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ILuun Air ILuun Air or Alternatives
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ILuun Air is a wireless flash drive that does so much for you. While normally you struggle to get enough storage on your phone or tablet, this is a portable flash drive with storage. In addition to better storage, it has its own wireless network. Use this to share information with multiple sources at once. Transfer files or videos from your computer to another device, or transfer them to friends when at a cafe or at home.

ILuun Air ILuun Air or Alternatives
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  • Wireless

    This unit is the first wireless USB 3 point 0 flash drive that you can use for smartphones. With it you are able to wireless store and share things like videos or photos. Transfer media and files as you see fit. Then stream HD movies right from your mobile device.

  • Expandable Storage

    You can enjoy expandable storage options like 32 GB, or 64 GB for larger storage. Even get 128 GB or 200 GB as the maximum amount of space. Storage for things like documents, videos, music, photos, and movies.

  • Sharing

    You can enjoy multi-platform wireless streaming so that you can share content and media with others. In fact, you get the added benefit of being able to share with up to eight other people all at the same time. So next time you are having dinner guests over, or even family, you can share the same thing with everyone all at once instead of sending it individually.

  • Streaming

    You get a built in media player that lets you seamlessly stream videos, music, movies, and photos directly to your tablet, computer, or smartphone.

  • Backup

    You get a one step backup and restore function which allows you to free up space on your cell phone by naturally and seamlessly photos plus videos to your drive.

  • Built in

    There is built in wifi in the unit which lets you connect to the other devices as often as you want, up to eight of them at once.

  • Security

    This unit comes with built in encryption which lets you share files securely. Optional wifi password protection options are included with the unit. Also implemented is optional AES encryption.

How it's Different from Competitors

While this may seem like a normal flash drive, it is anything but. Said flash drive comes with many features inside of a tiny package. This particular unit is different from the competitors in so far as it the simple to use app that lets iOS and Android users control and navigate the content where ever they are. Moreover, there is the unique 3 point 0 which allows for the enjoyment of better data rates, better power consumption, increased security, increased speed, and pairing reliability. ILuun Air is a reinvented flash drive like no other. Compact with an elegant design, you can keep it in your pocket, in a bag, or somewhere in your home where you can get wireless access it right from your mobile device.

iLuun Air is a unique device that understands how often people want to share their content. So, you can stream movies and videos on up to three devices at the same time. Conversely, share files like documents or photos with eight other people at the office or at home. Set up a media center when you are with your friends at a coffee shop. Share presentations with multiple colleagues at work. Entertain your entire family with a fun movie while you are enduring a long road trip.

This unit lets you avoid limits based on storage capacity on a phone or tablet. Using all of the extra storage you will now get, you can lead seasons of your favorite shows or thousands of songs without using any of the space on your mobile device. Virtually unlimited amounts of photo and video streaming anywhere you go. It will work where ever you happen to be, without requiring any mobile data, cables, or internet connection. On top of a mountain, no problem.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Download App

    Download the “iLuun drive” mobile app through Google Play or the App Store for Apple, then install it.

  2. Plug in

    Plug in your wireless flash drive into a PC, power bank, or USB-AC adaptor to make sure it is fully charged. It can take up to two hours to make sure it is fully charged.

  3. Turn on

    Once that is done, turn on the wireless flash drive by pressing and then quickly releasing the power button.

  4. Connect

    Then you want to connect to your new iLuun air wifi network. You can do this by going to the settings on your device and turning on wifi. Select the network. Key in your initial password which will be 0000000 in order to connect the first time. Naturally you can change your password thereafter to something much more secure. Your blue LED light will begin to flash rapidly while it is connecting to the device. Confirm that your network is connected once this is done.

  5. Launch

    Launch the mobile app called “iLuun drive”. You will be able to access the wireless flash drive on your regular computer if you use the web browser information provided in the quick start guide.


  • No Extreme Temperatures

    Do not store your device in extreme temperatures, either extreme heat or extreme cold.

  • Dry All the Time

    Make sure you keep your device dry at all times. Water or any other liquid can damage it and stop it from working.

  • Avoid Dirt

    Never store the device somewhere dirty or dusty, as this can potentially damage your device.

  • Fcc Rules

    Never disassemble the device. Any attempts to modify the device can not only damage it, but can cause a serious safety concern. What’s more, it is in violation of government regulations by the FCC. The FCC rules state that the equipment was tested and found in accordance with digital rules. Uses are outlined and must be followed, as should installation. Failure to abide by the instructions can cause harmful interference.

How It Works

The USB interface is for charging and data transfer. Their power button is used to turn on or off the wireless flash drive. To do this, press the power button for two seconds, then release it. In order to restore the factory setting you want to hold the power button for thirty seconds, while your device is on. Do this until the WiFi flashes quickly. After that, release the button. Its WiFi LED light is blue. When your wifi is on, it should shine steadily. Should you be transferring data in a wireless fashion the light will flash. Your power LED light is green. When charging, it will flash. This light shines steadily once it is fully charged. Flashes will happen rapidly to indicate that the battery level is low.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ILuun Air online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ILuun Air online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 05 Feb 2019 Callie - (Yelm, WA)

No Updates- app Crashes

Unfortunately for iLuun the app is not well cared for there are no updates available so as soon as you update your OS the app crashes and custom care is nonexistent, honestly there should be a -10 stars to define how bad it is.

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Posted: 13 Oct 2017 Chuck - (Colusa, CA)

No Encryption no Support

Bought 64g. No encryption on it at all. Sent numerous e-notes to support. No answer to any.

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Posted: 11 Aug 2017 Dean Clemens - (Fort Wright, KY)

Buyer Beware

I purchased a 256gb device from Iluun in their Indiegogo campaign. Part way through the campaign, they revised my order because the 256gb could not be produced and they would substitute a 200gb device and compensate for the reduced storage. In the end, I received a 32gb device! I have made numerous requests through Indigogo and through their site, but they have completely ignored my requests for assistance with some kind of correction. In my case personally, this was a complete scam tot he tune of $100, but you Decide for yourselves.

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