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Hero Glove Hero Glove or Alternatives
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The Hero Glove is a protective glove that will allow you to cut food without cutting your fingers, regardless of how sharp the knife you use is or how much force you apply. One of these gloves will also protect your hands while you're using other kitchen tools that can be sharp, like cheese graters or potato peelers. The gloves come in sizes suitable for children and adults, and when obtaining a single glove or set, you'll have a choice between four attractive colors.

Hero Glove Hero Glove or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hero Glove is $9.95 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Put Glove on Chosen Hand

    Once you've got a Hero Glove and are ready to use it, you'll need to simply slide it on your chosen hand as you would a glove that you'd wear in cold weather. However, you'll notice that these gloves are much more lightweight than cold-weather ones. If you only have one glove, put it on the hand that will be closer to the knife or any other sharp tool that you'll be using. You'll always be able to move it from hand to hand later, if necessary.

  2. Complete Kitchen Chores

    After you've put your protective glove on, complete your kitchen chores as you normally would. These gloves will never interfere with your finger movement, so you won't have to complete any chores more slowly than usual. Aside from protecting your hands while you're cutting food, these gloves will also come in handy if you're washing or rinsing off sharp kitchen utensils in your sink.

  3. Remove Glove and Clean

    When you're done using any Hero Glove for a while, slide it off your hand and prepare to clean it. If it's not super-dirty, you can rinse it off and hang it to dry, but these gloves are also dishwasher safe. It's best to wash them in some way after each use, to ensure that no food residue remains stuck to them and then begins to mold.

How It Works

These protective gloves are made of a material known as Dyneema that's actually five times stronger than leather and is therefore incredibly cut-resistant. As a result, the gloves will protect you from the sharpest knife that you can find in your kitchen. Even if you were to run a sharp knife along your fingers or hand while wearing one of them, in order to try and purposely cut yourself, this probably wouldn't work. Fortunately, the Hero Gloves are able to provide this level of protection while still remaining lightweight and comfortable, especially in comparison to gloves that you might wear for outdoor gardening or other yard work.


  • Sizes For Kids and Adults

    Hero Gloves come in two sizes: one that's suitable for adults and another that's been designed for children. You'll have the option of getting a child's glove alone, an adult's glove alone, or a combination pack that includes both an adult-sized glove and a child-sized one. Of course, if a child's hands are big enough, you may want to get them an adult-sized glove to wear in the kitchen. Each glove will fit either the right or left hand, so if you want to switch the hand you're wearing yours on, you'll never have to go grab a different glove.

  • Four Shades Available

    These gloves, no matter what size you choose, come in pink, orange, blue and green, four shades that are appreciated by a lot of people. If more than one person in your household decides to obtain one or more of these gloves, you may all want to select different colors so you can have your own without getting them confused.

  • Compact and Portable

    Hero Gloves aren't any larger than standard gloves that are worn outdoors, so you'll be able to store them almost anywhere, such as in your cutlery drawer or a kitchen cabinet. You'll also be able to bring yours somewhere else, such as the cottage, if you want to ensure that you can cut your food while remaining free of injury at another location. If you want to store one or more of them in a handbag or briefcase instead of a larger backpack or suitcase, all you'll need to do is fold them up and stuff them in.

Positive Points

  • Make Kitchen Safe for Kids

    If your kids were to cut up vegetables, cheese or some other food item with their bare hands exposed, you'd probably be tempted to watch them very closely or help them guide their cutting utensils. Once a child is wearing one or more Hero Gloves, though, you won't need to think about doing this any longer. Instead, you can turn your back and move on to other kitchen-related tasks without worrying about your child slicing a finger open. With these gloves, your kids will feel more independent and will be able to safely complete more tasks at mealtime.

  • Can Reduce Food Waste

    Without a protective glove like the Hero Glove, you might avoid cutting up the last bit of cheese or the tail end of a vegetable since you think your hand might slip. For that reason, you might choose to throw the remaining bits of certain food items in the garbage instead of making use of them. After you put on one of these protective gloves, however, you'll be far less likely to waste food, since you'll be able to slice up every last bit without being concerned about cutting yourself.

  • May Speed Up Food Preparation

    On a related note, besides making food preparation more economical and less wasteful, wearing a Hero Glove may speed it up. If you tend to cut, grate or peel food items slowly and cautiously while making sure the sharp utensils you use don't go anywhere near your fingers, one of these gloves will help you out. While you shouldn't start chopping up food recklessly, the knowledge that one or both hands are protected by a strong glove will enable you to pick up your speed at least a bit. Consequently, meals may end up on the table much more quickly.

Negative Aspects

  • No Adult Sets of Two

    If you've got children or take care of children regularly, it's beneficial that you can get a set of these gloves that contains one in an adult's size and one in a child's size. Unfortunately, that's the only type of set that's available when it comes to Hero Gloves. You won't be able to get two adult-sized gloves together, nor will you be able to get two child-sized gloves together. If you want two gloves of the same size—one for each hand—you'll need to obtain each one separately, which seems counter-intuitive.


  • Don't Use With Power Tools

    Although these gloves will protect you from the sharpest kitchen knives and utensils available, power tools like saws and drills can be stronger than these. Therefore, it isn't safe to wear these gloves while using power tools, as they won't fully protect you and you may end up getting cut or otherwise hurt anyway.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hero Glove online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hero Glove online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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