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Hot Shot Smokeless Grill Hot Shot Smokeless Grill or Alternatives
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Hot Shot Smokeless Grill is a compact grill that was designed for use in apartments, mobile homes, and boats where there`s less possibility of grilling outside. The claim of the manufacturer is that the grill sucks up all the smoke, making it ideal for indoor use. This set includes a grill for cooking burgers or chicken and a non-stick grill plate, which should make cooking and cleaning up easier. Along with the owner`s manual, the company has also included two cookbooks with this product.

Hot Shot Smokeless Grill Hot Shot Smokeless Grill or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hot Shot Smokeless Grill is $119.85 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Grill

    This set includes the grill, which is primarily meant for cooking meat or chicken, although you could also use it to grill vegetables. The company claim is that you can cook six to eight burgers on this grill.

  • Non-Stick Grill Plate

    Another feature of the Smokeless Grill is the non-stick grill plate. This plate is made out of cast aluminum. You can use it to cook a variety of foods, and the claim is that nothing sticks to the pan. The plate is supposed to cook food very evenly so that everything is ready at the same time. There is a 450-degree heat source built right into the grill and it heats your food evenly.

  • Inside Fan

    Off to the side with the temperature settings, there`s a button labeled `Fan`. The unit contains an internal fan which is supposed to suck up all of the smoke in the air. You simply press the button and you can see the smoke being sucked up into the mechanism.

  • Temperature Settings

    This product has variable heat settings, rather than simply indicating `high` or `low`. The highest temperature available is 450 degrees. You set the temperature you want and then there's a flash when it has arrived at that temperature, letting you know that you`re ready to start cooking.

  • Grease Pan

    This grill has a grease pan which sits below the grill. All of the fat and oil that comes off your cooking will fall directly onto this pan, eliminating some of the mess of cooking. Once you`re done, the pan washes up easily.

  • Water Pan

    At the bottom of this grill, there`s a small pan that you add water to before you start cooking. This helps to dissipate the smoke. In the company advertising, they suggest that you can add spices and perhaps lemon to this water to enhance the taste of the food you`re preparing.

  • The Lid

    There's a glass lid included which you place over the grill while you're cooking. This prevents oil from splattering.

  • Extras Included

    There`s an owner`s manual, and two cookbooks with various recipes.


  • Easy to Assemble

    This grill is very easy to put together; you probably don`t even need the directions in the owner`s manual. There are the heating coils, the water pan, the grease pan, and the grill. The set is very compact and it travels easily.

  • Very Convenient

    The convenience of this grill is pretty clear. Now people who live in apartments or mobile homes, for example, will be able to cook indoors without the place getting smoky. This could really open up the cooking options for many people.

  • Simple to Clean

    This grill comes apart completely, so you can wash each item separately. It's supposed to be very easy to clean on the whole, especially the non-stick pan. Besides that, all the parts are dishwasher safe.

  • Catches the Grease

    The grease pan under the grill catches all of the oil and grease that drips off your food. This is a handy feature because cooking can get extremely messy at times.

  • Free Shipping

    The company is offering to ship this product to you for free, which is a nice little discount.

  • Smoke Extracting Technology

    The big claim about this product is that it's a smokeless grill, due to the 'smoke extracting technology. ' There's an internal fan in this grill. When you press the 'fan' button near the temperature controls, the smoke gets sucked up out of the air and into the mechanism.

  • Compact

    The grill is light, easy to carry, and easy to transport. You can bring it along on camping trips, or over to someone else's place to cook together.


  • Grill Smaller Than Advertised

    The manufacturer claims that you can put at least six average-sized burgers or pieces of chicken on the grill. In fact, in one of their commercials, they display a grill with eight burgers cooking on it. Truthfully, the grill can't fit more than four average sized-burgers. It's much smaller than implied.

  • Lid Doesn`t Close Properly

    The lid is lined with rubber along the edges, and it doesn't really 'close' properly, the rubber just sits there on the edge of the grill. It does do its job, however, preventing oil from splattering.

  • Fan is Problematic

    In order to get the fan to suck up the smoke your food is producing, you have to press the 'fan' button. The fan channels the smoke through the water in the water pan and collects grease and other debris as it goes. However, the issue with the fan is that it doesn't capture all of the smoke. In fact, it would be almost impossible to capture aa of the smoke, as it disperses too quickly.

  • Food Not Tasty

    According to reviews, the food produced by this grill really tastes like it was made using an electric grill. It has that slightly unpleasant taste that doesn't sit well with some customers.

  • Leaves a Smell in the House

    Apparently, the smokeless grill does release a good degree of smoke into the air after all. It also leaves a lingering smell of smoke in the air, which isn't very pleasant. This seems to be a case where the product idea was great, but the implementation still has a few kinks to iron out.

  • Price Higher Than Competitors

    Looking at the competitors, this item is priced higher than the majority of the other products. This seems like it could be a barrier. The item is not a high-level brand that is well known, so people doing their research may end up going with a cheaper brand.

Does It Really Work?

It works to some extent, but the smokeless aspect doesn't work well enough for its purpose. Apartment dwellers complain that there is smoke in the air after cooking and that there's a smell of smoke. If that's true in an apartment, you certainly wouldn't be able to use this comfortably inside a mobile home without filling the entire place with smoke.

Having said this, this product certainly has its merits and would be ideal for camping, balcony barbeques, and outdoor festivals, to name just a few. If you don't mind a bit of extra smoke when you cook, it would also be handy for indoors. The convenience of this grill is its greatest benefit.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hot Shot Smokeless Grill online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hot Shot Smokeless Grill online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 13 Dec 2020 gail wilson - (Cortland, IL)

A Good Buy

I just read some of the negative reviews for this and we didn't have any of those issues! We had no problem with smoke filling the house when we used it or the food tasting bad etc. Not one of those situations happened for us! Love the grill and very glad we bought it!

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Posted: 13 Dec 2020 kathy - (Cortland, IL)

Love This Grill!

We just used our grill for the first time tonight! Did New York strips! Fantastic! Easy to clean! Easy to use. Can't wait to do hamburgers on it and pancakes! I definitely recommend this product!

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