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Inbe Flosser is a hand-held, vibrating flossing tool that comes with a set of 96 disposable flossing heads, which is meant to be a three-month supply. The tool runs via just one AAA battery, and it's stated that you can choose from three different vibration speeds, depending on your flossing needs and comfort level. Regardless of the speed you choose, this device has been designed to efficiently remove tartar, plaque, and debris from every space between each and every tooth in your mouth.

Inbe Flosser Inbe Flosser or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Inbe Flosser is $29.99 plus $4.99 shipping for a total price of $34.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Add Floss Head

    Before you power up your Inbe Flosser, you'll have to add one of the 96 included floss heads to the top. You should be able to pick up a floss head without touching the floss at all, by hanging onto only its black plastic parts. Following that, it should quickly click into place within the groove that you'll find at the top of the device.

  2. Power up the Flosser

    With your floss head in place, use the power button on the front of your device to turn it on. Once you do that, it'll begin to vibrate. If you'd like to change the speed of the vibrations, consult your instruction manual to determine exactly how to do so. Otherwise, place the device's floss head in your mouth and let the head's high-performance floss access all the areas between your teeth.

  3. Floss Entire Mouth

    After you get used to the vibrating action of your Inbe Flosser, move it from tooth to tooth until you've flossed the area between each and every single one. The device will automatically turn off after one minute of flossing, but you can turn it back on again if you don't feel that you're finished. Remember to floss all of your top and bottom teeth, including the ones in the very back of your mouth.

  4. Turn Off and Dispose of Head

    Once you're done flossing all of your teeth, hold down the power button on the front of your flossing device in order to turn it off. When you're sure that it's off, hold the flossing tool over a wastebasket and push down on the current floss head. This will make it fall into the wastebasket on its own, so you won't have to touch its now-dirty floss. Store the headless flossing tool in its included stand until you need to use it again.

How It Works

As you use your Inbe Flosser, the tool will consistently deliver ultrasonic vibrations that are gentle in nature, but will also be capable of removing tartar, plaque, and debris upon contact with these substances. Therefore, the flossing tool will be able to remove any unwanted substances from the spaces between your teeth without causing you any pain or making your gums bleed. While some vibrating flossing tools just have vibrating handles, the working end of this type will actually vibrate, which will make this type of tool more efficient. Meanwhile, the tool's slim yet curved neck will help you deftly reach your back teeth, and the built-in groove for your pointer finger will aid you with maneuvering the tool in between any two teeth.


  • Lightweight Tool

    Weighing only one ounce, just a bit more than a standard toothbrush, this tool can be considered a very lightweight one. Consequently, it won't feel heavy or bulky in your hand as you use it to floss your teeth, and you should be able to find room for it in your suitcase when you're traveling.

  • Ergonomic

    Along the same lines, this tool is also ergonomic, as its shape has been chosen with a user's comfort in mind. Its handle has been crafted to resemble an artist's pencil, thereby providing a comfortable grip, and its curved neck is meant to resemble the neck on oral instruments that dentists use. Furthermore, the indent for your pointer finger that's included on the handle of each tool will aid a user with precision as they move the tool from tooth to tooth.

  • Adjustable Speed

    Once you've started using your Inbe Flosser, you can decide whether you want it to move at a low, medium, or high speed. The higher the speed, the quicker your flossing job will be finished, but those users with highly sensitive gums might be better off selecting the lowest speed, at least as a start. Your speed can be altered in the middle of your flossing session if you find that the gums in the spaces between some of your teeth are more sensitive than others.

  • Smart Timer

    Some people aren't sure how long they should be flossing their teeth for and may quit the job too early or waste time by carrying on too long. Fortunately, each of these flossing tools contains a smart timer that will turn the tool off after one minute, which is considered an ideal flossing time. If you want to floss for longer, though, and your gums aren't at all irritated, you can flick the tool back on.

  • Stand Included

    Every Inbe Flosser comes with a stand that the tool can rest in when you're not using it. If you'd rather hang this tool from your mirror, the same stand can also be used as a mounting device.

Positive Points

  • No Electricity Required

    This flossing tool will operate with just one battery, so you'll never need electricity to run it. That means that if the battery is working properly, you'll be able to pull this tool out and use it almost anywhere. You'll also be able to walk around any room or area with the tool without being constrained by an extension cord. Your first battery and any replacements won't be included with the device, but you'll only have to pick up a single AAA battery each time your current one runs out.

  • Hands Stay Out of Mouth

    If you've tried to floss your teeth with traditional flossing string, your fingers may have become covered in saliva and debris because you've had to literally stick them in your mouth. Putting your hands in your mouth won't be necessary when you use the Inbe Flosser for the same purposes, though, so your fingers should stay clean. Instead of opening wide and sticking them in, you'll be able to use just one hand to hang onto the handle of the tool while just the top of the device enters the mouth.

Save Time

People who don't floss their teeth on a regular basis, or don't do so effectively, may find that they have to sit in the dentist's chair for an hour or more—more than once a year. On the other hand, if you floss your teeth with your Inbe Flosser on a daily basis, or at least a few times a week, you may spend far fewer minutes in that seat. You might be able to cut your visits back to once a year and spend less than an hour getting your teeth cleaned each time.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Inbe Flosser online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Inbe Flosser online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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