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Hydra Light Hydra Light or Alternatives
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Hydra Light is a revolutionary new flashlight designed to alleviate your costs and be environmentally friendly. This light takes no batteries; instead, it only runs on water. The unit is durable and rugged, designed to last for a long time. Hydralight has a rubberized armor coating. It can function up to one hundred hours once it has been fully charged. What’s more, because of its design, the unit is completely safe to use at home. Need it shipped FAST? If ordered from Amazon the Hydra light usually ships within 3-4 days. The official As Seen on TV sales page says that if ordered from there, it will ship within 60 days.

Hydra Light Hydra Light or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hydra Light is $29.95 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Two Light Types

    It is a flashlight and a lantern. You just pick which one you need.

  • Use it Anywhere

    You can use it to light up a garage, around the house, while camping, during an emergency, or when you are facing a power outage or severe weather.

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  • Can be Hands-Free

    By expanding the barrel, the Hydralight becomes a lantern that is hands-free. This gives you more light to a bigger area. Using the handheld light, you normally need one hand on the light at all times, but this unit makes it hands-free so you can work. As such, you can change a tire with this light by your side, or work on repairing your car.

  • On and Off Button

    You can switch it on or off just like you would a normal flashlight. Once it has been fully charged, it works for up to 100 hours without needing another recharge.


  • No Information on Charge Time

    What the company fails to explain is how long it takes for the unit to charge completely. Without this reference point, it is difficult to know how well the unit will work in emergencies or while camping/hiking. If it takes an entire night to recharge, then you are left without light. Conversely, if it only takes a few hours, then you can easily use this light while you are facing a power outage or in the middle of the woods.

  • Small Light

    The unit itself is about the size of your hand, and the light bulbs inside are even smaller. This means that while it might be effective in holding a charge with water alone, it does not give you a big coverage area or a bright light. Additionally, the unit lacks strobe functions or emergency light options like alternative flashlights/lanterns.

How It Works

The Hydralight works by way of a special water-based battery. Likely it is a magnesium oxide battery, one which is water powered by a chemical reaction. Regular chemical reactions keep the power on and the light bright.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Remove Cell

    Take the fuel cell out of the light.

  2. Submerge in Water

    Put the fuel cell inside water, fully submerged.

  3. Charge

    Watch as it starts to charge.

  4. Remove

    Then remove it from the water and put it back into the light.

  5. Use Your Light

    Start using the light as needed.


  • Red Cross Blackout Buddy

    The only other alternative on the market is the American Red Cross, Blackout Buddy. This light is not meant for regular recharging, but is instead an emergency light that you can use for 72 hours straight. Said unit is environmentally safe, using a magnesium-oxide battery that is activated by water. You can pour water into the bottom of the unit and watch as the three LED lights turn on.

    After you have activated it, the light will stay on for 72 hours. If you see it start to dim, you only need to add a bit more water. There is an on/off switch though, if you want to turn it off at night. Working even if entirely submerged in water, this unit is great for all weather.

The Official Sales Marketing page was first registered in 2004; however, only came online in its current state (As Seen on TV) in September of 2017.

The product HydraLight started out via a crowdfunding page on KickStarter, raising money for the development of their invention in February of 2015.

HydraLight Negative Video Review

How it's Different from Competitors

Hydra Light is a flashlight that runs on water, no batteries necessary. The unique type of flashlight gives you up to 100 continuous hours of light off a single water charge and can be used as either a flashlight or a lantern.

By using this flashlight, you won't ever have to waste time searching for batteries when the power goes out.

The flashlight uses a revolutionary Hydra-Cell fuel cell that runs on water. All you have to do is immerse the battery cell in water, once water comes into contact with the cell, it immediately starts to generate a charge.

When you insert the fuel cell back into the flashlight, you'll. Instantly be able to have an impressive flashlight.

Eco-friendly cell battery provides you with light when you need it most. Fuel cells can run for up to 100 continuous hours from a single charge.

Then, once the battery runs out, you can simply dip the fuel cell in the water again, and instantly charge your flashlight.

Cells have an anode and cathode at both ends and water works to complete the circuit in the battery to produce a charge.

There is also an extendable end barrel that can be pulled out and the flashlight converts into a hands-free lantern. It stands on its own or you can hang it from something to provide light to an entire area.

Another useful feature is that the flashlight has a rubberized armor coating that makes it rugged and durable. Perfect for use during power outages, severe weather, and emergencies or use it around the house, in the garage, backpacking or camping, and other outdoor adventures.

Hydra Light has also been awarded the BGT Creative Award by and the Best of Outdoor Retailer Media in 2017. Outdoor Retailer Expo.

$5 Off Promo Code

This is an unconfirmed promo code to allegedly receive $5 off on an Amazon purchase of the HydraLight. Please comment below to let us know if this code worked or not.
Promo Code: AMERICA5

HydraLight Positive Video Review

Save Money

You'll no longer have to spend money on buying batteries for your flashlights. Having to constantly buy new batteries for your flashlights can cost a lot of money and batteries often lose their charge before they even get used. Hydra Light's fuel cell can be charged with nothing but salt water and does not cost you a single cent to charge.

The flashlight is available as a single offer, but if you buy more then one, you will save. You will get 10% off if you purchase two and 15% if you purchase three. Possibly use one for in the house, one for the garage, and keep the other at camp.

Save Time

If the power ever goes, and you end up stuck in the dark, it can be frustrating to have to search for where you keep batteries. It can also be a chore to store batteries as they can often take up a lot of space in your drawers or cupboards. With Hydra Light, you don't need to keep batteries with your light, as long as you have a source of water, you will be able to have light in an instant!


  • No Water, no Light

    Hydra Light is a very useful flashlight for having around the house in the event that the power was to go out. However, my concern is that some people may use the Hydra-Light to keep in their vehicles in case of emergency and may find themselves stranded and not have any water to charge the battery.

Critical Advice

If you are planning to keep Hydra Light in an emergency kit. Be sure to also have water in the kit. Although the flashlight does not require batteries, you will need water to be able to charge the fuel cell. Without water, you will not be able to use the flashlight and you could end up in a bad situation.

Tips & Tricks

  1. 60-day Guarantee

    You can try out the Hydra-Light risk-free with their 60-day, no questions asked guarantee. If you are not satisfied, they will refund your money 100%.

  2. Not Available in Stores

    Hydra Light is a new and innovative product. It is not yet available in stores and can only be purchased online.

  3. Save the Planet

    This product is also environmentally friendly, as you do not need to use batteries which end up creating a lot of waste and end up in landfills.

    By using Hydra Light, you will be helping the keep the environment clean and landfills free from toxic chemicals. Batteries are loaded with harmful acids and solutions that eventually leach out of landfills and into the environment. The batteries themselves also take decades to bio-degrade, which results and landfills becoming overfilled.

Special Offers

- After you click 'Process Order'

When you attempt to purchase a HydraLight from you will be given the opportunity to upgrade to a set of 3 HydraLights for $76.35. That works out to $25.45 per light. Although not stated on the offer page, this is the exact same deal that is provided on the main page of the site which states you will also receive free shipping and processing when ordering this quantity.

3 HydraLights

If you say no to the set of 3 offer, you will be provided with a second offer to upgrade your order to a 2 pack of HydraLights for $60.95. That works out to $26.95 per light plus a $6.95 shipping and handling fee. This also is the exact same offer that is given on the main page before entering your credit card information.

2 HydraLights

Usually, once you agree to buy an As Seen on TV item from a sales page, the further you go into the purchasing process, the better the deals are which are offered to entice you to buy more. In this case, the deals you will be offered are the exact same as what you could have selected from the first page; you just receive a second and third chance to spend more money.

Tricky Tricky

When you arrive at the final order summary page there will be a Yes / No radio button which you must click if you want to receive an e-mail confirmation of your order.

E-Mail Confirmation Button

Traditionally As Seen on TV Official Sales pages are confusing; they aim to trick the buyer into spending more money than they realize by using confusing language and not providing an opportunity to see/confirm the order.

The HydraLight sales page is not confusing at all.


The refund policy does not include any shipping and handling fees, nor the price of return postage. Regardless, unlike other TV products, the shipping fees are more than reasonable; thus making the return policy optimal.

What's more, if you receive a damaged light, within 7 to 10 days from delivery, contact Customer Service and they will send a replacement.

Shipping's shipping policy states that they will ship your order within 60 days from the time it is processed and it will be mailed via UPS. This massive timeframe is to account for periods of backorders, increased demand or any other unforeseen problems.

During the holiday season additional shipping options are made available for a fee:
Priority Shipping: 3-5 business days ($5.95)
2nd Day Air Shipping: 2 business days ($18.95)
Next Day Shipping: 1 business day ($24.95)

HydraLight Coupon Promo Code

To receive $5.00 off your order, enter the code:
(this code was confirmed working as of 13 December 2017)

Customer Service

Toll Free: 1-844-734-3650
Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm PST
Order Status:

PO Box 320
Pico Rivera, CA 90660-0320

Only Good for 3 Charges

If you watch the commercial video above, you'll notice fine print at the bottom of the screen near the 0:39-second mark. This fine print indicates that the flashlight can last up to 100 continuous hours on a single water dip if the fuel cell stays moist (the water doesn't dry up). It more interestingly states that the fuel cell can power the flashlight for up to 300 hours. If you are able to use the flashlight for 100 hours per charge, you will only be able to charge it another two times (for 100 hours of use each time) before you need to replace the fuel cell. Once the fuel cell is deal, the light becomes useless without a new fuel cell.

There is currently no mention of how, where or for what fee you would be charged to purchase a new fuel cell for the hydra light.

The Fuel Cell Lasts 12-50 times longer than batteries!

The lasting time of a fuel cell compared to batteries is impressive; however, most customers may have expected more from a "water powered flashlight".

A study was conducted where flashlights using D-Cell Batteries were kept on until the batteries died. Here were the results:
24 hrs - Rayovac
22 hrs - Energizer
15 hrs - Duracell
6 hrs - Eveready
A similar study was conducted with AA batteries which found the longest battery life to be 5 hours.
Study reference & more battery life information
100 hrs - Water Powered Fuel Cell x 3 charges

Not Water Powered!

If the most critical part of the flashlight is the fuel cell, and it is the fuel cell that is charged and depleted, then wouldn't that mean that HydraLight is powered by a fuel cell and not water? Yet, the fuel cell needs to react with water, in order to produce power.

HydraLight Review

The HydraLight is overpriced. The quality of the plastic is low and the fuel cell will only last for 300 hours of use before needing a replacement (which currently isn't available as of 14 December 2017). The flashlight and lantern aren't bright when compared to most newer LED alternatives.

With all the above negatives why would anyone buy one? Easy, its pretty darn cool!

Water Powered Fuel Cells, until recently were too expensive to be made available to the public. The thought of having a flashlight that is powered by water is something that would have been thought to be impossible years ago.

The HydraLight looks good, it does what it claims, the return policy is more than fair, and the official sales page isn't confusing. If you have money to spend on a Novelty for yourself or someone else, why not spend it on a flashlight powered by water. If you are budget conscious, you may want to consider smaller led flashlights which are brighter, stronger built and much cheaper.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hydra Light online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hydra Light online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


Average Customer Rating:

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Posted: 26 May 2020 Cheryl Combs - (Chicago, IL)


The Hydra Light never worked for me at all! I tried 3 or 4 at different times to charge with no luck at all not even a flicker. Do not recommend this to anyone!

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Posted: 28 Jul 2019 Kenneth McCann - (Somerville, NJ)

My brother in law purchased a Hydra Light in June and it stopped working in July he was very upset at the out come I did as the directions said and still did not work.

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Posted: 27 Dec 2018 ANDREE WEAVER - (Salisbury, MD)

I placed an order on 12/18/18 for a hydralight and never heard any more about it!

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Posted: 24 Sep 2018 STORM - (Tallahassee, FL)

How many new cells do you need to make this last 300 hours? This is a joke hydro no light after 3 times, 12 hours a time, is not 300 hours.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 24 Sep 2018 Storm - (Tallahassee, FL)

Hydra Light, Salt water? Tap water? Rain water? All different types, one will corrode the magnesium more than the other. This product will not last 25 years in storage. Air moisture. How do we store it? In a vacuum sealed room for 25 years?

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Posted: 05 May 2018 barbara chafy - (Greenbelt, MD)

Hydra Light bad buy

I bought only one the two times it did chage but the 3th time it did not it was like a dead dog iam glad I did not buy two and I will not buy that again.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 14 Nov 2018 Rett

Amen. Even though I paid half price for my Hydra Light, I would not 1.) Recommend it to anyone else and\or 2.) Waste time or money on purchasing another one. As like your experience - it charged twice - worked way less than 100 hrs - charged no more. Not worth it, even at Half Price.


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Posted: 14 Apr 2018 Bruce Foote - (Woodcliff Lake, NJ)

How Much Does Replacement Cell Cost? US$ Simple Request

How much does replacement cell cost? Us$ simple request if you can't answer this simple question, you are disreputable and I won't do business with you. Pretty simple answer right?

4 of 5 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 09 Apr 2018 Olen - (Huron, SD)

Deceptive Product

I wouldn't call this a fuel cell, using water as the fuel, so much as it is a battery with water replacing the electrolyte (like the acid in a car battery). In a true fuel cell, it would be good as new when you add more fuel. The power cell in the hydraight will die after a few "charges", because the anode & cathode are worn out.

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Posted: 24 Feb 2018 John Charles - (University Park, TX)

Bogus flashlight,
If I can’t get a new fuel cell at a Decent
Price, I’m gonna chuck it in the trash.

6 of 6 people found this review helpful.

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Posted: 13 Jun 2018 Mark Rushing

Get to chucking brother. Replacement fuel cells are $14.99 with $5 shipping and handling so just under $4 of the price of the Hydralight itself. We both got taken on this one because of the novelty.


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