand. The manufacturer claims that this is the ideal mirror for applying mascara, false lashes, and other eye makeup.

Kiss My Lash Kiss My Lash or Alternatives
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The cost of Kiss My Lash is $69.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Designed for Best View of Eyes

    The 3 moveable mirrors are designed specifically so as to give you the ideal view of your eyes, allowing you to put on your eye makeup, false lashes and extensions more easily.

  • See the Tops of Your Eyelids

    The triangle-shaped mirrors are designed at exactly the right angle which allows you to see the tops and bottoms of your eyelids. This makes applying mascara, lashes, and other eye makeup much easier.

  • Stable Base Holds Mirror Still

    The base of this stand is very stable, and it holds the mirror in place while you are doing your makeup or applying false lashes. This is much easier than using a portable mirror when you have to hold it in place, steady, with your hands.

  • Movable Arm

    The arm attached to the base of Kiss My Lash is flexible, so you can move it around and change position as you see fit. You may want to change the angle of the mirror or its height based on where you are applying your makeup.

  • Mirrors Are Magnified

    All three of the flexible mirrors on Kiss My Lash are magnified for a close up look at your eyes and lashes. The mirror in the center is magnified 10 times and the mirrors on the sides are magnified 5 times.


  • Get Fuller Looking Lashes

    This tool allows you to see both your upper and lower lashes very clearly. That means you end up with fuller lashes because you can apply mascara to both.

  • Professional Makeup Job

    This product allows you to do a really professional looking makeup job. You can see your eyes and lashes up close, so you won't smudge your makeup or misapply it. This is really helpful for someone who is trying to present themselves as professionally as possible at work or anywhere else. With this product, you can do your makeup or fake lashes yourself and not have to go to a salon.

  • No More Smudging Your Makeup

    It's normally so difficult to see your upper and lower lashes in the mirror, and therefore it's very easy to smudge your mascara or eyeliner. It's always a challenge to get it right and this can take time. With Kiss My Lash, should never smudge your liner or mascara again and you will also save time.

  • Boosts Your Confidence

    It is claimed that women who have felt unconfident about their ability to put on makeup will now be assured that they look their best when they leave the house. That confidence will be projected outward and have a positive effect on both work and relationships.

  • Free Shipping

    At the time of writing this report, the manufacturer pays for the shipping cost when you order Kiss My Lash from their official sales page.

  • Free Mascara

    With the purchase of this product, the manufacturer is giving out a free tube of thickening mascara.


  • Not Really Portable

    This may be a great tool, but you really can't take it with you. So, you may look great when you leave the house, but rechecking and redoing your makeup when you're out will be difficult. This really would be a cumbersome item to have to try to stick in your purse.

  • Quite Costly

    Although useful, this is a high-priced item for a mirror. There are so many cheaper and more convenient items that are similar online and this one can't compete unless they lower the price.

  • Not Very Attractive

    It's not a hugely important point, but the product is fairly plain looking and not overly attractive. For such a high cost especially, the manufacturer could have made a much more visually appealing mirror.

  • The Mirror Won't Do it For You

    This may be an excellent mirror which allows you to see your eyes and eyelashes from all angles, but it is still just a mirror. It won't do your makeup for you. If you don't have the personal skill to do a professional makeup job, then you won't get one. So you still might need some practice with the mirror.

How It Works

Put the mirror on a flat surface with the middle mirror at your eye level. This mirror is magnified times 10, so you should be able to see your eyes very clearly. If you want to see the top of your lids, look towards the upper mirror. To see your lower lids, look towards the lower mirror. Use the combination of mirrors in order to apply mascara or other eye makeup, or put on false lashes quickly and correctly.

Save Money

Kiss My Lash can save you a lot of money because it allows you to do your make up and lashes in such a professional way that you don't have to go to a salon. The cost of getting these services done in a salon can be significant, especially if done on a regular basis. Essentially it allows you to do a professional makeup job every day without having to pay a professional.

Save Time

With Kish My Lash, you really don't have to ever go to a professional again to get your makeup done or false lashes applied. You can do it yourself, and do a professional job so it looks like you went to a salon to get it done. You'll save a lot of time not having to go to those appointments. If you've been doing your makeup yourself all along then you'll be amazed by how much time you will save every morning now that you can see exactly what you're doing.

How it's Different from Competitors

What seems to be unique about the Kiss My Lash product is the three triangular mirrors which let you see your eyes and lashes from different angles. The stand is also fairly unique. Most of the competitors offer smaller, more portable mirrors for the same purpose. Of course, these products may be more difficult to use but they are much easier to stick in your purse so you can redo your makeup when you're out. You really can't carry Kiss My Lash with you, so you can only do your makeup perfectly before you leave the house. It seems like a product somewhere in the middle of these two types is required.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Kiss My Lash online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Kiss My Lash online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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