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Jumbo View is a visor for your vehicle that is larger than a standard-sized visor, and will offer you 25 percent more protection from glare and sunlight compared to one of those, plus UV protection. To install it, all you'll need to do is slip it onto your vehicle's existing visor, and you'll get enhanced protection in just seconds. You'll be able to see obstacles on the road more clearly, helping you avoid accidents, and get a crisp, clear picture of your surroundings in any weather.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Jumbo View is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Attach to Standard Visor

    To begin using Jumbo View, you'll first need to attach it to your car's original visor. Make sure that the gray-tinted lens is against one side and the yellow against the other, with the clear plastic clip in the middle.

  2. Choose a Lens and Flip Down

    When you want to use this visor, you'll need to decide whether you want to flip down the gray-tinted lens or the yellow-tinted one. On super-bright, sunny days, you may want to use the former, while the latter will help block the glare from other vehicles' headlights at night, but it's up to you.

  3. Flip Back up

    After you're done using your visor for the time being, or want to change lenses, simply flip your current lens back up against your standard visor where it'll rest until its next use.


  • Airplane Inspired Technology

    The design of the Jumbo View visor is based on the technology used to create similar devices for airplanes—it has just been modified for use in vehicles meant for the road.

  • Uv Protection

    Besides offering you protection from any glare coming from the sun, headlights, or streetlights, this visor will also provide you with protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays themselves. That means by using it, you'll make yourself less likely to damage your eyes ( and potentially suffer from serious eye problems later in life ).

  • Crisp, Clear Focus

    Regardless of whether it's a clear day or there's rain, fog, or snow out there, you'll always see a crisp, clear, focused picture through your Jumbo View. This view will likely be better than what you'd see with just your eyes, glasses, or sunglasses alone.

  • Can be Used by Passenger

    A front-seat passenger who is bothered by glare can also attach one of these visors to the standard visor above their own seat, just as quickly as a driver can. This may enable a passenger to see a book or a digital device's screen more clearly than they would otherwise.

Positive Points

  • No Tools Required

    You won't need any tools besides one or two of your hands to slide your Jumbo View visor onto your car's existing one.

  • May Reduce Fatigue

    It's understandable that drivers get tired when constantly squinting to reduce glare or straining their eyes to see past bright lights up ahead. However, when you use the Jumbo View visor, you likely won't get tired as easily while driving, since the visor will reduce the glare you're subjected to by such a great deal. Hence, you may be able to drive for longer distances without a break, a skill that will come in handy if driving is part of your job or you need to drive kids around.

Negative Points

  • Could Fall Down

    If not securely attached, the Jumbo View visor could come crashing down into your lap while you're driving, potentially causing you problems. You can probably avoid this issue, though, if you ensure that this new visor is attached securely to your car's original visor before you leave your driveway for each road excursion.


  • Standard Vehicle Visor

    A standard vehicle visor will block glare from the sun and headlights as you drive, but being solid, it may also block your view in general. Therefore, if you use one, you may end up in an accident since you've missed seeing a particular obstacle that your visor was blocking. Fortunately, you won't have this problem when you use Jumbo View, as this type of visor is transparent, not solid in nature.

  • Standard Sunglasses

    Some people choose to wear a standard pair of sunglasses to block the sun's rays, but these may darken your view so much at night that you become a safety hazard on the road. Plus, if you normally wear glasses, prescription sunglasses can be a hassle to obtain, and sunglasses of any kind can be lost or misplaced, leaving you with no alternative but your view-obstructing standard visor.

  • Clip-on Sunglasses

    In a variety of situations, clip-on sunglasses are useful for people who wear regular eyeglasses, but don't want blinding sun in their eyes. If you rely on these to block glare while you're driving, though, you'll have some of the same issues as with standard sunglasses—they may not be safe for nighttime use, and you may misplace them.

Critical Advice

When you're using your Jumbo View, remember to only flip down one lens at a time. Do not flip down both lenses, or flip down your car's standard visor along with one lens or two. If you do so, your view may become obstructed instead of being enhanced.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Jumbo View online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Jumbo View online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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