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High And Mighty High And Mighty or Alternatives
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High & Mighty is a revolutionary way of hanging shelves anywhere within your home, without the hassle of having to drive in screws and nails into your beautiful walls. All it involves is sticking the ‘ready-to-stick’ strip or base onto your wall and then hooking your shelf to clips that insert into this strip at designated points. The mounting system used is a patented one that you can count on to be strong and simple to use.

High And Mighty High And Mighty or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of High And Mighty is $29.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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Easy to Use

  1. Fix the Template Strip

    The base strip or template frame comes with a self-adhesive surface that very easily and securely attaches to the surface of the wall.

  2. Slide-in the Hangers

    Once the base strip mentioned above, is fixed to your wall, you simply press the hangers provided into the strip at designated points and push-down the clips provided to secure the hangers in place.

  3. Hook-in the Shelf

    Once the template and clips / hangers are in place, all you have to do is fix the actual shelf to that arrangement. You can achieve this by simply aligning the hangers on the wall with the slots provided along the attaching surface of the shelf. Then slide the shelf in place hooking it onto these clips attached at various points of the template frame.


  • Choice of Color

    In a world where color is all so important, offering a choice of the right colors with a product becomes almost mandatory for any business owner. That is why this shelf comes in white and espresso colors that are compatible with almost any color of wall or room décor. This means you don’t need to make any major changes to your home just so that the new shelf you’ve bought fits in with everything else.

  • Choice of Size

    Depending on what you plan to use your shelf for, you might need different sizes of shelves in different parts of your house. With High & Mighty, that is not a problem, as it comes in three different sizes. You can either go in for a mixture of 18-inch, 24-inch and 36-inch shelves to suit your range of needs all over the house.

  • Good Load-bearing Capacity

    Due to the patented method used for the manufacture of this shelving system, it can take loads of up to 25 pounds per shelf, depending upon the size of the shelf.

    The 18-inch shelf can take a 15-pound load over it, while the 24-inch shelf can support up to 20 pounds. If you were to opt for the 36-inch shelf then you would be able to place over it a load of up to 25 pounds without the fear of it collapsing under the weight. Stick to the above ration and you’ll have no problem with your shelf falling off the wall or ripping away from the hangers.

  • Fast Installation

    The most de-motivating part of DIY jobs is when you have no choice but spend huge amounts of time to get the job done even when you don’t have the time to spare. As a result, a lot of jobs around the house might just get left unattended due to the fear of it taking too long to complete. High & Mighty shelves, on the other hand, can literally be installed in a matter of minutes, and that too, without having to spend time and money on getting yourself the necessary tools.

Negative Points

  • Limited Colors

    Sometimes manufacturers tend to want to play it safe by including certain restrictions within their range of products so that nothing within their warehouse ends up having little or no demand. That might be the reason why High & Mighty chose to only offer two color variants for their shelves. Of course, they did choose colors that tend to fit with almost any possible choice of décor.

    Nevertheless, it does put a slight restriction on choice for a customer who is in need of a shelf with a particular color and shade. Someone might want to have a much closer match with the décor around the room than just having neutrally colored shelves of white or espresso.

  • Restriction on Type of Wall

    Due to the nature of this type of shelf and the method used in its manufacture, it is advisable to attach these shelves to only dry walls within one’s house. Attaching the shelf to any other kind of wall might lead to unpredictable results and have unknown consequences. This can pose a restriction for those who do not have dry walls within their house but still want to use this product.

Positive Points

  • Innovative Design

    Due to the slick manner in which this shelving item has been produced, it will certainly add extra value to the interiors of your home. The aesthetic manner in which these shelves are built will definitely add a decorative edge to your walls without being conspicuous or sticking out like a sore thumb.

  • An Exhibition Podium

    Sometimes it is hard to find a place to display your most cherished photographs, or your children’s artwork or other things that you’d rather not have hidden away in the cupboards. The High & Mighty provides just the solution for such a need. These shelves can be attached as display units almost anywhere in the house, especially if you want to have items displayed out of reach of children and guests while still keeping them within noticeable range.

    This can also help prevent hoards of clutter around your table or worktop that can be quite unnerving and distracting while trying to get work done.

  • Return Policy

    If you feel you’ve purchased High & Mighty in error, then you have the chance of returning the shelf within a 30-day period after delivery. By doing so, you can rest assured of getting a full refund of the actual cost of the shelf before it was shipped.

Complimentary Hangers

Everyone loves a freebie every once in a while, especially while trying out something new in the market. Most manufacturers are in total understanding with this customer sentiment. As such, if you decided to place an order for High & Mighty, the manufacturers are willing to throw in a pair of wall hangers without any extra cost to yourself. These wall hangers are not one of those free items offered along with the main product, that turn out to be practically useless in the long-run. They are very practical and can be used to hold up to 40 pounds each so that you get total value for your money spent.

Wise Advice

Do not buy High And Mighty online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy High And Mighty online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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