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Hydra Light Lantern Hydra Light Lantern or Alternatives
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The Hydra Light Lantern is an economic, environmentally friendly lantern that is powered by a water-fueled cell. It is an innovative new way to be able to light up your spaces. It's great for around the house, camping or to have in case of emergencies. The lantern's energy cell simply needs to be dipped in some water and that will be enough to charge the cell and power your lantern. There is no need for big, bulky batteries.

Hydra Light Lantern Hydra Light Lantern or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hydra Light Lantern is $39.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Battery Free

    The Hydra Light Lantern uses a small internal water activated HC2D energy cell. The power cell simply needs to be soaked in water to allow it to create the energy needed for the lantern.

  • Light

    The Hydra Light Lantern is designed to have a super-sleek, lightweight design. It looks good, does not weigh a ton like regular battery powered lights do and is just as, if not more efficient for lighting up your spaces.

  • Power

    The power cells have a shelf life of 25 years and with one single water charge, you'll get up to one hundred hours of continuous light. Each fuel cell lasts for up to three hundreds hours.

  • Portable

    The lantern is rugged, light and portable even folds down for easier transportation and features a small handle that can be used to hang it wherever you need it.

  • Safe

    This product is safe and eco-friendly. The company tries not to produce any toxic by-products and the lantern is constructed of primarily recyclable materials.

    The lantern is also great to be used in the event of an emergency. If you have a emergency preparedness kit at home or maybe at work, it is a good idea to have something like this in there. That way, if you ever experience a blackout, you will be able to have a light source without needing to search for batteries. Just make sure to keep a bottle of water with the power cells.

Save Money

Batteries can be expensive. Especially when we think about not only powering our devices with them but having to replace the battery once it dies. Even keeping batteries for too long can kill them and be a waste of money. With the Hydra Light Lantern, you'll no longer have to worry about spending money on enough batteries. All you'll need now is a bit of water and you'll be able to charge up your lantern almost anywhere.

Does It Really Work?

Yes! The Hydra Light Lantern's unique fuel cells use revolutionary H20 technology that allows you to charge your batteries with nothing but a bit of water. Just soak the power cell, insert it into the lantern and turn it on. You'll instantly have a bright, reliable source of light.


  1. Fuel Cells

    One customer complained that the company's claim that the lantern battery runs on water is untrue. The fuel cell actually uses a metal electrode to create a reaction when introduced to water. When the electrode is used up, no amount of water will make the cell work again.

  2. Customer Service

    One customer complained about the company's customer service. They claimed that they were completely unable to get the company to answer the phone or respond to their emails.


  • Runs on Water

    This product's power cells are designed to run off being charged by water. Although water is part of the process, there is also a metal electrode that will wear out over time and cause the cell to no longer hold a charge. Just be sure to know that you will eventually need to replace the fuel cell.


  • Great for Emergencies

    While a traditional battery operated light might be better for everyday use, it has one huge drawback. Batteries will lose charge over time even when not being used, this is commonly referred to as self-discharge. Modern lithium-ion batteries will discharge at a rate of about 3% a month. In most cases, this is not an issue, but in an emergency, this can be devastating. One advantage with a hydrogen fuel cell is that it can it can be quickly activated using water. Hydra Light can be stored for an indefinite period of time and is ready to use when needed.

  • Camping and Travel

    In the great outdoors electricity is a rare commodity. If you are using a rechargeable lantern you may find it difficult to recharge the light if needed. The Hydra Light Lantern boasts a life of over 100 hours per charge, making it an efficient choice for those who are camping or traveling in areas with limited access to electricity.

The Science Behind Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells are a fascinating technology with a variety of different applications. While it might seem complicated, the science is pretty straightforward. A fuel cell uses a controlled process very similar to a traditional lead-acid car battery. A chemical reaction is created to produce energy directly from the water. Hydrogen and Oxygen are naturally attracted to each other, they will attempt to form a bond whenever possible. When this happens, they create a lot of energy, this energy can then be harnessed to produce electricity to power the Hydra Light Lantern.


  • Not Very Bright

    Some users have reported that the Hydra-Light Lantern is not very bright when compared to other products on the market. Several reviewers demonstrated this by putting the product next to more traditional lantern products. The Hydra Light Lantern appeared to produce a very dim light in comparison to its counterparts.

  • Flimsy Hook

    The Lantern hook is made of plastic. Many other lanterns on the market opt for a metal hook. One user was able to snap the hook on the lantern by applying what appeared to be a minimal amount of pressure to the hook.

  • Limited Life

    The manual states that the fuel cell is only good for about three charges before its effectiveness is greatly diminished. What this means for the end user is that you can expect about three hundred hours of use out of the Hydra-Light Lantern. When compared to Lithium powered lanterns, this life expectancy is rather short. Modern Lithium-ion lanterns can achieve up to two hundred hours of use on a single charge.

  • Large Bulky Form Factor

    The Hydra Light Lantern is rather large when compared to some of the other lanterns on the market. This may not be an issue for some, but if you are planning on taking the lantern with you camping or hiking, you might find that the design is rather cumbersome. Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference and the majority of users will probably find that Hydra Light Lantern is more than capable of serving its purpose.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hydra Light Lantern online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hydra Light Lantern online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 31 Dec 2018 Joyce Baxter - (Watsonville, CA)

Terrible. Worked 2 Minutes

This was very exciting when it worked the first day as a Christmas present to my son. It didn't work the next day. $30 for 2 minutes of light. This is horrible.

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Posted: 25 Dec 2018 Gary - (Saint George, UT)

On/off Switch Defective

My 2-in-1 flashlight switch does not work!

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