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Hydra Smart Bottle Hydra Smart Bottle or Alternatives
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Enjoy the speakerphone and FM radio, in addition to the Bluetooth 5W speaker. Built into it is a recharge dock, safety light, and party LED lights that you can use when out and about. This new Hydra Smart water bottle holds 600 ml of water. You get a 400mA power bank. There is an included lighting system. At night time, you can use the safety flasher. Then you can use the speaker phone built in into the unit.

Hydra Smart Bottle Hydra Smart Bottle or Alternatives
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  • All Included Smart Bottle

    There are lights built into the water bottle so you can theoretically use it to light up your path as you are walking at night or riding a bike, or just out in the yard.

    Moreover, there are different lights you can play around with for social situations when you need light near a backyard BBQ or bonfire. Built into the water bottle is also the ability to take hands free calls through your water bottle. Admittedly this will look rather odd if you are standing on the street or at the gym talking to your water bottle, and it is only on speakerphone. So people will hear what you are saying and hearing.

    Nonetheless, you can use it to listen to music hands free when you are doing things like riding your bike or walking around.

  • Do More on the go

    This unit is actually useful for people on the go who are rather active. Sometimes during a run or walk, you need to bring water but then the weather changes so you need light. Rather than packing a large flashlight, use your water bottle for your music, your water, and then your light home.


  • Light Functions

    This water bottle has the safety light feature which is great, but understand that there is a lot of screwing and unscrewing in order to get to these different parts. As such, you can use in situations where you are stranded or stuck on the side of the road, but not in an immediate emergency when light is demanded instantly.

  • Water Amount

    The amount of water that this water bottle holds is rather limited compared to many other water bottles. You get less water in exchange for the lights and ability to play music on it.


  • Bpa Free

    This smart water bottle is BPA free.

  • App

    You get a sleeper app to help you.

  • Colors

    Pick from four colors.

  • Hidden Storage

    There is hidden storage included.

  • No Cables

    No cables are necessary.

  • Lid

    Said unit is easy grip. The lid is non-spill. It comes with a retractable spout built into the lid so you can close it off and seal the unit when not in use.

  • Carabiner

    You get a free carabiner to help you affix it to other things. Also built into the carabiner is a bottle opener.

  • Splash Resistant

    The unit is splash resistant.

  • Low Battery

    There is a battery indicator so you know when it is low energy.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

    The water bottle has a Bluetooth speaker.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Activate

    You will hear “Hydra smart bottle active” after which you will hear “Bluetooth active”. With this done, Hydra will start to see out a previously paired device and then connect to it. Once there is one found, it will report the connection when it is ready to begin linking with your device.

  2. Power Button

    Press the power button momentarily and you will see the four LED lights indicating how much power is available.

  3. In and Out

    On the back side, flip up the rubber flap. You will see inside a 5vIN so that you can charge Hydra. Then you will find a 5v OUT so that you can charge your tablet or smartphone to it. They are labeled as such on the rubber flap so there is no confusion.

  4. Light Bulb

    Find the lightbulb image and press it to cycle through the white color, color fade, a red strobe light, and finally to turn it off.

  5. Plus and Minus

    You will find on the top a plus sign and a minus sign. Use these two buttons to skip different tracks with a simple tap. Hold either one in place if you want to change the volume. The Hydra unit will notify you once you have reached maximum volume.

  6. Phone

    Beneath the minus button there is a phone button. Hold this for four seconds if you want to activate the radio. Tap your phone icon if you want to seek through whatever stations are available. Hydra will start to memorize each of the stations that are found.

    You can also tap the plus or minus buttons once your radio is on, in order to jump to the next station or go back to the previous station you found. Hold, similarly, the plus or minus buttons if you want to adjust volume. In order to return to the BT mode, you can hold the phone icon.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Dishwasher

    You can safely put the water bottle in the dishwasher, so long as you remove the speaker and the charger.

  2. Refrigerator

    If you want to refrigerate the bottle, make sure you also remove the speaker and / or the charger from the unit before you do.

  3. Storage Base Alternative

    If there is no need for light or to charge anything, you can replace the power base using the included storage base as a safe alternative.

  4. Extending the Base

    Exercise care when you extend the legs of the speaker to make sure that there is even cycling through each of the notches. Depress both of the black latches on either side of the speaker after which you can pull to release. In order to reattach, depress the latches after which you should push down on the speaker until you hear a “click”.

  5. Mounting Speakers

    Speakers can be mounted flat or in the flipped position, however you prefer. Extended legs will show you a charging port hidden beneath and an AUX-IN port.

  6. For Water

    Remove the speaker unit and then flip up your spout in order to get water. Suck the liquid through the spout the same way you would suck out liquid in a milkshake. Once your spout is closed, there is no fluid to escape the water bottle.

  7. For Lights

    Even if you are not thirsty, you can take the speaker with you all alone. If you need a flashlight while you are out or a safety lantern of some kind, then take this unit with you on the go. Unscrew it from the bottle, then take it on the go with you.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hydra Smart Bottle online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hydra Smart Bottle online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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