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Hydra Light Charger Hydra Light Charger or Alternatives
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The Hydra Light Charger is an innovative and environmentally friendly power pack and lantern. It is an innovative new way to be able to light up your spaces and charge your devices at the same time. It's great for around the house, camping or to for in case of emergencies. The power pack's energy cell simply needs to be dipped in some water and that will be enough to charge the cell and power your lantern.

Hydra Light Charger Hydra Light Charger or Alternatives
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The cost of Hydra Light Charger is $39.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • No Battery

    The Hydra Light Charger uses a small water activated HC2D energy cell. The power cell only needs to be dipped in water and it will immediately start to create the power needed for you to be able to charge up your devices.

  • Long Lasting

    Each fuel cell can last for up to a total of three hundred hours of use and have a shelf life of 25 years. A single water charge is supposed to be enough to provide you with up to one hundred hours of continuous usage.

  • Easy to Carry

    The Hydra Light Charger has a nifty, modern look to it and has a lightweight design. Its meant to be super light and be easier to carry around with you rather than another heavy power pack. It is also efficient for lighting up your spaces. This power pack and lantern is rugged, light and portable. The Charger even has a small handle that can be used to hang it wherever you need it most.

  • Eco-friendly

    This product is designed to be safe and eco-friendly. The company does not produce any toxic by-products and the Hydra-Light Charger is constructed of mostly recyclable materials.

    The lantern is great to be used in the event of an emergency. If you have a emergency preparedness kit at home or maybe at work, it is a good idea to have something like this in there. That way, if you ever experience a blackout, you will be able to have a light source without needing to search for batteries. You will also be able to power up your devices in case you need to charge a phone.

Does It Really Work?

Yes! The Hydra Light Charger's water-powered fuel cells use revolutionary technology that allows you to charge your batteries with nothing but water. Just let the power cell soak for a bit, then insert it into the charger's battery slot and turn it on. You'll instantly have a power pack that can charge your devices and a bright, reliable lantern too.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Hiking & Camping

    The Hydra Light Charger can be great for going out on long hikes where it might be hard to find a place to charge a phone, camera or device. The charger is lightweight and should not be too heavy to carry with you if you are an experienced hiker. Just make sure to be hiking somewhere where there will be a source of water.


  • Green House Salt Water Lantern

    This is a similar product that uses a metal electrode and salt water to produce light and electricity. Claims to have a one hundred and a twenty hour run time off a single charge.

  • Battery Power Packs

    There are conventional battery packs available on the market. However, these are often big and bulky and are not ideal for situations where you have to carry the battery pack on your person.


  • Electrode

    This product's power cells are designed to work by being soaked in water. People should be made aware that there is also a metal electrode that will wear out over time. Eventually, the electrode will no longer work and need to be replaced.


  • No Battery

    Instead of using conventional batteries the Hydra Light Charger has two HCL1 power cells which are charged using water. Charging the fuel cells takes only 10-12 seconds as the cells need to be dipped into water of any kind.

  • Long Lasting

    The fuel cells themselves have a shelf life of over 25 years which means they will retain their strength throughout this period. If the Hydra Light Charger isn't used in this time then this will not affect its ability to charge even years later. Each fuel cell retains a charge of up to 100 hours per dip and can be recharged three times.

  • Usb Port

    A USB port is located on the side of the Hydra Light Charger which can be used to charge up mobile phones and other equipment. While using this to charge your phone uses up the power within the fuel cell this is very handy for emergencies or camping trips.

  • Eco-friendly

    All of the materials used to create the Hydra Light Charger are constructed primarily from recycled materials. There are no toxins found in the product meaning it is safe to use around young children.

  • Lights

    32 bright LEDs are used to make sure the light is not only efficient in energy consumption but incredibly bright in the surrounding areas.

  • Water

    The water that can be used to charge the energy cells doesn't have to be clean or distilled. Charging the energy cells is just as effective with salt water as it is with bottled, tap or river water.

  • Portability

    The product is incredibly light meaning it is easy to transport in all situations. The handles make it even easier to transport and also mean it can be hung up in areas that placing it flat isn't possible.


  • Fuel Cells

    The fuel cells can only be recharged three times and then they must be replaced. As yet replacements aren't readily available meaning the Hydra Light Charger can only be used a certain number of times. When the energy cell runs out then the entire product has to be replaced.

  • Doesn't Run on Water

    The Hydra Light Charger doesn't run on water and water is simply used to charge the energy cell. This is very different to many of the claims the company make. When you look more closely on the website they describe the exact reaction that creates light, however, this isn't as clearly shown as it could be.


  1. Not as Eco-friendly as Claimed

    Although the materials used to create the Hydra Light Charger are resourced from recyclable materials as much as possible, this doesn't make the product eco-friendly. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the idea that the entire product needs to be replaced when the energy cells have run out of charges.

  2. Phone Charging Effects Lights

    Using the USB port to charge any device significantly shortens the amount of time the LEDs will stay lit. As the product has to be replaced after only three charges this makes a significant impact on the longevity of the energy cells and the Charger itself.

How it's Different from Competitors

Many flashlights and outside, portable lamps run on batteries which isn't true for the Hydra Light Charger. This product uses water to charge it's energy cells and can be used in a much wider range of circumstances. For any flashlights that do use water to charge their energy cells, they don't tend to incorporate a USB port which means the item can charge phones and other small devices. By combining both the innovative technology with the ability to charge other devices, the Hydra Light Charger is reaching a new and much broader audience.

Easy to Use

  1. Take Item Out of Box

    The product is ready to use out of the box and simply needs charging in order to work.

  2. Remove Bottom Compartment

    Take the bottom compartment of the Hydra Light Charger, which contains the energy cells, off.

  3. Submerge Power Cells

    In a glass of water submerge each power cell for 10-15 seconds. This should fully charge the cells and give you a full use out of them.

  4. Put Back Together

    Shake the excess water off power cells and then place them back into the Hydra Light Charger. Put all of the components back together.

  5. Ready to Use

    The product can now be used for charging devices or lighting an area. Use a USB cable to connect your device to the USB port to charge it and simply use the power buttons to control the lights.

Save Time

Looking for batteries is a very time-consuming battle in most households, however, this isn't a problem using this product. Charging the energy cells takes a matter of seconds and from this, you are able to use both the lights and charge your mobile phone or other small devices. If you are using rechargeable batteries in a flashlight then this will save you considerable amounts of time. The charging time for rechargeable batteries is significantly longer than the 10-15 seconds you need to charge each of the energy cells located within this product.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Emergencies

    As there is no need for electricity to charge this light it handy to keep around in case of an emergency. Not only is charging the energy cells possible without any form of electricity, it is much safer than using an open flame or searching for batteries in a darkened house. The USB port also means that you can charge your phone in an emergency and this means you will be able to use it regardless of whether it was charged before or not.

  2. Boating

    Going out on a boat means that electricity isn't available. This light is easy to charge in such an eventuality and can be used to charge up phones or other small devices, adding an extra layer of security to the trip out on a boat. Being surrounded by water already means that carrying spare batteries isn't a necessity and it doesn't matter if the water is fresh or salt water. The energy cells can charge off any kind of water.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hydra Light Charger online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hydra Light Charger online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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