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Hempvana Green Relief Hempvana Green Relief or Alternatives
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Hempvana Green Relief is a wireless, penlike device that's been created to help users massage achy, stiff areas of their bodies. It's stated that people who suffer from sports injuries, arthritis, or fibromyalgia may find this self-massage device to be especially effective. This tool comes with a round head attached, but with each one, you'll also receive a second, flatter head that's been designed for use on larger areas of the body. You can get one pen on its own, but getting a set of two identical pens is another option.

Hempvana Green Relief Hempvana Green Relief or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hempvana Green Relief is $39.99 plus $6.99 shipping for a total price of $46.98.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Turn the Pen on

    Before you can use your Hempvana Green Relief pen, you'll need to turn it on by using the oval-shaped, black power button located just above the "Green Relief" logo. When you turn it on, the LED display above this button will also turn itself on.

  2. Start Self-massage

    Once your device is on, you can start using its tip to self-massage a particular area of your body, such as a knee, an elbow, a shoulder, or your lower back. You'll notice that the round tip will start pulsating immediately, and if you want to turn up the intensity, you can press the power button repeatedly to go through nine different intensity levels. Continue your self-massage for at least a few minutes, as long as you feel comfortable doing so.

  3. Turn Off the Pen

    When you're done giving yourself a massage, unless you'd like to repeat the process on another area of your body, you'll need to turn the pen off. To do so, hold down the power button and watch the LED display turn off, too.

How It Works

After you've placed the tip of your Hempvana Green Relief tool against an achy or stiff area of your body, the tip will deliver pulsating waves of pressure to that area. These waves shouldn't be painful, but they should be strong enough to boost endorphins within the area, which can then lead to the relief of stress, pain, and discomfort. Endorphins can also be boosted by exercise, but if you're too sore or fatigued to exercise, this tool can create the same effect as you relax.


  • Extremely Compact

    Each Hempvana Green Relief pen isn't much bigger than a standard pen that you'd use to write, so this tool will fit in the vast majority of pockets. If you don't have a pocket, you may want to carry yours in your handbag, backpack, or glove compartment as you go about your daily business outside the home. Whenever you feel a round of pain or stiffness coming on, you can just whip the tool out and use it for a few minutes. Since it's green, you'll be able to quickly differentiate it from regular pens that you may be carrying.

  • Quick Results

    As you use this tool to give yourself a massage, you'll likely notice that your pain or discomfort has begun to diminish within seconds. These results typically won't disappear quickly, either—in fact, they may last for a few hours. Therefore, if you find yourself experiencing pain in the middle of an athletic event or activity, you can give yourself a quick treatment and get back to your sport in minutes.

  • Interchangeable Heads

    If there's pain occurring throughout a large area of your body, such as your entire thigh, you may want to treat it with your device's flat head instead of its round head. The flat one will cover a larger area of the skin at once, so it'll be able to massage a larger area of the body underneath. In order to safely change the heads, you should make sure that your device has been turned off before you remove the round head and add the flat one in its place.

  • Sets of Two Available

    Some users might choose to get just one Hempvana Green Relief pen, but it's also available in sets of two. If you opt to obtain a set of two, you'll get two flat heads and a bottle of Hempvana pain relief gel with the set. This gel is infused with hemp and has a cooling effect, so using it may enhance the positive results you get from your penlike device.

Positive Points

  • Not Messy

    Using some creams and gels to relieve pain can make a mess, especially if the type of cream or gel you use is a greasy one that can make your clothing sticky. On the other hand, a Hempvana Green Relief pen is incapable of making any sort of mess whatsoever. As you use the pen to treat your body, no liquid, cream or gel will be coming out of it, so there'll be nothing to stain your clothing, your skin, the floor, or your furniture.

  • No Prescription Required

    If you take pain-relief pills, you might have to visit a doctor every so often to obtain a prescription. Fortunately, you'll never require a prescription to use this self-massage pen, which means you won't have to spend tons of time (or money) sitting in a doctor's office. Plus, you won't have to remember to take a pill at a specified time, as you can use this penlike device as needed, without keeping to a schedule.

Negative Points

  • Hard to Access Some Areas

    You can use this tool to massage yourself anywhere—as long as you can reach that area. If an area of your body that you can't reach (such as the middle of your back) is giving you trouble, you may find that you can't give yourself an effective self-massage to soothe it. To remedy this problem, you could ask someone else to give you a massage with your Hempvana tool, but then they won't know exactly how it's feeling for you.

  • Battery Life is Unclear

    The Hempvana Green Relief tool doesn't come with an extension cord, so it can be assumed that it runs via a battery or a set of batteries. However, how long the battery will last and how to recharge it isn't specified, so you won't have this information until you receive the pen and consult your instruction manual.


  • Don't Insert Into Body

    This self-massage device is meant for external use only, so you should never insert it into your body by putting it up a nostril, sliding it into an ear, or doing something similar to that. If you're experiencing pain inside your nose, your mouth, your ears, or any other body part, it's a good idea to find an alternative form of treatment. Using this device internally may make the pain worse, and if the head were to fall off and get stuck somewhere, you might end up at the emergency room.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hempvana Green Relief online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hempvana Green Relief online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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