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iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

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IFetch Automatic Ball launcher is, as the name suggests, a machine which automatically launches miniature tennis balls a variable distance, between ten and thirty feet, so that your dog can play fetch. Rather than tiring yourself trying to throw fifty times per day, let your dog learn how to fetch and return the balls, then the work is done for you. Relax, sit back, and enjoy your dog playing right in front of you while never bothering you.


  • Any Environment

    Use it inside or outside.

  • Multiple Lengths

    Launch the ball different lengths based on your yard or indoor space. Throws a variable distance to keep your dog on their toes.

  • Small to Medium Size Dogs

    The design is specifically for small to medium sized dogs, giving them miniature sized tennis balls to fit in their mouths.

  • No Effort on Your Part

    Dog owners love the fact that dogs can be taught how to retrieve the ball on their own. Doing so means that the dog owners have to do nothing other than sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


  • Promotes Self-reinforcement

    The natural instinct to hunt what dogs see and kill it ( the driving force behind fetch ) is self-reinforcing which means that they make the dog feel really good about themselves. Dogs to catch a ball and bring it back to you don't need to be rewarded for this behavior. Think of it the same way as a sport that you enjoy doing.

    If you enjoy the sport you do not need to be rewarded for doing that sport. You play that sport because it feels good. Playing fetch is the same for dogs. If you have a dog who happens to be strongly predisposed to chasing and grabbing balls, playing fetch is a great way to let them use this natural drive or motivation.

  • Use Inside

    Indoor games that you play at home are a great way to have fun without breaking your furniture. You can play fetch inside if you have a smaller dog. To keep it contained you can use items like this to throw the ball inside of a box or container so that your dog can go and retrieve it. Using the aim of the product to toss the ball into a box or into a container stops any furniture or TV breaking situations.

  • More Affordable

    This particular model is much more affordable than other units on the market. While it is a significant investment, the price is well worth it because the automatic throwing function is one that will last for years.

  • Award Winning

    What's more, it has won many awards and been featured on Katie Couric's talk show , mentioned among print and online publications including the New York Times.

  • Small, Portable Size

    The unit itself is only 14 x 11 x 9" and the ball size is roughly 1.5 inches in diameter. The power adapter works with 110 or 220 V and the batteries, as mentioned can provide up to 30 hours of use.


  • High Volume

    The volume of the motor when turned on and the size of the balls are of particular concern for some pet owners. Ball size is not a valid complaint given the fact that the balls themselves are designed for small to medium-size dogs and there are alternatives from the same company with larger balls for bigger dogs. However, it is a rather noisy machine when turned on and this can cause complaints with neighbors if you're running all day long.

  • Only Three Balls

    The tennis balls provided are not normal sized tennis balls so you cannot use regular tennis balls in their place. Each order only comes with three balls so be aware that you might need to contact the company directly to get more balls if something happens to the ones you have. Do not use regular balls inside the machine or it will cause damage.

How it's Different from Competitors

This product is the king of all automatic ball throwers on the marketplace today. Dog owners love the fact that this will shoot the ball very far, the device looks really cool, and the machine itself is very sturdy. What's more, consumers love the fact that it is flexible enough to be used indoors or outdoors.

You can plug this unit into the wall or let it operate on battery power. C batteries which are not included will allow you up to 30 hours of throwing which means that theoretically you could go months without having to replace the batteries.

Due to its size and the fact that it uses soft, small blue balls, you can rest assured that your dog will not get hurt. This is the perfect option for any small to medium-size dog to play fetch. Best of all, very smart dogs can be trained to retrieve the ball themselves and dropping back into the final. Dropping the balls back into the final causes the machine to shoot the balls out again which creates a never ending game of fetch. .


  • Owner Supervision Required

    Even though you are not needed for the game, if you taught your dog to return the balls, your supervision is still required. Owners are meant to be nearby when the machine is turned on.

  • Meant for Small Dogs

    Consider the size of your pet. The iFetch shoots smaller balls which are 1.5 inches in diameter which means it is best with small to medium-sized dogs. If you have a larger dog you might want to consider an upgrade. Something else you want to take into consideration is how much space you have available for your dog to play. This particular unit has three different settings so you can choose how far you want the ball to be launched. Select a distance of 10,20, or even 30 feet. This means you can use it inside or outside.

History of Ifetch

This toy idea started a few years ago when, sitting around a family kitchen table, the son of the creators was doing homework but was continually interrupted by the dog. Said dog would regularly bring the ball back to play game affect. The father wondered if it would be possible to make a machine to automatically shoot the dog balls. Doing so would ensure situations like this would not take place. Months later the prototypes were tested and a kick starter campaign launch the whole thing. Now, this unit is immensely popular among dog owners because of the fact that it lets dogs entertain themselves.

Wise Advice

Do not buy iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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