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Hempvana Ahh Massager Hempvana Ahh Massager or Alternatives
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Hempvana Ahh Massager is a wrap meant for self-massage that's been woven with fibers of moisture-wicking hemp. Regardless of whether you wrap this device around your neck and shoulders, your back, or your legs, it's been designed to mimic the effects of a shiatsu massage with eight different massage nodes. It's stated that each wrap has three pressure settings, will provide (optional) heat, and contains comfort straps that may also help you alter the pressure level of your massage.

Hempvana Ahh Massager Hempvana Ahh Massager or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hempvana Ahh Massager is $44.98 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Wrap Massager Around Body

    To use your Hempvana Ahh Massager after you've plugged it into electricity, sit in a comfortable seat at home or elsewhere and wrap the massage tool around your body. Most people will probably choose to wrap it around their neck and shoulders with one comfort strap hanging down on either side. However, you can also wrap it around your lower back or both of your legs, with one strap poking out on either side.

  2. Select Pressure Level

    Next, once the massage tool is in an appropriate position, use the three buttons that you'll find near the top of one of your straps to select a pressure level. If you haven't received many massages before, from a tool or a professional, you may be better off starting with the lowest pressure level and working your way up from there. To add heat to your massage, press the fourth button below those three to activate the heating function.

  3. Place Hands in Straps

    You'll notice that at the bottom of your device's straps, there are spaces that have been designed for you to slide your hands through. Once you're done setting a pressure level and choosing whether you'd like to use heat or not, slide your hands into these openings. As you enjoy the pressure of your device's massage nodes, you can put pressure on the bottom of the straps with your hands or just hang onto them loosely. The former action will make the massage more intense, while the latter will make it gentler.

  4. Remove Wrap From Body

    You can continue your self-massage with the help of this tool for as long as you'd like, but you should stop if you start feeling uncomfortable. When you're done with your massage wrap for a while, unplug it from the electrical source you're using and store it in a safe place until the next time you want to use it.


  • Works on Various Body Parts

    While some self-massage tools have been created only for use on the neck, the back, or some other individual body part, this one can be used to massage at least four different bodily areas. It's been deemed suitable for massaging the back, the neck, the shoulders, and various parts of the legs, and it may even work on your stomach if it's fairly empty. During one massage session, you'll be able to rotate and shift this tool around to use it to massage as many different areas of your body as you'd like to (excluding your face).

  • For Adults of All Ages

    This massage tool is meant to be used by adults of all ages, from seniors who are experiencing stiffness to young athletes who are subject to muscle fatigue after a workout. If you live with others, that means you may be able to share this tool with them, if they're interested in relieving muscle and joint discomfort, too. Teenagers may be able to use this tool in the same way as adults do, although you should talk to your teen's doctor if you have any concerns, and supervise them as they use it.

  • Compact and Portable

    While this device has been made with at-home use in mind, it's lightweight enough for users to carry around under one arm, so you'll be able to transport it elsewhere if you'd like to. You may want to use it in a vehicle, at your office, or on your lunch break if you work at a physical job.

  • Wicks Away Moisture

    The fabric used to cover this massage tool is purported to be soft to the touch, so even if the tool is resting against your bare skin, your skin shouldn't become irritated. Furthermore, the hemp fibers woven into this tool's material will wick away moisture, both while the heating function is on and while it's not. Consequently, you'll probably never have to deal with an uncomfortable level of sweat as you use this tool for self-massage.

Positive Points

  • No Need for Professionals

    Going to a professional for a massage can take up lots of time in a busy schedule and may also drain your wallet quite quickly, especially if you want a full-body massage from your therapist. On the other hand, you can give yourself a fairly quick half-hour massage at home with your Hempvana Ahh Massager, without having to travel anywhere or sit in a waiting room. What's more, you won't have to shell out cash to use this tool regularly, as you would when paying for every appointment you receive from a massage therapist.

  • Warmth is Optional

    If you've used other at-home massage tools, you may have found that to get the massage, you have to accept the device's heat along with it. With the Hempvana Ahh Massager, though, you'll be able to choose whether you want to use the heating function or not, which may satisfy those who prefer a cooler massage experience. Plus, by using the heating button located on one strap of your device, if you want to cycle between warm and cool temperatures as the device massages you, you'll be able to do so.

Negative Points

  • Requires Electricity

    The Hempvana Ahh Massager requires electricity to operate properly and comes with an extension cord. This will limit the places in which you're able to use the tool since you'll need access to a working electrical outlet to plug it into. If your vehicle doesn't have an outlet, or you're staying at a cottage or campsite without electrical capabilities, you may have to forego using the tool until you get home.

Critical Advice

If you want to wake up feeling more refreshed than usual, using your Hempvana Ahh Massager before bed will increase the likelihood of this. By working on all your stiff or sore body parts for as little as a couple of minutes each, you'll help soothe and loosen the kinks. You may also relax your muscles so much that you end up falling asleep more quickly than you would otherwise. Likewise, using this tool for a few minutes after you get up, if you feel like you've slept in a position that caused you discomfort, can be highly beneficial.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hempvana Ahh Massager online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hempvana Ahh Massager online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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