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Irish Prep Bowl Irish Prep Bowl or Alternatives
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The Irish Prep Bowl is a salad maker, which efficiently cuts most vegetables with a few quick swipes on its blade. This is a plastic bowl, which has a stationary cutting blade, making it easy to swipe vegetables across it, thus creating a sliced vegetable! The use of this product could be very beneficial as a replacement for the use of a knife, ensuring both speed and greater accuracy in one's cuts. A piece created by Ronnie Neville, the Irish Prep Bowl was intended to bring Ireland traditions into North America, and introduce a new and efficient tool for all salad-making needs. It has been noted to work with most vegetables and will produce all of the necessary trimmings for a salad, without the struggle of cutting with a knife.

Irish Prep Bowl Irish Prep Bowl or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on


  • The Cutting Platform

    Made with sturdy plastic, the cutting platform holds a sharp blade for cutting the vegetables. The platform itself is held via the sides of the bowl so that it is strong enough to withstand the pressure of the vegetable being swiped over the blade.

  • The Bowl

    Holding the platform up, there is a bowl with strainer holes attached, enabling all of the vegetables to fall into a uniform location. This would then ensure that it doesn't make a mess on your table! The strainer feature also helps to allow the vegetables to be cleaned with water from your sink or bottles, without the hassle of moving the vegetables into another piece.

  • Swivel Feature

    The swivel option in the dish helps to ensure that things are strained properly. As previously mentioned, the bowl holds everything together, and the swivel feature ensures for a smooth glide of the device, to allow easy access for rinsing off the veggies!

  • Veggie Holder

    This is an amazing addition to the piece, in which one can attach a vegetable to this plastic holder through the use of some metal prongs. These prongs help hold the vegetable in place, and the holder will improve safety measures in regards to the blade, so that one can work quickly, and with less risk of injury!


  • Quick Work

    The use of the Irish Prep Bowl will save countless minutes of cutting vegetables with a regular knife. With it's easy to glide blade, the product helps quickly cut your vegetable as far as needed and does for almost every vegetable. This can be a real time-saver, especially if one is cooking on a hot stove and needs to cut things quickly.

  • Easy to Use

    Many cooking utensils tend to be challenging to use, requiring expertise in order to complete the job properly. The Irish Prep Bowl makes salad making very easy because it just requires some back and forth motions with one's hand. This would be arguably a task most people could do with ease and makes things worlds easier in the process.

  • Less Mess!

    Cutting with a knife tends to always leave a mess of carnage afterwards. Parts of the vegetable go unused due to sloppy cutting, and the rest of it makes usually a watery mess. However, with the bowl being there to collect every cut, no part of the vegetable goes to waste unless otherwise chosen to!

  • Detachable Blade Option

    The Irish Prep Bowl itself comes with three different blade options that are detachable to the plastic bowl. This would be very beneficial in ensuring that you get your desired cut and depth since you can customize your bowl! With three different options to choose from, there is likely something that suits every need, which is very helpful when in the kitchen hoping to whip something up fast!

Negative Points

  • Plastic Based Product

    Due to the fact that the bowl is plastic, it is at a greater risk of being damaged and not lasting long. Plastic does not tend to be the most sturdy of material, and it is likely that from the pressure of the vegetable slicing, that it will crack or get damaged if used in the long-term.

    Plastic also raises a concern of cleanliness within the food. It is known for collecting and holding food particles and bacteria longer than metal dishware does which might become unusable if relied on for an extended period of time.

  • Dangerous for Children

    Salad tends to be easy food made for families to share together. However, the product itself looks a lot like a toy and could be a major hazard for children when getting near the blade. The item looks very inviting for children to play with, especially with its bright green colouring. Care should be taken to ensure that if there are young ones in the home, this item is out of reach.

  • Difficult to Clean

    It is noted that from some reviews, this item is not the easiest to clean. Likely due to its plastic nature, the Irish Prep Bowl is not very easy to disassemble to be either hand washed, or placed in the dishwasher. This might provide a challenge if one was hoping for an easy cleanup process because this will likely take some time to ensure is clean for the next cut.


  • Hand Safety

    While there is the veggie handle, which is supposed to help protect one's fingers from getting caught in the blade, there is still a high risk of injury using this piece. With the fast motions of one's hands, there is a likelihood of a hand slipping and fingers getting caught in line with the blade. This could have an end result with a cut on the finger, or in dire circumstances, a major injury. Great care should be taken when using this piece, as there is a major hazard to safety when using it.

  • Injury Due to Breakage

    As previously mentioned, this bowl tends to be fragile and could be easy to break. Due to the pressure one is putting on the rim in order to properly slice the vegetables, there is a chance that the plastic will snap. With the vigorous motions of slicing on the platform, one must take care that they do not get cut by broken plastic shards. Care should also be taken that these plastic pieces are not eaten if they come into contact with the vegetables being cut.

Critical Advice

Always begin by ensuring your vegetables are clean before beginning to cut. This will ensure that they are cut with the utmost care and that there aren't any bacteria getting lodged onto the blade. Ensuring that there is minimal debris being spread across your food is crucial in increasing food safety.

Along with this, use great care when using the blade itself. Always use the veggie holder, so that your fingers have the lowest risk of coming into contact with the blade. Slow down your cuts as you reach the end of your vegetable so that nothing slips accidentally while going at full speed.

Safety must be the top priority when using this product. We all want to enjoy our salads without having to visit the hospital on top of it!

Wise Advice

Do not buy Irish Prep Bowl online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Irish Prep Bowl online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 29 Apr 2021 Brianna Harshberger - (Pittsburgh, PA)

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I never received the item and it was never charged to my card.

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Posted: 09 Jun 2021 joe

It was never charged to ya card? Are ya sure ya bought it lassie?


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