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Humidi Heater Humidi Heater or Alternatives
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Humidi Heater is a compact electric heater that's been designed to heat a small room or space, while also humidifying it instead of drying it out. The idea behind this heater is that dry air can contribute to breathing problems, so the humidification that this heater releases may have the opposite effect. It's specified that the heat and humidification mechanisms within each device have been separated for safety purposes and that the heater can provide a soothing warm mist for as many as six hours.

Humidi Heater Humidi Heater or Alternatives
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The cost of Humidi Heater is $69.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total price of $76.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill Inner Container

    Before you plug in your Humidi Heater, you must remove its inner container by gently pulling on its round, bronze-and-black lid that you'll see at the front of the device. Once you've taken it out, fill the container up with water from your tap, close it with its lid, and then slide it back into its original position. This water is what will eventually provide you with humidification after you turn the heater on.

  2. Plug Into Electricity

    Next, place your heater on a flat surface, such as a table, countertop, or desk, and then plug it into an available electrical outlet.

  3. Turn on Heat and Humidity

    With your heater plugged in, press the heating button on the top of the device to turn on its heat, and then press the humidity button to turn on the humidification function. By pressing these buttons more than once, you can also cycle through different heat and humidity settings. For more guidance on this, consult your instruction manual.

  4. Enjoy Warm, Soothing Mist

    For up to six hours, after you've adjusted the settings to your liking, the front of your Humidi Heater will release a warm, soothing mist. After it runs out of water, it'll stop humidifying the area that you're using it in. If you need to turn it off before the water has run out, you can give a long press to both the heat and humidity buttons and then unplug the device.

How It Works

The Humidi Heater relies on inner ceramic heating technology that's commonly known as PTC (positive temperature coefficient) technology. When you plug this heater in and turn it on, this technology enables it to heat the cold or cool air that surrounds you in as little as three seconds. Therefore, you'll be warm almost immediately, instead of waiting up to a quarter of an hour to notice any temperature changes. Meanwhile, the moisture that the heater emits may aid your ability to breathe comfortably as you work, play, or relax beside your portable heater.


  • Black

    Every Humidi Heater comes in a shade of basic black, with bronze-colored accents, which means that this heater will look good with the existing decor in almost any room. You may opt to use it in your kitchen, in your bathroom, in your living room, or even in a basement workshop.

  • Compact

    At about the same size as a standard water or juice pitcher, this heater can be considered compact. As a result, it won't take up a lot of space while you're using it or while it's being stored. In fact, its base is small enough that it should only utilize about the same amount of space as an oversized coffee mug.

  • Portable

    Along the same lines, most users will be able to comfortably carry this heater from room to room whenever they feel it's necessary. This heater's also an ideal one to use for some extra heat at work or another location outside your home, as it'll only take up a foot or so of space in your vehicle.

  • Generous Capacity

    For humidification purposes, this heater will hold up to 200 milliliters of water in its inner container, which will last for up to six hours. That means you may be able to put in a whole work-from-home shift or almost an entire night's sleep before you need to fill up the container again.

Positive Points

  • May Aid With Sleep

    If you're too cold, you might have trouble sleeping, and similarly, if you turn on a heater that emits dry air, that could give you breathing problems that might keep you awake. Fortunately, if you place your Humidi Heater near your bed and power it up, it'll warm you up in just a few seconds. Following that, you'll be able to use the device for hours without it drying your body out.

  • Can Reduce Cold Symptoms

    While the occasional asthmatic person is sensitive to moist air, moist air can actually reduce cold-like symptoms in most people. If you have a cold and you plug in one of these heaters near your bed, you may notice an easing of your dry cough, stuffy sinuses, dry eyes, or all three. Plus, if you're sleeping with a partner who isn't partial to humidity, you can place the heater closer to yourself so that they experience little to none of its effects.

  • Ideal for Dorm Rooms

    Controlling the heat in your college dorm can be challenging since you likely won't be able to fit a large heater into your room, and students typically have no control over the residence's main thermostat. Bringing in a Humidi Heater may help solve your temperature problems if your room tends to be too cool and dry, though, as it'll almost immediately moisturize it and warm it up. With that, you may be able to put in longer study sessions than you would while shivering under a blanket.

Negative Points

  • Electricity Required

    This type of heater must be run by electricity, and can't be run with a battery or a set of batteries. Consequently, if you don't have an electrical outlet available, you won't be able to take advantage of its benefits. If you're going to be heading to a campsite, a cottage, or another location without electricity, a different heater that's compatible with battery operation might be a better choice.

  • Water Use is Necessary

    To run the humidification function within this heater, you'll need to fill the device's inner container with water yourself. If you don't have a source of water that'll allow you to do so, the heater may be able to warm you, but it won't be able to moisturize the air. Moreover, there's a chance that users may feel like, over time, they're wasting their own time and a lot of water by refilling the container every few hours.


  • Don't Add Other Liquids

    It may be tempting to add some other liquid, such as your favorite type of essential oil, to the inner container of your Humidi Heater. Nonetheless, the device has been designed to accommodate and make use of plain water only, so adding another liquid to the mix might permanently damage its inner mechanisms.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Humidi Heater online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Humidi Heater online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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