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Instant Pot Instant Pot or Alternatives
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Instant Pot is an electrical pressure cooker. It has been specially designed to not only be safe, but to allow for very convenient cooking. The device is extremely energy efficient, reducing energy costs by up to 70% . Not only this, but it cooks between two to six times faster than other pressure cookers. This appliance has been designed to produce nutritious food, and to be dependable and consistent. Best of all, this electric pressure cooker has seven functions and can, in effect, replace seven appliances in your kitchen. Not only can the device pressure cook, but it can also be set to slow cooking, or be specialized to cook rice. Instant Pot can also be used to sauté or steam dishes, or even to warm food or make yogurt.

Instant Pot Instant Pot or Alternatives
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  • Versatile Programming

    The device incorporates fourteen programmed cooking modes. These include meat or stews, soups, cooking poultry, beans, cooking grains, rice, and sautéing. Instant Pot can be set to simmering, steaming, warming, slow cooking or making yogurt or porridge. There is also a manual setting, and of course, the device pressure cooks. These multiple settings mean that a vast multitude of dishes can be cooked in the single device, and setting it up to cook a particular kind of dish is effortless.

  • Unique Design

    This cooker is made of stainless steel, with an interior pot shaped cooking container that is guaranteed to be food grade and to release no harmful chemicals in use. The bottom of the device contains three layers of different metals for maximal conductivity of heat. This cooking pot’s unique design creates an environment that is completely sealed, so you get the full flavor of the food and maximum nutrition.

  • Useful Accessories

    This cooking device comes with lots of useful accessories. One of these is a rack with handles on it, that is used for steaming food. You also get a rice paddle that is excellent for scooping up rice. There is also a measuring cup and a special spoon for soups. A special device that you get with the cooker is designed to collect condensation. Also, there is a very interesting book of recipes. The company suggests that using accessories made by the company maximizes the cooker’s performance.

  • Attractive Design

    Stainless steel exterior of the cooker is of brushed metal that looks very elegant and which is designed to resist getting fingerprints on it. The lid holder is suited to both right-handed or left-handed people, which is very useful. As for the casing of the cooker, it is very durable and aesthetically pleasing, and it's also being effortless to clean. This combination of aesthetics with durability means that you will be using this cooker for many years to come.


  • Advance Technology

    The digital controls of this cooker are third generation electronics. Not only does the processor of the device can monitor the temperature and the pressure within the container, but it can also time your cooking. The processor also adjusts energy consumption based upon how efficiently the device is working, which makes this kitchen appliance very energy efficient while still cooking your food optimally.

  • Certified by the Ulc

    The Canadian Underwriters Laboratories certified that the device has ten state of the art safety features. These safety features ensure that the device not only works optimally, but is safe to use for your family.

  • Safe to Use

    The careful, stat of the art design of this device provides additional protection that other pressure cooker may lack. This appliance has a special pressure regulator that ensures that pressures within the device always remain within safe levels. The vent of the device has got a special anti blockage design that prevents it from being blocked by food particles and other debris.

    There is a safety lid that prevents a person from accidentally opening the cooker if pressure levels inside are so high that it wouldn’t be safe to do so. Instant Pot also has a sensor to ensure that the lid has been correctly closed before cooking begins.

    Temperature sensors and controls linked to a central processing unit ensure that whatever cooking program you have selected is most efficiently implemented. Energy is provided to the device to raise the temperature to the level required, and then cut-offs ensure that the energy consumption is always minimal. Additional safety features will also cut off the power and shut down the cooker if any lack of safety is detected.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Dual Pressure Settings

    This unique pressure cooker allows you to set the internal pressure to different settings. The cooker can be set to either low or high pressure, depending upon what sort of cooking you intend to do. If you set the cooker to high pressure, it will cook the food quickly, often 70% faster. Low pressure cooking, on the other hand, is especially well suited to delicate foods that can be destroyed by extreme temperatures.

  2. Use Free App

    Instant Pot comes with a free app that includes lots of tips and hundreds of recipes that will allow you to give your family nutritious and healthy meals for years to come. There are also videos to help you get started, tips to help you with your grocery shopping and much more.

Save Money

Since the Instant Pot is so versatile, it can in effect replace several conventional appliances in your kitchen. It means that the money you spend to buy this device is a fraction of the money you would spend to buy seven other items. This is a considerable saving of money, especially when you factor in the consideration that this appliance is very reliable and durable, and will serve you for a long time.

The fact that this device can do the job of seven also frees up a lot of space in your kitchen. Instead of having seven devices scattered around your kitchen, you now have just one that does the job of them all.

Save Time

The fact that the high pressure mode of this cooker can cut 70% off the cooking time means that you will have that much more time to spend with your family. Instead of slaving away in your kitchen for hours on end, you just pop the ingredients into this cooker, set the cooking mode, and the cooking is done in minutes. You can then spend the time you’ve saved in this way with your loved ones. The nutritious food created by this cooker is far preferable to fast foods or snacks. This means that the Instant Pot directly contributes to the health of your family.


  • Red Copper Cookers

    There are pressure cookers that use red copper that allow for extremely evenly cooked food. They also cook for rather quickly. The cooper cookers usually have a non stick surface that allows them to be cleaned very efficiently, and which also allows you to cook without using an excess of oil in your food.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Instant Pot online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Instant Pot online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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