Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream

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Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream or Alternatives
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Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream reportedly contains four times the amount of hemp seed extract as the original Hempvana cream for pain relief throughout the body. It's specified that this hemp seed extract, which is turned into oil and combined with the FDA-listed ingredient known as trolamine salicylate, contains health-promoting antioxidants. Each container of this solution contains four ounces of the mixture, and you can opt to obtain just one container at once or get up to four in a set.

Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream is $39.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How It Works

To create this solution, the process starts with hemp seeds taken from their natural environment. These seeds are cold-pressed, which makes them turn into hemp seed oil that's completely pure in nature. Following that, the antioxidant-rich oil is combined with trolamine salicylate, an organic compound that has been selected for its ability to relieve minor aches or pains. This compound makes up about 10 percent of each container of Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream. When you use both of the dominant ingredients together, you'll get a moisturizing cream that also soothes your pain, since hemp seed oil has moisturizing abilities.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Apply to Skin

    To begin using Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream, open up your container and use a couple of fingers to pick up a small amount and apply it to a particular area of your body. This should be an area in which you feel discomfort in the muscle or joint, such as a knee, an elbow, a shoulder, or one side of your neck. Rub the cream into your bare skin with your fingers.

  2. Wait a Few Minutes

    This cream has been designed for quick absorption by the skin, so you shouldn't have to wait long to feel some pain relief. Sit there for a few minutes to allow your skin to fully absorb the cream, and then move on with your day or get ready to treat another achy body part. After you've waited a few minutes, it's fine to put on clothing over the area that you've just treated.

  3. Repeat Process (optional)

    If another area of your body is sore or achy, you can continue using your cream to treat that area by repeating the two steps above. After you've applied your cream to as many body parts as you'd like to, be sure to close up the container securely with the included lid. Store the container in a cool, dry place until you need it again.


  • Contains Antioxidants

    The hemp seed oil within each container of cream contains antioxidants. Aside from helping relieve inflammation in the present moment, antioxidants can also protect your cells from future damage. Therefore, if your skin absorbs them and they seep beneath the skin into the muscles and joints below, this may help protect you from future pain or injury. Antioxidants can be consumed through food, too, but if you're busy and have difficulty eating a healthy diet, you may find taking them in through this topical cream to be a better strategy.

  • Four-Ounce Container

    Every container of Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream holds about four ounces of the solution, which is about the same amount that would fit in a standard-sized coffee mug. You won't need more than a dab of cream each time you apply it to your skin, so a container of this size may last you for a few months or more. Logically, this will also depend on how often you use it. You can get a single container at once or a set of two, three, or four.

  • FDA-Listed Ingredient

    This cream's trolamine salicylate is an FDA-listed ingredient. Although that doesn't mean the compound has full approval for pain relief from the FDA (also known as the United States Food and Drug Administration), it indicates that the organization is aware of it. Furthermore, the cream is manufactured in an FDA-registered (indicating awareness, not full approval) facility in the United States, so you can be sure certain safety standards have been followed during the manufacturing process.

  • Works Quickly

    Your skin will be able to absorb this type of cream in minutes, which means that it'll do its work quickly. On the other hand, if you were to take over-the-counter pills for pain, they might take at least a half-hour to be absorbed by your bloodstream. Due to your skin's quick absorption of the cream, you may be able to apply it and get back to any physical activities you were doing before the application in just a few minutes.

Positive Points

  • Ideal for Healthcare Workers

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, you've likely found yourself more fatigued than usual if you're a healthcare worker of any sort. Fortunately, you may find that applying Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream to any achy muscles or joints you have after your shifts will help you feel better. Using the cream could enable you to take fewer breaks and fewer days off, consequently allowing you to help as many sick individuals as you possibly can. Though healthcare is currently in the spotlight, using this cream should be beneficial to anyone who's working a physical job.

  • Helpful for Athletes

    Many athletes will find this cream helpful, especially if you're an athlete dealing with chronic pain or a lingering injury. If you happen to experience an ache or pain while you're practicing, you can simply take a quick break and apply this cream to the affected area. After just a few minutes of rest, you should be able to rejoin your training session and thereby reduce the chances that you'll fall behind your competitors.

  • No Prescription Needed

    Some other effective pain creams require a prescription from a doctor for use, but not this one. That means you won't have to take the time to visit your doctor every time you run out of your supply. You can also allow your adult friends and family members to use the same container of cream as you if they're experiencing minor pains, although this cream has not been designed with children in mind.

Negative Points

  • Everyone May Not Like Odor

    The unrefined, antioxidant-filled type of hemp seed oil used within Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream tends to smell a little bit nutty. If you like the smell of nuts, you may enjoy it, but there'll probably be people out there who find it somewhat unpleasant.


  • Not for Major Injuries

    Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream has been created to treat minor aches and pains throughout the body. However, it hasn't been made to treat major injuries or excruciating pain. If your pain is so bad that you can't walk or move, it's best to skip this cream and head straight to a hospital or doctor's office to get something stronger.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream Infomercial
Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream Infomercial
Hempvana Platinum Pain Relief Cream Infomercial

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