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Java Slide Java Slide or Alternatives
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Java Slide is a countertop kitchen accessory. It's been made to help users brew single servings of coffee without having to obtain packages of coffee pods that'll just become harmful pieces of trash. The 10 starter pods you'll get with each device are biodegradable, so after they've been thrown out, they'll decompose in a way that won't harm the planet. Each Java Slide's upper receptacle, which stores the coffee you'll use to fill your pods, will hold enough ground coffee to make up to 30 cups.

Java Slide Java Slide or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Java Slide is $39.99 plus $7.99 shipping for a total price of $47.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill Upper Receptacle

    To get started with your Java Slide, fill the transparent upper receptacle with any type of ground coffee, including decaf. Fill it almost all the way to the top, leaving just a little bit of space, and put the black lid back on.

  2. Slide Pod Into Drawer

    Below the coffee-filled receptacle, you'll find a drawer that pulls out. In the appropriate circular hole, insert one of your 10 pods with the Java Slide label facing upward. Open up the pod so that the lid (which contains the label) is hanging out of the drawer. Close the drawer again, trapping the rest of the pod inside.

  3. Open Up Drawer

    Once your pod's been in its small drawer for just a second, open up the drawer. You'll notice that the pod is now full of coffee from the upper receptacle. Remove the pod from the drawer and then put the lid back on. You can either store the pod for future use or start using it in a single-serve coffee maker, just as you would a standard coffee pod, immediately.


  • Holds Various Types Of Coffee

    The Java Slide's receptacle hasn't been designed to hold a particular type, flavor, or brand of coffee. As long as your preferred type of coffee has already been ground (as opposed to consisting of full beans), pouring or spooning it into the receptacle will be an option. Therefore, if you or the other members of your household like different types of coffee, you'll have the ability to fill your biodegradable pods with those different types.

  • Creates Completely Full Pods

    Some pods that you'd get at a store or online will only be half-full of coffee, which will become obvious once you open the lids of these offenders. On the other hand, you'll be able to fill your Java Slide's pods up to the brim by inserting them in the device's small drawer, closing it, and opening it up again. That means you'll get more coffee from one of these pods than you'd get from a standard store-obtained one.

  • Organic Filters

    It's specified that the filters within each of these biodegradable pods are organic, which will make each pod's brewing time longer and thereby create a richer, fuller flavor. As a result, you may find that the cups of coffee you brew with these particular pods taste better than coffee brewed with other pods or just a filter in a larger machine.

  • Offers Pod Storage

    On one side of each Java Slide, users can store up to 10 biodegradable pods, regardless of whether those pods are full of coffee or not yet. This will allow you to keep 10 pods on your countertop, ready at hand, instead of in a drawer or cabinet where you won't be able to reach for them as quickly when necessary.

  • Makes Up To 30 Cups

    The coffee that's in your device's upper receptacle when it's full will enable you to fill up to 30 biodegradable pods with ground coffee. In turn, that means you'll be able to make up to 30 cups of coffee by inserting the pods into your single-serving coffee maker.

Positive Points

  • Takes Up Little Space

    While you may be hesitant about adding another device to your kitchen countertop, a Java Slide will actually take up less space next to your coffee maker than some cardboard boxes of pods will. Each one is much shorter than a standard coffee maker, too, and each one's sleek silver-and-black design will complement the appearance of the vast majority of coffee makers.

  • Flavoring Is An Option

    If you like flavored coffee, you can add flavor to your biodegradable pods in two ways. The quickest option is obtaining flavored ground coffee and pouring it into your receptacle, but if you can't find any of that, you won't be out of luck. You'll be able to use flavored coffee drops to add flavoring directly to the coffee in your pods after you've filled them with ordinary coffee grounds. Just make sure you don't add more than a few drops, or the added flavoring may overwhelm your taste buds!

  • Manually Powered

    The Java Slide will do its job—filling pods with coffee—without the help of batteries or electricity. All you'll need to do is pull the drawer in and out and it'll fill as many pods as you want to fill in a single session. Consequently, you'll be able to use this device to prepare pods almost anywhere, even if you don't have access to an electrical outlet. Keep in mind, though, that you'll need some sort of non-manual power to use a coffee maker to make your coffee with these pods.

Negative Points

  • Pods Aren't Reusable

    The biodegradable pods that come with each device are more eco-friendly than most pods you'd use to make single servings of coffee, but it would be even better if they were reusable. People who are passionate about creating as little waste as possible while consuming food and drink may be unhappy to find out that they're not. If you were to attempt to clean and reuse one of these pods, the pod (especially the filter inside) might fall apart.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use For Ground Tea

    By using the Java Slide, you should be able to do the same thing with finely ground tea as you would with coffee: fill the upper receptacle with tea and then fill some pods. This may serve as an excellent alternative for people who don't like coffee but want to have a hot brew of something delicious and energizing before starting their day.

  2. Prepare Pods In the Evening

    If you often find yourself pressed for time in the morning, and that's when you usually drink your coffee (or tea), it's best to prepare your Java Slide pods the night before. Get them ready the night before and store them within or near your machine, which should be sitting next to your coffee maker, if possible. That way, you'll be able to grab a pod quickly and slide it into the coffee maker, instead of trying to start making pods while there's still sleep in your eyes.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Java Slide online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Java Slide online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 06 Feb 2023 Ana - (Scranton, PA)

Not bad at All

One can use the re-usable ones they sell online and at stores. So it's a plus.

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