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iFetch Frenzy iFetch Frenzy or Alternatives
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The iFetch Frenzy is a gravity powered, energy free way to keep your dogs at play. Using gravity, balls fall from the top out one of three chutes, and you dog will never know which one. Owners can let their dog learn how to put the ball back in the top of the unit after it has rolled out. Teaching this lets homeowners sit back and watch as the dog is able to play by themselves for hours.

iFetch Frenzy iFetch Frenzy or Alternatives
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  • Great for Small Spaces

    This is a great toy for keeping your dogs entertained indoors. Pet owners to have a small apartment or don't have a large yard can still benefit from automatic play with their puppy.

  • Three Balls

    This design comes with three of the miniature tennis balls. You can order more tennis balls in a set of five if you run out or if you simply want to be prepared.

  • High Quality

    This unit is durable, made from high-quality construction with a high-quality design.

  • No Batteries

    Since it is not electronic it does not require any batteries.


  • Economically Friendly

    The iFetch Frenzy unit is interactive, and gravity driven so it doesn't actually use any batteries or any power. This makes it the most economically feasible and environmentally friendly options that the company has to offer.

  • Three Chutes

    This feature is similar to the older designs but it has three separate chutes through which the balls can come out. When the ball is inserted into the top it randomly rolled out of one of the bottom three openings. Dogs never know which one is going to be the one from which the ball escapes which creates a great mental and physical exercise for any pets.

  • Hidden Storage Compartment

    There is a hidden ball storage compartment located at the bottom of the unit inside the base. Having such a unit means that you can avoid misplacing the balls at any time, and always have the balls where you need them, when you need them.

  • Owners Need Not be There

    Due to the fact that this option does not rely upon any source of electricity or battery power, owners do not have to be present. When the unit is working you can do anything else because there's nothing to turn on or off nor are there any safety hazards associated with a physical launch. The ball simply dropping out will not maintain speed especially if you have placed it over a softer surface like carpet.


  • Not for Large Dogs

    This unit is for small to midsize dogs and it uses the smaller miniature tennis balls not the regular tennis balls. Unfortunately it is not designed yet for larger dogs.

  • Low Speed

    This is made by the same people who created the automatic ball launcher but bear in mind that this does not actually launch anything. The balls used gravity alone to twist out through one of the three openings. It is an economically friendly option and of course he uses no energy but that also means that it has no power behind it to shoot the ball any distance. When the ball comes out it will simply be rolling at a low speed.

  • Thick Carpets

    Given the fact that this unit relies upon gravity, the speed with which the ball falls out of the three openings is impeded by the surface on which the unit is placed. If you have a very thick rug, the balls will slow down much faster and might not roll very far at all.

    This is great for small puppy or really small dog. However, if you have a larger dog you might want to consider placing the unit on a harder surface. Try a wood floor or tile floor so that when the ball exits the product it has nothing to prevent it from rolling a farther distance.

How It Works

This unit is designed to be shaped much like a vase with the wide opening at the top and the three chutes located at the bottom. When a ball is dropped into the top of the opening it naturally falls and falls through one of the three holes at the bottom. There is no way to control which hole is the one out of which the ball will fall. This is a great learning opportunity for dogs which keeps their mind stimulated.

Teaching Dogs to Use it

Automatic ball throwers only work if your dog knows how to use it. In order to maximize the benefits of this machine you have to train your dog to respond to specific commands. What's more, you must teach them how to drop the balls back into the slot. There is a conveniently created video offered by the manufacturers of this product which helps you teach your pets how to use the machine. This video uses shaping in addition to positive reinforcement techniques to help your dog to learn that good things will happen if they fetch the ball and bring it back to the machine.


  • Ifetch

    The parent company for this product offers two alternatives. First is the original machine, the iFetch, which is an automatic ball thrower. It has a very similar design, it uses the same miniature tennis balls, and it is just as sturdy. Differences of course are built into the fact that this alternative is an automatic machine which uses either battery power or an outlet to physically launch the ball after it is put inside the top.

    Dogs can still be trained to retrieve the ball and place it in the top of the unit but then the ball is launched a distance between 10 and 30 feet. Meant for small to medium-sized dogs this alternative gives dogs a chance to run and play fetch rather than picking up a rolling ball.

  • Pet Safe

    Pet safe uses regular sized tennis balls and offers nine different distance settings in addition to six different angles. There are no other ball launchers on the market to come anywhere close to this. It can be used indoors or outdoors. By setting up the distance you can use it inside a safe range with very specific angles to avoid hitting your furniture. Using it outside you can set a larger range so the balls can shoot high up into the sky.

How it's Different from Competitors

This one is different from other products by the parent company because it doesn't shoot or use power. The original iFetch and the enhanced version of the original, the iFetch Too, are powered options for all sized dogs. IFetch Too is meant for larger dogs, the unit itself is not only physically larger but it uses full-sized tennis balls. Launch distances can reach up to 40 feet, higher than any other option on the market. This unit uses a rechargeable battery which automatically shuts off if there is no ball inside of the product itself to conserve energy.

Wise Advice

Do not buy iFetch Frenzy online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy iFetch Frenzy online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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