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Iderma Masque Iderma Masque or Alternatives
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The iDerma Masque is a skin treatment system that uses special wavelengths of light to improve the condition of one’s skin. This device is manufactured by Apira Science, and uses phototherapy to increase the suppleness of the skin. It has also been seen to remove fine lines and wrinkles and discolorations in the skin of the face. The treatments also show no side effects, and are increasingly used by dermatologists to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, including eczema and scarring.

Iderma Masque Iderma Masque or Alternatives
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Does It Really Work?

Conventional phototherapy treatments for the face do offer similar benefits to iDerma, but they suffer from certain problems and issues that are solved by the iDerma system. One of these problems is that conventional systems cannot maintain enough output, and treatments tend to be inconsistent. IDerma delivers more consistent results. Three ten-minute sessions weekly show definite results if they are sustained for a mere two months, with the skin showing enhanced suppleness, and looking younger and with better tone. Once the initial two-month treatment is done, only maintenance sessions are needed – these can be done twice, or even once, every week, to maintain the condition of the skin.

The wavelengths of light that the iDerma device uses have been clinically proven to enhance healing and improve regeneration at every layer of the skin. It has also been shown to reduce the effects of aging and the cumulative effects on the skin that occur with the passage of time. Other effects that have been observed are an activation of the oil glands on the skin. This reduces inflammation due to harmful cytokines. The effect also reduces chronic or serious acne issues.

The red light generated by the device at low levels has been observed to enhance collagen production – this enhances tone, and by doing so removes fine wrinkles from the skin.

How it's Different from Competitors

Most competing hand held phototherapy devices that use light therapy in the lower ranges do not offer the precise range of wavelengths that the iDerma system does. IDerma devices operate at six hundred and sixty nanometers and at nine hundred forty nanometers – these are wavelengths of light that have been shown to be most beneficial to the health of the skin. These wavelengths enhance the manufacture of collagen by the skin itself, directly increasing the elasticity and plasticity of the skin, and thus directly improving skin tone.


  • Treats the Whole Face

    A special visor that covers, and treats, the entire face is an integral part of the iDerma system.

  • Uses Advanced Science

    The iDerma technology uses the most sophisticated LEDs. There are nearly a hundred and fifty of these. They operate in both infrared and red spectrums of light. The LEDs have lenses that operate in both wide and narrow angles.

  • Offers Consistent Results

    Results delivered by the iDerma device is directly proportional to the amount of time a person uses the device.

  • Comfortable to Use

    Foam cushions ensure that the visor sits comfortably. The iDerma set includes the phototherapy visor itself and goggles to protect the eyes. It also includes the iDerma serum, and, of course, the power adapter.

Positive Aspects

  • Reduces the Effects of Aging

    Red light therapy has been clinically demonstrated to stimulate regeneration of the cells at the deepest levels of the skin. It is regularly used, not only in clinics, but also in salons and spas. The phototherapy system of the iDerma technology also reduces inflammation of the skin, and helps to reduce the blemishes caused by acne. After a week of use, the skin becomes more elastic, has better tone, and more a more clear coloring.

  • A Special Pulse Technology

    The Dermal Pulse system of the iDerma device penetrates to the deepest levels of the skin. This is the basis of the results of the iDerma system. When the special wavelengths of phototherapy treatments penetrate the skin to this extent, the results obtained last longer, and each treatment becomes more effective.

  • A Wide Range of Benefits

    IDerma system can reduce fine wrinkles and tiny lines in the skin. The web of small lines at the corners of the eyes are also reduced. Inflamed skin on the face heals faster, and blemishes are much reduced. The texture and tone of the skin is improved. Freckles become lighter, as do ‘age spots’. Enlarged pores on the skin tend to close up, giving the skin a smoother and younger look.

  • Enhances the Effect of Creams

    One of the interesting aspects of phototherapy is that it tends to enhance how effective other skin care applications are. Users who used the iDerma light system along with the special serum provided with the kit, which helps the skin to absorb light wavelengths, have noted that it makes skin treatments more effective. Conventional skin products designed to improve skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, and improve skin texture, work more effectively when used alongside the iDerma system.

  • Carefully Tested

    Phototherapy has been proved to be effective by a wide variety of medical studies and scientific research. This includes specific research by NASA, that proves that these wavelengths of light promose healing and regeneration.

  • Reduced Side Effects

    The LEDs used by the iDerma device have been classified as safe by the FDA.


  • While the iDerma system has been shown to benefit most people, it has also been shown to be most effective with slower metabolisms. Those with the lowest metabolisms and the most obvious symptoms of aging show the greatest improvement. It is best not to use the system if one is pregnant, or suffers from epilepsy. Those with photo-allergies should also consult a doctor before using the device. The iDerma phototherapy system should also not be used in conjunction with medicines that cause sensitivity to light… for example, by those using Tetracycline.

Easy to Use

  1. The product is fairly easy to use… Start by putting on the visor.

  2. Place the visor over the face. Then fit the straps so that the device is perfectly comfortable and sits well.

  3. Move the visor into the ‘raised’ position. Now put on the protective goggles.

  4. Move the visor into the ‘lowered’ position.

  5. Turn the device on, and leave it on while you relax for about ten minutes.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Iderma Masque online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Iderma Masque online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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