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HydraLight Flashlight HydraLight Flashlight or Alternatives
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HydraLight Flashlight is a flashlight that uses water instead of batteries to power itself. A single water dip allows up to 100 continuous hours of use and each fuel cell lasts for 300 hours of use. The breakthrough technology used within this flashlight gives it a 25-year shelf life. The versatility of the handle means it can be used either as a flashlight or a lantern meaning it can be used both on the go and as part of an outdoor setting. Designed with camping in mind this flashlight uses new technology to both emit light and charge it's batteries.

HydraLight Flashlight HydraLight Flashlight or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of HydraLight Flashlight is $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping, for a total price of $36.90.

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  • Hydra-cell Technology

    The breakthrough technology used in this flashlight runs on water meaning the cell is charged when water is applied. This technology allows the user to charge as and when needed using any fluid to hand including salt, distilled and bottled water.

  • Lamp Feature

    While this item is sold as a flashlight it can also be used as both a lantern and hanging lamp. With a flat bottom and a hook to hang from, it can be used as a lantern on a table or hung up in a tent with relative ease.

  • 100 Continuous Hours

    The fuel cells can hold a charge that will emit 100 hours of continuous light and can be charged for over 300 hours of light in total.

  • Charge Retention

    The 100 hours of light can be used continuously; however, the on / off switch means that it can be used just like any other flashlight. The charge can be saved for future use and for most camping trips as one charge will easily last at least a week.


  • Liquid Charging

    Never any need to worry about carrying spare batteries as there will always be water on hand to charge it.

  • Battery Life

    100 hours of continuous light will last at least a week when it is only being used at night.

  • Versatile Carrying

    Easy to use as a flashlight but can also be used on a table or in a tent with no problems.


  • Doesn't 'run on Water'

    Although it claims to run on water it actually charges the fuel cell using water which is a more accurate description. This means it cannot be used indefinitely and new fuel cells will be required when the first one runs out.

  • Cost

    This isn't the most cost-effective way to run a flashlight as the fuel cells are more expensive than normal batteries.

How It Works

Within the fuel cell, there is a metal that releases electrodes. These electrodes are activated when water reaches them and this allows the flashlight to charge and release the electricity as light. When the light starts to dim it is possible to recharge the electrodes by simply resubmerging it in the water. The electrodes are released by being dissolved and this means that once they are gone, the fuel cell will no longer work.

How it's Different from Competitors

Most flashlights run on battery power. By using fuel cells that are charged through water instead of batteries this is much easier to charge when out and about. The fuel cells themselves are easy to charge and will last for over 300 hours each. Other flashlights that use batteries require you to either carry spare batteries or have the equipment to recharge them. The HydraLight Flashlight only requires fluids to be recharged.

Easy to Use

  1. Unscrew Handle

    Unscrew the handle from the head until they come apart. The fuel cell is located inside the handle and will now be easy to reach.

  2. Charge Cell

    Place the fuel cell in water until it has fully charged. Shake off excess water before doing anything else with it. This shouldn't take more than a few minutes to get enough charge to last a while.

  3. Put Back Together

    Place the fuel cell back in the flashlight and screw the handle and head back together.

  4. Switch on

    The switch on the side of the flashlight switches it both on and off. You can either use it as a flashlight or as a lamp or lantern once it has been switched on.

Save Time

Charging the HydraLight Flashlight is so simple that it saves an incredible amount of time. Simply placing the cell in water for a few minutes will give you enough charge to complete many tasks. Compared to standard rechargeable batteries that can take a long time to give enough charge to be used and often don't last very long, this is a very time effective way of charging a flashlight.

The versatile nature of the HydraLight Flashlight means that it is easy to save time when moving around, too. When taken camping it can be used as a flashlight, as a tabletop lamp, and as a hanging lantern. It can simply be picked up and moved around without worrying about the weight or where it will be placed down again.

Save Money

Using water to recharge the cell is much cheaper than using electricity and will retain the charge for a long time. Standard batteries that cannot be recharged are very expensive and will often not last very long at all. The HydraLight Flashlight will give 100 hours of continuous light without needing to be recharged which is a lot of money saved in disposable batteries.

The HydraLight Flashlight can also be used as a lamp or lantern meaning it isn't necessary to buy these separately for camping trips.

Green Friendly

In today's society, Eco-Friendly consumers seek products such as HydraLight Flashlight that is environmentally friendly. Landfills are consumed with overwhelming amounts of disposed of batteries. This is a known problem for our environment. Non-Eco-Friendly batteries contain harmful material such as Mercury, Lithium, Lead, and Cadmium. Research has proven that these materials can lead to illnesses and produce hazardous chemicals that are released into the air and are bad for our environment when the batteries are not properly disposed of. In which 90% of the time, batteries are not properly disposed of. Unlike the conventional batteries, HydraLight Flashlight batteries are comprised of eco-friendly materials and charged using salt water. Eco-friendly Activist consider this a huge breakthrough in the fight against environmental pollution.

The Science Behind Hydralight

  • Water Activated Hydra cell

    HydraLight Flashlight Hydra cells immigrates a mixture of environmentally friendly elements such as hackneyed amalgamate, in which hydrates the cells producing a strong and continuous spurge of electrical current. Consumers may worry about the strength of the current and if it is strong enough to survive the life of the Hydra cell. The inventors of HydraLight Flashlight state that it can.

  • Ion Cell

    The Hydralight consist of an elementary ion cell. This cell is activated by the use of common salt water. By removing the ion cell and placing it in salt water for a period of up to 15 seconds, the ion cell will provide the Hydracell with a charge for up to 250 hours.

  • Care of Cells

    The cells used to operate the HydraLight Flashlight are durable. Not only are they rechargeable but have a shelf life for up to 25 years. Hydra cells are not sensitive to environmental conditions and can be stored in dry heat.

An Eco- Friendly World

Eco-friendly Activist believe that the Hydralight technology found in HydraLight Flashlights will replace traditional use of batteries. This will improve the quality of life in underdeveloped countries. This will allow these countries to have easy and extensive access to a continuous light source. Especially, since the water used to power the cell does not have to be a clean source of water. Water from a lake or ocean or even dirty water can be used to power the cell. Not to mention, underdeveloped countries will also benefit by saving money on traditional batteries. By lowering the spending on batteries, these countries will contribute to improving the air quality and lowering the risk of illness associated with improper battery disposal.

Hydralight Misconceptions

  1. Max Battery Life

    Consumers have reported a common misconception in regards to the expected power life of the HydraLight Flashlight. It is stated that the HydraLight Flashlight can provide up to 250 hours of light. However, it typically provides a max of 100 hours after dipping the cell for a max of 15 seconds in salt water the first time. Once the cell is charged a couple more times it may provide up to 250 hours of power.

  2. Must Use Saltwater From a Lake

    Though the Hydra cell is hydrated by saltwater, this water can be obtained from natural saltwater or by mixing water and salt found at a local grocery store or in a home.

Wise Advice

Do not buy HydraLight Flashlight online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy HydraLight Flashlight online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 10 Feb 2019 Gil Wall - (Green Valley, AZ)

It Works Well

My son says, "Just shake the water off after dipping and its good to go".

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Posted: 15 Jan 2019 val christmann - (Prescott Valley, AZ)

Great Customer Service

I got a hydra light and it did not work They sent me a new one right away and it works fine The problem seem to be the switch interesting tech but difficult production standards.

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Posted: 08 Dec 2018 Liars - (Raymond, NH)

You lie

Consumers do not care about your BS environmental crap they care about your deceitful advertising and evil attempts to fear monger to make money on inferior products that end up in landfills themselves because you misrepresent them.

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Posted: 25 Nov 2018 Diana - (Wayland, MI)


what about freezing?

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