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HydraLight HydraLight or Alternatives
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HydraLight is a high powered flashlight with state of the art technology that allows it to run on sea water. There are no traditional batteries needed, as the fuel cell inside the flashlight uses salt water to power the flashlight. The versatile flashlight-to-lantern technology gives the HydraLight multiple uses. Meant to be easy to use, the device can be charged by simply using either seawater found from the ocean, or by mixing salt with tap water.

HydraLight HydraLight or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of HydraLight is $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping, for a total price of $36.90.

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:

The Claim

Demonstrated by the infomercial, one can simply charge the HydraLight by removing the power cell and dipping it for a few seconds into either salt water or sea water. One charge can last 100 continuous hours, though it can be run for more than 250 hours without running out. The HydraLight is supposed to have a shelf life of more than 25 years as long as it is kept in a safe and dry environment. It is ecologically friendly, as it does not use traditional batteries. Durable and long-lasting, this device is meant to be used in both every-day and rugged conditions.

How It Works

According to the HydraLight team, the power of the light is generated by using something called an EC-250 energy cell. The cell then generates power by using a process called propriety ion exchange. Basically, it uses the chemical reactions to create its own internal electric current. The saltwater activates this process after the power cell has been submerged. This current is what fuels the charge to the light inside.

Easy to Use

  1. Remove Power Cell

    The hydra-cell power cell should first be removed from inside the flashlight. It will look much like a water filter for a clean water pitcher.

  2. Water

    This device is designed to be used with some type of saltwater. Seawater can be used if it is available, but if not, mixing 3 spoonfuls of salt into freshwater works just the same.

  3. Fully Submerge

    Take the power cell and fully submerge it in the seawater or salt water mixture. You only need to submerge it for a few seconds for it to fully charge.

  4. Return the Power Cell

    After submerging the hydra cell power cell into the water, it can then be returned to the inside of the flashlight for a full charge.


  • Longevity

    The HydraLight uses a rubberized armor coating, which means that it is built to last you quite a while. You'll be able to take it camping or use it in a crisis situation.

  • No Traditional Batteries

    There is no need to go digging in the junk drawer for extra batteries. With its water-powered fuel cell, HydraLight can be used and powered quickly by tap water and salt. Or, if you are on the beach and need a light, you can simply use the nearby ocean.

  • Charge

    Unlike traditional flashlights that use batteries, HydraLight is built generate light on a single charge for days on end. This is ideal for situations where there is no power, such as crisis situations.

  • Power Port

    Built into the side of the device is a USB port where phone chargers can be plugged in. This is useful for camping, or any other situation in which a traditional outlet cannot be used.

  • Hands Free

    By pulling on the base of the HydraLight, the device can be turned into a lantern for hands-free use. The hands-free is ideal for camping or even just using it to illuminate a room.


  • Only Uses Water

    While ecologically sound and otherwise convenient, the use of water-only technology can also be a downfall. If the power cell has run out of charge and there is no water available, it cannot be powered by traditional batteries, or by plugging it in.

  • Only Lasts 3 Charges

    The power cell inside the device is meant to be able to be used for over 250 hours throughout multiple charges. However, the power cell seems to run out after only 3 charges of use. While the shelf life may be 25 years, the power cell will need replacement after three charges.

  • Power Cell Replacement

    When the power cell inevitably runs out of charge, there doesn't seem to be a place to order a replacement power cell. After the flashlight loses power, it seems that a new flashlight must be ordered.


  1. Does Not Run on Water

    There are many complaints from reviewers and engineers that the tagline of "runs on water" from HydraLight is misleading. The light itself does not actually "run on water", but rather uses water to activate the ion process that powers the light. This means that once the power cell has run out of ions, water will not activate it again no matter how many times you dip it into the salt water.


  • Do it Yourself Water Light

    While nothing compared to the charge and durability of this particular flashlight, making a water-powered flashlight can be done with instructions on multiple DIY websites. Many of the materials can be bought cheaply, and the DIY device can be used in a pinch.

  • One Time Use Emergency Lights

    There aren't many other companies that are putting out water run flashlights. However, one alternative to buying the HydraLight is to purchase a one-time use emergency light that is powered by water. These tend to be more compact, though only used for emergencies. They can run for about 72 continuous hours.

  • Kinetic Flashlights

    If an easily powered flashlight that can be used in emergency situations without traditional batteries is what you're looking for, Kinetic Flashlights also work. Kinetic Flashlights only need motion to recharge the batteries, though the charge will only last for one or two hours before more motion is needed.


  • Hydra-cell Technology

    The technology used in the HydraLight means no conventional batteries are needed. The power cell is fuelled by water and a single dip can last for over 100 hours. HydraLight uses an EC-250 energy cell to power the light and this works through property ion exchange which is activated by water.

  • Rubber Coating

    The entire handle of the light has been coated in rubberized armor. The rubber acts to protect the cell from damage from outside sources. Using a rubber coating on the handle also helps to make the handle comfortable and easy to grip.

  • Lantern

    The bottom of the HydraLight is flat so that the flashlight can easily be stood up to act as a lantern. The barrel of the product expands so that the bulb can illuminate a large radius instead of the area directly in front of it. There is also a hook on the bottom so that the HydraLight can be hung up to illuminate from above.

  • No Batteries

    Its main selling point is that you don't need batteries to use the flashlight. This is particularly different to most other flashlights on the market as it uses water to charge and makes it particularly useful in emergency situations.

  • Water Charging

    The power cell is charged through using water. The water can be any kind of water and doesn't need to be distilled before use. If there is only salt water on hand then this will charge the flashlight just as effectively is tap or bottled water.


  • Doesn't Run on Water

    The makers claim that the HydraLight runs on water, however, this is not the case. The power cell is simply charged by a reaction between the water and the metal that is in the fuel cell. This is an issue of false advertising. If you look more closely on the website it does explain the process however it shouldn't say that it runs on water anywhere on the website.

  • Cannot Replace Fuel Cells

    The energy cells that power the HydraLight can be recharged up to three times for over 300 hours worth of light. Once the power cell has been charged three times the ion exchange cannot take place and so the cell will no longer charge. There is no option to replace the fuel cells and so an entirely new product has to be bought each time.

How it's Different from Competitors

Most flashlights on the market use traditional batteries to charge and power the flashlight. The HydraLight uses an EC-250 energy cell to power the bulb which is charged using water. This technology is very different to the power that most other flashlights use to run.

It is possible to convert the HydraLight from a flashlight into a lamp or lantern depending on your setting. The barrel slides up to reveal a wider angle on the bulb which means it is able to light a much larger area. With the flat bottom and hook attached it is possible to stand the product on a flat surface such as a table or hang it up, in a tent for example.

Save Time

HydraLight is very quick to charge and doesn't require any batteries to charge it. Instead, the energy cell which is located within the handle is plunged into water 10-12 seconds. This might take longer than putting batteries into a flashlight but as the fuel cell is located within the light, it saves a lot of time on searching for batteries. If you would tend to use rechargeable batteries in your flashlight then the charging time on the fuel cell is significantly lower than on batteries.

Wise Advice

Do not buy HydraLight online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy HydraLight online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 09 Jun 2018 carolea hassard - (Springtown, TX)

Good Idea, Needs Work

HydraLight runs until its power cell dries out, which for me is about three days. Based on that amount of time, the cell would last about nine days before needing replacement. This light should probably be saved for emergencies. Using it as a regular flashlight would end up costing a fortune. Replacement cells are available at HydraLightfuelcell. Com. Fun - if costly - Novelty item. Here's hoping it gets better and better.

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HydraLight Infomercial
HydraLight Infomercial
HydraLight Infomercial

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