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ID Police ID Police or Alternatives
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ID Police is a compact ink roller that's been created to help keep your identity safe from theft. When you roll it across anything that contains your personal information, such as an old prescription bottle or a bank statement, the device has been designed to add a unique graphic to it. This graphic, in turn, is meant to cover up any personal information before the item is thrown out. The ID Police ink roller has been deemed suitable for use on both matte and glossy paper.

ID Police ID Police or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of ID Police is $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping for a total price of $29.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Remove Lid From Roller

    To get started with your ID Police ink roller, you'll first need to remove the black lid from the yellow body. Once you do so, you'll see the stamp-like ink that you'll be able to add to virtually any piece of paper.

  2. Try Out Device (optional)

    If you're not very experienced with using an ink roller, or have never used one before, it's best to try this one out on a piece of scrap paper before you use it anywhere else. To stop the ink from bleeding onto the table or countertop you're using, it's a good idea to place another piece of paper underneath the first. In order to use the roller, all you'll need to do is place it gently on a certain area of the paper in front of you, and pull it along slowly from left to right.

  3. Add to Personal Item(s)

    Once you've tried your ID Police roller, it'll be time to add its graphic to a personal document, such as your most recent bank statement or credit card bill, or an old pill bottle. Use the graphic to cover any piece of personal information that you wouldn't want the general public to see, such as your phone number, your credit card number, or your doctor's name. On a single document or item, you can use the roller as many times as you'd like, and you can use it on multiple documents in one sitting.

  4. Close up Ink Roller

    When you're done adding the graphic that your ink roller produces to the documents or items of your choice, close the roller up by adding the black lid to the base again. You can then throw out or otherwise dispose of any documents or items that you've decorated with your roller's graphic.

How It Works

As you roll your ID Police device over any area of any piece of paper, a graphic that's unique to your roller will come out of the device and appear on the page. Once you've covered any personal information on the paper with the graphic, nosy people will no longer be able to read the piece of personal information and potentially use it to steal your identity. The graphic that comes out of your roller, which will always be made with black ink, will be thick and complex enough to cover any letters and numbers completely.


  • Compact Device

    You could use a paper shredder to shred old pieces of paper that you don't want other people to read, but paper shredders tend to be bulky and can take up lots of space. On the other hand, an ID Police device is about the same size as an egg (but far less breakable). Due to its compact size, you'll likely be able to carry it almost anywhere in a large pocket, a purse, or a backpack. If you think you might need one while you're on the road, you might also choose to stash yours in your glove compartment.

  • For Matte and Glossy Paper

    Some types of ink won't work very well on glossy paper, but the ink that comes out of each of these rollers will be equally effective on all types of paper. This will be beneficial if you want to cover up the information on a bunch of old prescription bottles, as the paper used for prescription labels is often glossy.

  • Quick Process

    It can take up to several minutes to shred a piece of paper, but you may be able to use this roller to cover all the personal information on a single page in just seconds. Once you know how to use the device properly, each application of ink should only take about two seconds. Therefore, you may be able to encrypt and throw out a huge stack of paper documents in less than a quarter of an hour.

  • Yellow and Black

    Each device is yellow and black, so if you have a bunch of ink-based stamps of a similar shape, you should be able to quickly identify this one among the bunch. As a result, you won't unintentionally use a different stamp that doesn't cover up information as effectively.

Positive Points

  • Helps Prevent Identify Theft

    The main benefit of the ID Police tool is that it'll help prevent identity theft. Often, potential identity thieves will go through a person's garbage with the aim of finding personal information, and even if you tear personal paperwork up, they may be able to piece it together. Fortunately, this tool will be able to cover all your personal information without the need for this kind of ripping that isn't always foolproof. Consequently, your bank account, your credit card, your medical information, and your human identity as a whole will remain safe and exclusive to you.

  • Can be Attached to Keychain

    If you want to keep your ID Police tool with you wherever you go, you'll be able to use the hole near the top of each device to attach it to your keychain. At home, you can also use this hole if you want to hang your device from a hook on your wall. Either way, it'll be fairly close at hand if an unexpected need for it comes up.

Negative Points

  • May Stain Hands

    The ink that comes out of each ink roller may stain your hands, so you'll need to be careful if you don't want to get them dirty. One unsightly bit of ink that makes its way to your skin could take days to come off, so you might even feel the need to wear gloves while using this device. You might also want to avoid wearing clothes that you want to keep in pristine condition while you use your roller, as they could end up being stained with ink, too.

  • Ink Will Run Out

    Along the same lines, the black ink in your device will run out over time, especially if you use the device frequently. Following that, it may prove to be difficult or impossible to replace the ink inside without getting a whole new device.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ID Police online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy ID Police online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 20 Dec 2020 Forensic Scientist - (Dayton, OH)

Potential Problem

No one has addressed the question of solubility of the ink to various solvents like alcohol, mineral spirits, acetone, toluene, etc. As a former forensic scientist, I've removed the red bank dye from robbers clothes and skin for forensic analysis even though it was also supposed to be permanent. I would hesitate to use this for critical information on some types of documents.

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