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Hydro Mousse™ Liquid Lawn™ is a hydro seeding system that allows you to grow grass where you spray it. Unlike the conventional way, that makes your seeds vulnerable to wind, water, and birds, Hydro Mousse™ Liquid Lawn™, uses the spray and stay technology that keeps the seeds in place. It’s specially designed nozzle allows you to attach it easily to your garden hose and spray it where you want grass to grow. An eco-friendly green mousse sticking formula holds the seeds in place and loosens hard soil, for easy water absorption. The result is a professional looking lawn for just a fraction of the price.
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The Claim

Hydro Mousse™ Liquid Lawn™ is the revolutionary way of growing beautiful grass. It does not involve professional lawn care, or paying hundreds of dollars. It is so easy to use. If you can water your lawn, then you can also use Hydro Mousse™ Liquid Lawn™. It will show you the exact areas where you are planting, so it eliminates the guesswork. Its high quality seed mixture is also guaranteed to blend perfectly with your existing lawn. The grass can grow on vertical areas and can survive extreme heat or cold conditions. A beautiful and professional looking lawn has never been easier to come by.
This all sounds great, but 1/2 our customer reviews are negative! See why below:

Total Cost Breakdown

The Hydro Mousse™ Kit is $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H. You will receive double the grass seed absolutely free! (Enough for 200 spots or 100 square feet)
You have the option to order the Hydro Mousse™ Pro Kit with double the grass seed absolutely free and an additional 4 Hydro Mousse™ refill bags for $79.80 plus S&H. Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

TV Commercial


  • #1 Does Not Work as Advertised
  • Many customers have complained this product does not work as advertised, which means nothing actually grows where you spray. Since the whole purpose of the Hydro Mousse is to grow grass wherever you spray - the fact that it does not do this task has left many wondering if they either used the product incorrectly or were scammed out of their money. A lack of growing grass is currently the number one complaint about this device on Amazon.

    The reason for this being the #1 complaint is because the infomercial makes growing grass appear to be an easy task. No seed or seed spray can grow perfect grass without any external factors or additional effort. Growing grass is a complex task and should be approached as such. Hydro Mousse will work; however, you much exude more effort than simply spraying.

  • #2 Leaves Green Dye Marks
  • Aside from not actually growing grass as is advertised within the infomercial, users have complained the green dye in the mousse stains their hands and anything else the mixture comes into contact with - without being easy to remove. Thus, many buyers have been left with green dye stuck on their hands and clothing - and still do not have a lush green lawn from using this product.

    With this in mind, ensure to wear old clothing and gloves when applying the spray. The green dye is extremely effective at covering up non-green spots in your lawn awhile new grass grows. By taking proper precautions you will avoid this problem.

  • #3 Does Not Mix Well
  • Some buyers have stated this mixture does not mix well with their soil. The residue simply sits on the soil, without penetrating the ground as shown in the infomercial. Thus, the seeds never reach the fertile soil underneath, resulting in a bland lawn that still does not have any grass growth.

    Ensure you thoroughly rake your soil before applying the mixture. Grass seed cannot be applied to dormant soil and be expected to grow.

What Is Hydro Mousse?

Hydro Mousse is a hydro seed spraying product that can help you to plant your lawn seeds with ease. The Hydro Mousse attaches to your garden hose and sprays all around the surface, sticking your seeds to the soil so they doesn’t get blown away; allowing an even coating. The Hydro Mousse can cover 50 square feet per bottle and is good for pet urine spots, spots prone to traffic, and spots that are grown in the shade. It CLAIMED that it can even grow grass on walls and stick to even upside-down surfaces, so you can grow thick grass anywhere you’d like. We believe this to be a little farfetched.

How It Works

The Hydro Mousse works because it contains an eco-friendly mousse that not only tells you what it’s covered, but also sticks to the ground so your seeds don’t get scattered. The mousse breaks down tough soil and helps the seeds get inside so that they grow very fast. It’s so sticky that it even sticks to walls. When you attach the product to the hose, it can cover the ground with the seed and will allow you to easily create your own lawn without frustrating guesswork, without worrying about hazards such as wind, and without any other of the hassles that traditional lawn care comes with (or so it would seem). For best results we recommend you treat it the same way you would treat other grass seed and you will experience greater growth.

Why You Need It

Every homeowner needs a great lawn, but growing one can be a hassle. Your pets can make urine stains that kill the grass, your trucks and cars can put a dent in them, and shade can create rough patches. With Hydro Mousse, it’s easy to grow grass anywhere you like and make sure that it stays exactly where it’s supposed to go. Because of this, you can grow the lawn that you’ve always wanted with little hassle. Just sit back and watch it grow in as little as a week.

Hydro Mousse Scam

Due to its inefficiency at helping grass grow [without exuding extra effort], some users have been lead to believe they have been scammed. However, this is not a scam product and is manufactured by a legitimate company. There have been many buyers that were very pleased with this product and have reported grass growth within three weeks of spraying this product. Furthermore, some areas that were sprayed received very little sun, with users who were not diligent in watering their lawn. Nonetheless, they reported their grass grew regardless of their negligence and shady location. Unfortunately, there have been just as many instances where buyers have waited longer than three weeks - and actually took care of their lawn - only to find their grass growth was nonexistent. Grass Growth is a Science regardless of what seeding method you choose.


1. Hydro Mousse is an eco-friendly substances that coats your lawn evenly with seed.

2. It sticks the seed down on the ground and even breaks down pesky soil.

3. Hydro Mousse can stick to upside-down walls and grow on them as well.

4. It’s easy to apply. No more having to guess how much seed you need and no having to watch as your seed blows away.

5. Good for spots that have been ruined by pets, vehicles, and shade. Restores them back to normal.

6. Every bottle of Hydro Mousse covers up to 50 square feet, giving you a lot of range.


Reference: Complaints Section


Ingredients Not Clear

This company uses a patented grass seed formula that is not fully disclosed even on the bottle. While the company’s FAQ section mentioned it is safe for both pets and people, it does not outright list the entire set of ingredients being poured all over your lawn. Thus, consumers cannot be sure whether they are harming other life forms within their soil in any way, as they can only take the company’s word for it that it is an eco friendly product. However, it is not an organic or all natural formula - which can be worrying for those left wondering, “what I am actually spraying on my lawn?” If a buyer really wanted to know exactly what was in this product, they could always dig deep into the national patent library to find out exactly what ingredients have been patented that are unique to this product.

The REAL Price

One order of Hydro Mousse will cost buyers $19.95 plus $7.95 in shipping and handling fees. If you live outside the United States, expect to pay an additional $10 for shipping. There is also an option to buy the Hydro Mousse Pro Kit, which includes double the order of grass seeds and 5 refill bags (one of these is advertised as free). The Pro Kit will cost you $79.80 plus $29.95 in shipping fees if you are within the continental United States.

Even if you do not buy the Pro Kit upfront, you will eventually need to purchase refill bags for this product if it does work for you. These refills are available on Amazon for the price of $22.28, with free shipping for Prime customers. This includes one pound of grass seeds and two fluid ounces of Hydro Mousse. Thus, this product requires an ongoing investment in refill bags if you decide to use it consistently.

Alternative Products

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed

- While this is not a mousse, Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed is a mix of seeds intended to help speed up early success with growing grass, no matter what region of the country you live. There is no green dye to help you see where you sprayed the seeds, which means you would need to use the old fashioned method of seeding by manually sprinkling them onto your lawn. It is currently a best seller on Amazon, with buyers confirming this seed successfully covers up dog patches where their dogs urinate on the lawn.

DO NOT Refund!

If you ordered this product from the official website, you will have 30 days to return it. However, you will not receive your shipping and handling fees back and will need to pay for your own shipping in order to return this item. Once the company has received the returned product, they will begin the refunding process. Keep in mind, if you paid $7.95 for the initial shipping costs, and then pay another $7.95 to return it - that will cost you $15.90. Your refund will only be for $19.95 if you bought one container of Hydro Mousse. Thus, the refund you receive, minus your overall shipping costs will be closer to $12.00 out of a total of $36.85 spent. In other words, once you buy this product from the official website - it is not worth the money to return it.

Customer Service

Official website buyers are able to contact customer service by calling 1-800-614-9155. The customer service department is available for inquiries and assistance from 8 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time. If you have a question about your order, you will need to allow for 24 to 48 hours to pass for the order to show up on the customer service end. As states on their Customer Service Page, your credit card should not be charged until your order actually leaves the warehouse. It will take up to four weeks to receive your product if you order from the official website.


Lawn growing can be a pain and can be ruined by many factors that you can’t control, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With Lawn Mousse, you can grow your very own lawn without having to guess and without having to worry about your seeds scattering. If you’re setting up a lawn and don’t know what to do, or just want to repair some patches, Hydro Mousse may be the way to go. Read the ENTIRE above report and make your own decision.
REMEMBER: Do not just spray and expect a miracle, you must prepare and care for the lawn to grow!

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hydro Mousse online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hydro Mousse online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Bob - (Santa Barbara, CA)
Posted: 14 Nov 2014
I Recommend Buying it!

Cool Product!

Worked good for my yard.

9 of 12 people found this review helpful.

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Kristin - (Crestview, CA)
Posted: 11 Jul 2014
I Recommend Buying it!

Very Impressed!

I am completely impressed by this product! My dog caused urine patches all over my lawn and I had tried everything to re-grow the grass. I saw the infomercial for Hydro Mousse and decided to give it a try as a last resort and I'm sure glad I did! All patches in my lawn that I'd been trying to get rid of since last year are now gone! I highly recommend this to anyone with urine patches or other lawn growing issues.

19 of 23 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 18 Jul 2014

I agree with Kristin. This as seen on tv liquid grass seed does work. What most people don't realize is that it's not a miracle cure for lawns that are out of control with weeds or 100% dead. The worse your lawn is, the more prep work you will need to do. As with ALL grass seed, you need to first remove weeds, debris and dead grass before applying. The liquid grass worked great for me, but I did do about an hour of raking to remove dead dry grass first.

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