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Kerafy is a natural, plant-based solution for hair loss, and is composed of fibers that help in the re-building of hair without any side effects. The solution has been developed with convenience in mind and can be applied to one’s scalp in a matter of just a few minutes. It can then be simply left to stay there all throughout the day, without any need of rinsing or washing off. Besides, since the fibers used in the product resemble actual keratin fibers in their natural form, using this solution can certainly help conceal the signs of ageing in almost an instantaneous fashion.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Kerafy is $39.95 plus $6.95 shipping, for a total price of $46.90.

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How It Works

To use this product you don’t need to mix any chemicals together or worry about spills and spoilages while preparing the necessary solution to be applied onto your scalp. Kerafy comes as ready-to-use and can be applied directly onto your scalp just the way it is, without having to make any modification to the contents in the form of adding or mixing ingredients together. All you have to do is simply open the contents of the item and apply it over areas of your scalp that show thinning or the lack of hair. You then leave the solution in place, over your scalp, to do its work by itself.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Disperse

    Once you open the solution to use it, one must bear in mind to always first shake the fibers onto the areas of the scalp that show signs of thinning or the lack of hair. The reason for doing this is to ensure that the fibers spread across all of the desired area to be treated, without accidentally leaving out any untreated area from being covered.

  2. Spread

    This step of spreading the fibrous solution all over your scalp evenly is very important to ensure that there is a perfectly equal distribution of hair strands to be implanted within your scalp. You can achieve the right results by simply gently patting the solution all over the scalp, thus, allowing the solution to be spread evenly all across.

  3. Spray

    If you are interested in increasing the durability of your hair treatment and the hair strands themselves, you can finish off by using Kerafy-Lock Spray. Just like the solution itself, you simply spray this product onto your scalp so as to allow the strands to heal and stay together in better consistency and for a longer period of time.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike similar solutions available in the market, Kerafy is something that anyone and everyone can use, and that too, on all types of hair that is possible. This gives its consumers a high degree of flexibility in terms of choosing one solution for the entire family, rather than having to spend time and money on a variety of different products.
The other element that makes this item unique is the fact that no one will notice the difference between your original hair and the hair implanted onto your scalp by using this solution. Not just that, you yourself will find it rather difficult to differentiate between your own original hair and the newly added strands provided by the application of this solution. All this is achieved by a unique piece of technology within the fibers that tends to make them somewhat translucent and nearly invisible to the human vision.


  • Goes Undetected

    Each strand within the solution ends up being very carefully sculpted from materials that are naturally sourced from plants themselves. This makes it almost impossible for a stranger to detect its presence within your scalp.

  • No Compromise on Quality

    Quality is something that has been given utmost priority when it comes to using the best possible ingredients present within plants. This has been given such great importance to ensure that the product not only feels soft and hardly noticeable, but also to ensure that it does not contain any skin irritants or pore-clogging materials.

  • Does Not Budge

    By very nature, this product is built to stay put and not get embarrassing at the wrong moment when you least expect it. The strands, once bound to your scalp and hair, will not shake off or fall out just because of a heavy gush wind or simply because of the hectic nature of your daily routine.

  • Simplicity in Use

    You can say goodbye to all those messy liquids and formulations that involve arduous effort and dedication towards getting your hair fixed. Using this product is void of any mess and does not have any potential of staining your clothes in the least possible way. Furthermore, once applied to your scalp, there is no need to wash or rinse off afterwards. You simply let it stay and allow it to get its done while you get on with the rest of the day as you normally would.

  • Touch of Realism

    Due to the natural plant-based source used by its manufacturers, this product tends to appear so natural and real that even you might at times find it difficult to detect within your scalp as artificial.


  • Highly Durable

    The manner in which Kerafy has been produced gives its structure a very high level of durability against the elements, within everyday life. You don’t have to worry about your sweat causing it to wear off or rain causing its color to wash away with embarrassment. Even strong winds do not cause the fibers to break or fall off.

  • A Unisex Product

    It does not matter if you are a woman or a man, while using this hair-loss solution. Kerafy works equally well for both sexes and is so flexible in its use that is completely compatible with the unique styling regimens that women and men tend to differentiate themselves with.

  • Easy Removal of Fibers

    Just as hard as it is for these fibers to drop off or wear away by themselves, you will find it equally easy to remove them once you have finished with making use of them. All you need to do when you no longer need these strands of hair embedded within your scalp, is to simply wash your hair with any available shampoo that you would normally use. You will find that by doing this, the shampoo itself gets rid of the keratin-like fibers without you having to do anything extra.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Don't Forget to Shake

    While this product is highly effective with any hair type, it is vital to remember to shake the contents of this solution thoroughly before you even begin to use any of it on your scalp. The trick is actually very much in the rigorous shaking that activates the solution by bringing together all the key elements that are needed for its proper functioning.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Kerafy online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Kerafy online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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