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HY-Impact Massager HY-Impact Massager or Alternatives
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The HY-Impact Massager is a hand-held muscle massaging tool that can be used on nearly any part of the body. This muscle massager utilizes four different detachable heads that help to pinpoint certain muscular areas for a high impact massage. Six speeds, all varying in intensity, help to create a customizable massage depending on your needs. The cordless design and rechargeable battery make this a convenient option for at home or on the go massaging.

HY-Impact Massager HY-Impact Massager or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of HY-Impact Massager is $59.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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The Claim

The HY-Impact Massager delivers bursts of pressure radiating from the head of the tool. These bursts of pressure are said to loosen tight muscles and stiffness by relaxing the muscles. This product is also designed to relieve pain and soreness of the muscles, especially when used on a regular basis. The HY-Impact Massager claims to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness on every part of your body with regular use.

How It Works

The HY-Impact Massager works with the power of percussive therapy. Percussive therapy is a type of massage that disperses rapid bursts of pressure to muscle tissue around the body. This product works by rapidly moving the head of the tool back and forth, which provides the rapid bursts of pressure that are needed for the massage. Percussive Therapy massage helps to relax the muscle that may be tight from an injury or a workout. A relaxed muscle will reduce stiffness and may help to relieve soreness.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Choose Appropriate Head

    Start by choosing the interchangeable head that is best suited for your desired massage area. You can experiment with the different heads to determine which are most effective you for.

  2. Hold in Place

    Next, hold the massager against the muscle you want to massage, make sure not to press into the muscle too hard.

  3. Turn on

    Once in place, turn the product on and continue to hold it over the area of your body you want to massage.

  4. Move Around

    Finally, move the massage head around the muscle you are massaging to get a complete massage. You can repeat use as necessary.

The 4 Hy-impact Massage Heads

  • Fork Head

    The fork head is shaped similarly to a fork and has two prongs approximately one inch apart. These prongs have smooth, rounded heads that are not painful, even when applied directly to the skin. This head is best used on you neck, spine, and Achilles to reduce stiffness and soreness. The fork head can be used on other muscles depending on the user's preference.

  • Round Head

    The round head creates the more traditional percussive therapy massage. This head is well rounded and smooth while large enough to target the larger muscles on the body. Common areas to use this head are on the thighs and shoulders. For large muscles that have wide-spread tightness or soreness, this head may be the best choice.

  • Bullet Head

    The bullet head is much smaller that the round head, approximately a third of the size when compared to the rounded end. This head is used to target small and specific areas of muscular stiffness and soreness. Some use this bullet head on their joints when they need a more precise massage.

  • Flat Head

    The flat head is the most universal of the four detachable heads. Providing a wider massaging surface, it can be used on any of the medium to large-sized muscles. The flat head is a common choice for those with feet or calf tightness and pain, as the head size is ideal for these areas. Although the head is more flat than the other heads, it is still slightly rounded on the edges to provide a smooth feel when applied.


  • Rechargeable Battery

    One of the highlights of the HY-Impact Massager is the rechargeable lithium ion battery that eliminates the use of a cord or battery replacement. A cordless option is highly convenient for this type of product, as mobility is an important aspect. The rechargeable aspect also adds convenience by eliminating the hassle of changing out batteries once charge gets low. A tool that provides high levels of torque may burn through single-use batteries quickly.

  • Long Lasting Battery

    The lithium ion battery included with the HY-Impact Massager is long-lasting, meaning you are less likely to worry about running out of charge while using the product. If you take this tool with you to the gym, you won’t have to worry about bringing a charger with you, assuming the product is charged before you leave. With the long lasting battery, you should be able to get multiple uses out of the massager in between each charge.

  • Perfect Travel Size

    The HY-Impact Massager is roughly the size of a hand-held battery drill, or a hair dryer—depending on what you’re used to. This size is perfect for traveling use, and will pack well with your other items. It even comes with a travel case that houses the massager itself, the four different massaging heads, and the charging cable.

  • Quiet Motor

    A quiet motor is another feature of the HY-Impact Massager. When turned on and in use, it should be no louder than an electric toothbrush, meaning it won’t disturb your workout partner or office neighbor. You can use this product discretely in public without bringing in unwanted attention.

How it's Different from Competitors

The HY-Impact Massager is unique in the way that its features help to create a more customizable massaging experience. Many comparable options will have a singular head, or only a few different speed settings. This product features four different detachable heads that are easily interchangeable depending on your preference and which area you are massaging. Additionally, The HY-Impact Massager features six different speed settings ranging from a slow and steady massage to a high intensity deep tissue massage. The compact design and convenient travel case also make this product a good option for those who want to take it on-the-go or when they travel.


  • Consult Doctor if Needed

    Although this product is effective for many individuals, it should not be used as a replacement to seeing your doctor if you have constant or debilitating muscular pains. Long-term use of this massager has the potential to cause damage if you have an underlying condition that has not been properly assessed. If you experience pain when using the HY-Impact Massager, seeking medical attention before continued use is an important step.

  • Incorrect Use

    Using this product incorrectly may result in pain or damage to parts of your body that may be more delicate. This massage tool is designed primarily for use on muscles that are able to withstand the pressure that is given by the machine.

Wise Advice

Do not buy HY-Impact Massager online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy HY-Impact Massager online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 30 Oct 2020 Andrea - (Leesburg, VA)


I order the Hy-impact several weeks ago and I have not received anything. I tried looking for a customer service phone number on their page and there is no address or contact information about this company. I'm calling BBB.

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Posted: 28 Oct 2020 Landon M Renfro - (Decatur, GA)

Seems to be a Scam

I placed my order 3 weeks ago and have not received any communication about the status of my order. I would not recommend anyone purchase anything from this company until they at least update their contact information.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2020 Andrea

I also order mine several weeks ago and I have not received anything. There is no phone number or address or any type of contact information on their site. This is a SCAM.


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HY-Impact Massager Infomercial
HY-Impact Massager Infomercial

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