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Hurricane Spin Duster

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Hurricane Spin Duster is an motorized spinning duster that turns so fast, you won't believe how quickly the dust is collected from your home. Use the extendable and rotating head or pole to reach different places, different heights, and different angles. Nothing makes dusting easier than fibers that attract dust instead of repelling it, and a flexible attachment that moves when and where you need it. Never again will you have to deal with dusty, dirty rags.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hurricane Spin Duster is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98. Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • Faster Dusting

    With the electronically charged duster, you get faster RMPs than you would ever achieve dusting by hand. This means better cleaning results, more debris picked up, and more time to spend on other things.

  • Adjustable Pole

    You can now reach the highest of places with the adjustable pole. This pole expands so that you can bend the top of the unit and reach on top of picture frames, doorways, windows, and more. Retract it when you only need to reach down low. Either way, bend the top spinner to the perfect ninety degree angle.

  • Use on Breakables

    You can literally hold the Spin Duster in your hand, then watch as it dusts over all of your breakable, delicate items. Keep those difficult to reach shelves full of antiques, glass displays, and collectibles free from debris with only a few seconds of work.

  • Adjustable Head

    The head on which the duster sits can be rotated to any angle you need. Turn it to the left, center it, put it slightly off kilter, or turn it right, or really anything in between. Your ability to move things in any direction makes it simple to get rid of dust and dirt anywhere. Get inside the nooks and crannies of things like higher shelves, chandeliers, and more.

    In fact, with this adjustable head you can tilt it such that you reach under your furniture, dusting up the floor space below without having to bend over. Perfect for people who have back problems, knee problems, or arthritis. Get the tops of ceiling fans, in between the oven and the stove top, and anywhere else which is difficult to reach.


  • Healthier

    One of the biggest problems associated with modern dusting is the fact that hand held dusters simply fail to get all of the dust removed. Rather, they end up just brushing it off the item in question but flinging it into the air. This exacerbates allergies, upsets asthma, and leaves the dust all over your home. Nothing is worse than dangerously balancing yourself on a step ladder to dust the top of a chandelier or ceiling fan, only to have the dust fall into your eyes and onto your furniture.

    With this duster, you can not only reach those areas without the danger, and clean them faster, you get the added benefit of the Hurricane Spin Duster gathering the dust inside of its bristles. This stands in stark contrast to other units which just move the dust around. Now you can clean without worry of dust falling into your eyes or getting into the air you are trying to breath.

  • Easy to Clean

    When you are done using it, detach the dusting head and just rinse it clean. Let it air dry and then hang the pole by the end hook. When you are ready to use it again, attach it and turn it on.

Save Time

Using the Hurricane Spin Duster you save a great deal of time that would otherwise be spent cleaning your home. This unit moves so fast because of its electronically charged power that you do not have to hurt your wrists to try and get things clean. Instead you can just turn it on, hold it, and watch as the dust is lifted in no time. Expedite the time it takes you to really get rid of dust, allergens, pollen, and more. Now you can spend that time doing something more important.

Save Money

You can save money on the cost of replacing dusting tools. Most dusters wear out quickly. Things like dusting gloves which you wear and attract dirt are nice but they too take a great deal of time to cover a larger area, and you still have to stand awkwardly on things. Instead of spending money on all of those, you can cut down the cleaning costs by investing in this duster just the once. Moreover, if you invest in the other Hurricane cleaning products, you can just add them all to your collection and replace most of your cleaning budget.

How it's Different from Competitors

This duster is different from other spin dusters because of the electrostatic fiber from which it is made. Such electrostatic fiber pulls dirt and dust into it, holding it in place instead of moving it around. Their design allegedly will not leave a single trace of dust laying around after you press the spinner in place. Aside from that, it is different because of the telescopic handle which bends as needed to reach the hard-to-reach places.

One of the only downfalls to this design is that it has only one size. Other units that are handheld have different sized attachments and a smaller handle. This means it is not as extendable so reaching high places is impossible. However, the Hurricane Spin Duster is rather large and even when the pole is collapsed, it is hard to stand right next to something and clean it.


  • Swiffer 360 Duster

    Swiffer has a 360 duster which is an attachable component designed to spin clean your home in much the same way as the Hurricane spin duster, but for a cheaper price. This brand is well known for its electrostatic cleaning products, and this electric duster is an upgrade to the handheld duster they offer. Lift heavy volumes of dust, then just throw away the Swiffer duster itself in the garbage, again limiting the spread of dust and debris.

  • Goodtrade8

    GoodTrade8 sels the Gotd Multi-functional electronic spin duster. Handheld and shorter by comparison, this duster has a short, middle, and long feathered head attachment to reach different places in your home. Powered by batteries, you can replace the batteries as needed.

    Motorized, it will make dusting much faster for you. Reach behind shelves, on top of cupboards, in between books, inside vases, on top of plants, along blinds, and on top of electronics. Ergonomic handle means you can use it without hurting your arm. Push a button to activate it, then watch as it attracts dust and dirt like a magnet. Unhook the attachments to clean them.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spin Duster online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Spin Duster online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Dan Durkin - (Greenville, PA)
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Theleasta Jones - (Allentown, PA)
Posted: 15 Sep 2017
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Odered this product over two months ago. Have not received it or heard anything Is product on its way or do I reorder or just what do I do? Please advise.

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Theleasta Jones - (Dickson City, PA)
Posted: 15 Sep 2017
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Ordered this product over two months ago. Have not received or heard any more about it. Is there a problem? Can I reorder? Or is the product on its way?

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