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Hot Wavers Heated Rollers

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Hot Wavers are ionic heat rollers meant to give wave, curl, and body to your hair. The idea behind it is to give you a salon style look in less time, something you can do at home for a reduced cost. You can get wavy, bouncy volume or medium taut curls on long or medium length hair, perfect for reducing frizz and alleviating dull, lifeless hair. No longer will you struggle with the same hair do.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hot Wavers Heated Rollers is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Hot Wavers Heated Rollers being discontinued. Hot Wavers Heated Rollers may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page ( ) which was taken offline due to Hot Wavers Heated Rollers being discontinued. Hot Wavers Heated Rollers may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.


  • Ionic Heat

    These rollers use ionic heat to give you healthier hair.

  • Three Minutes for Heating

    They heat up in just three minutes.

  • Rechargeable Base

    There are twelve rollers with a rechargeable base.

  • Two Heat Settings

    You can select from two customizable heat settings.

  • Good for Long or Medium Hair

    The body wavers ion roller set can be used on long or medium length hair.

  • Small and Medium Rollers

    The rollers are available in medium and small sizes. Small rollers are one inch in diameter and medium sizes are bigger by one quarter of an inch.

  • Butterfly Clips

    You get the twelve butterfly clips to hold the curlers in place.


  • Reliable Hair Company

    The company creating this product has emphasizes that they do not want customers to struggle with their hair, but instead to be able to change it regularly, have fun with it, and enjoy it. Also offered by the company is a line of hair care products which contain antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins for better hair health.

  • Use on All Hair Types

    These curlers can be used on all types of hair including long hair, single length hair, layered hair, short hair, thick hair, thin hair, fine hair, or coarse hair. In this instance the term “short” hair really means shoulder length. Those who have short hair should get the short design while those with longer hair should get the long design with the extra spiral curl and wave options.


  • Time Consuming

    While the product might work well enough, it seems a rather time consuming operation to still rely on curlers to get a small wave or curl in hair, especially for shorter hair. Shorter hair will continually battle with those strays that fly out from under the curl, or are not quite long enough to wrap around entirely.

    In such cases, using a standard curling iron, or even a straightener with curling effects is a much faster way to get the same waves. For longer hair, the time it takes to wrap each hair around the curlers, then snap in place, then wait for them to get heated perfectly is much longer than it needs to be.

    With a straightener, an ionic design, you can just as easily take a piece of hair, and then without wrapping it, run the straightener down it at a curled angle and achieve the same bounce. Heated curlers seem a very outdated piece of technology.

  • Only Twelve

    There are only twelve rollers provided. So those who have thick hair or very long hair won’t be able to cover their entire head in one sitting. What’s more, because of the sizes of the curlers, those who have very long or thick hair might not be able to achieve tight curls that shorter hair could.

  • Heating Time

    If you have longer or thicker hair, or you just want to use the high setting, you have to wait ten to fifteen minutes for it to completely heat the curlers. Most modern curling irons or straighteners that have wave functions can heat up in 30 seconds. As such, this means you could be done curling your hair in the same amount of time it takes for Hot Wavers to heat up.


  • Power Source

    The rechargeable base works by way of a power cord. So, you have to have an outlet available in order to plug it in and charge it. If you have longer or thicker hair that requires multiple uses, or you just want to use it regularly, it will consume a lot of energy over time.

How It Works

The rollers all sit on a universal base which can actually be used with all of the brand rollers, meaning you can set them where ever you want. You use the on and off switch to turn it on when you need. Adjustable temperature settings let you change the temperature to either low or high. Low temperature is one hundred forty degrees Fahrenheit and high is two hundred twelve degrees Fahrenheit. Fusion heat ion technology heats up the rollers in three minutes, so you can use them quickly.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Turn on

    Plug in the rechargeable base into a power source. Place the wavers onto the base. Turn the unit on and wait for it to heat up to the heat setting of your choosing. You know when the wavers are ready to be used because there is a black temperature indicator on the center top part of the waver. This indicator turns red after approximately five minutes ( ideal for the low setting ). It will turn white after approximately ten to fifteen minutes (ideal for the high setting). Heat stays in the wavers for up to twenty minutes.

  2. Roll Hair

    Roll your hair by sectioning off small, one to two inch pieces and rolling them from the base up to the scalp in the roller.

  3. Set in Place

    Set the curlers in place by using clips or hair claws to hold them to the scalp where you want the curls to begin. The amount of time the rollers have to stay in your hair is not provided by the company. Reason being, the amount differs based on your hair and your styling wants. You might want loose waves or tighter curls which could take anywhere from three minutes to fifteen minutes once your hair is rolled.

    Unfortunately you have to just play around with this, testing it a lot in order to find the right time for your hair. A big downside is that if you take them out too soon, you end up with looser curls. However, if you wanted something tighter, you are forced to re-heat and re-roll your entire hair.

  4. Style

    Take them out after a set amount of time, the amount you want, then style.

How it's Different from Competitors

Hot Wavers are different than the competition insofar as they are the first heated rollers to offer two separate temperature settings and three unique sizes. Users can customize the ideal heat setting for the look they want. Using state of the art wavers, the heating element inside of the rollers heats up quickly, then retains heat even longer. Each waver has multi-element mineral powders in them with ionic moisture infusion so that your hair is healthier each time you use it. Butterfly clips hold the curlers in place where you want them, and the travel case makes it easy to stay organized on a trip.


  • Hair Rollers

    When most people think of hair rollers they picture the spongy pink rollers with the plastic frames. Today, the heated kinds, like these hair waver products, can heat up in a matter of seconds, and then be put into your hair to create a range of curls. Those that heat up are vastly more expensive compared to those that do not.

  • Wands

    There are special curling wands out there which boast tapered, conical shapes to give special waves. Similar makes and models give special corkscrew curls, those that are disco style tight. Achieving this look is done with ultra thin wands. Wands are considerably less expensive, and often have interchangeable barrels with varying heat settings so that you can get bouncing curls all the way to beach waves. Some even have thick and thin designs for tight or loose curls.

  • Traditional Curling Irons

    Traditional curling irons have the clamp features with adjustable temperature dials. Bouncing curls and natural waves are both attainable with normal curling irons. With reliable technology, the heat is always evenly distributed along the barrel so that your curls are consistent.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hot Wavers Heated Rollers online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hot Wavers Heated Rollers online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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