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Jack Hammer Abs Jack Hammer Abs or Alternatives
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Jack Hammer Abs is an at-home workout tool for men and women that will enable you to attain a flatter stomach while also burning calories through movement. By using this device and the included knee padding, you'll simply roll out forward or to either side and back in again. Meanwhile, as you repeat this movement, the device's ActiVibe technology will send vibrations to your core that will activate all the muscles within it, including your upper, middle and lower abdominals.

Jack Hammer Abs Jack Hammer Abs or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Jack Hammer Abs is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Find Appropriate Space

    Before you can use your Jack Hammer Abs machine, you'll need to find appropriate space in which to use it. You'll need at least six feet of space to the front and to each side of your body so you'll be able to roll out and back comfortably with the machine. If you've got flooring that's easily scuffed, you should roll out a mat in that area before using this machine. After you've selected your space, you should also make sure the batteries within the machine are properly installed.

  2. Choose Level

    Next, you'll need to choose the level at which you want to work with your machine. You'll do this by pressing the buttons on the top of the machine, near the logo. It's recommended that anyone starts with the first (and easiest) level, and then you can turn up the difficulty from there if you desire. There are three levels in total, with the third being the most difficult.

  3. Kneel and Start Rolling

    Once you've selected a level of difficulty for yourself, kneel on the included kneeling pad and grab each of your machine's handles with one hand. Make sure the logo appears upside-down to you—if not, the machine is upside-down and must be rotated. Roll the machine fairly close to your knees, and then gently roll forward with it, without sticking your bottom far up into the air. When you aren't comfortable rolling out any further, pull the machine back in by using your whole body instead of yanking it with your arms.

  4. Repeat Rolling Process

    Repeat the rolling process outlined in the previous step as many times as you'd like. If you're new to exercise or have just gotten back into it, and can only manage a few repetitions, that's fine. However, you'll get the best results possible if you continue the back and forth motion for at least a few consecutive minutes, with minimal rest between repetitions.

How It Works

The Jack Hammer Abs machine works by virtue of two types of technology known as ActiVibe and ActiveAssist. Like an actual jackhammer that you'd use for outdoor construction work, the first type of technology causes vibrations to pass through your arms and shoulders and into your core as you use your machine. These vibrations will cause the muscles in any user's core to fire up, which means that you'll work your abdominals throughout every repetition you complete with the machine. During each repetition, ActiveAssist's recoil technology will reduce stress on your lower back by storing energy as you move forward and providing you with that energy to assist you as you roll back. As a result, you'll get a great abdominal workout without injuring yourself.


  • Compact

    This machine is much smaller than many other fitness machines and will take up only a foot or two of space when stored. Most people will be able to carry theirs to a shelf without assistance, or it can be rolled under a bed or another piece of furniture. You may even want to bring it along with you when you travel away from home by vehicle, so you won't have to skip your abdominal workout or do less-effective crunches or sit-ups.

  • Comfortable Handles

    The handles of each Jack Hammer Abs device will be fairly comfortable to hold, due to the fact that they're padded. That means you likely won't end up with a bunch of nasty blisters or calluses on your hands after you start using the tool on a regular basis.

  • Comes With Accessories

    Aside from the aforementioned kneeling pads that will cushion your knees as you exercise, each machine comes with a calendar that'll help you keep track of your workouts and a meal plan. While it's likely that not all users will need the meal plan, it'll be beneficial to those who are watching their food intake along with ramping up their exercise program.

Positive Points

  • No Electricity Required

    You won't need electricity to operate your Jack Hammer Abs machine, so you won't be restricted to using it in areas with available electrical outlets. You can actually use this machine outdoors on wood or cement, although it's not a great idea to use it on grass since pieces of grass might end up getting stuck in it.

  • Don't Have to Go To Gym

    Those people who want to stay fit but hate the gym or at least hate driving there will be relieved that this fitness machine will give them a gym-quality workout at home. With this at-home fitness device, you'll be able to work out any day that you have a bit of time, without worrying about the weather or the hours at which your local gym is open. You also won't have to deal with other gym-goers looking at you as you work out, which (understandably!) can make a lot of people self-conscious.

  • More Effective Than Crunches

    A study that was carried out independently of the manufacturers of Jack Hammer Abs has demonstrated that this machine activates a person's core 87 percent more than crunches or sit-ups. This certainly suggests that the roll-out and roll-back you'll do with this machine will be much more effective and will allow you to reach your flat-stomach goals faster than those other abdominal exercises. Plus, a rolling action can be fairly pleasant, while during crunches, you might sometimes feel like you're literally crunching yourself.

Negative Points

  • Takes 60 Days to Work

    Although results will vary between individuals, your stomach may not flatten out until you've used this machine for a few minutes per day, for 60 days. Even then, depending on your diet, it may not be completely flat. If you're looking for incredibly quick results, such as a 20-pound weight loss in a week so you can fit into a certain dress, using this machine might not be the best choice for you.

  • Doesn't Work Arms, Legs Much

    You will be moving your entire body as you roll back and forth with this machine, but it'll be your core doing the bulk of the work. The machine's design and the nature of the movement will actually discourage you from working your arms, legs and especially your back in an intense manner. If those are body parts that you're looking to tone, along with your abdominals, you may be better served by using a different type of machine and movement.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Jack Hammer Abs online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Jack Hammer Abs online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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