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T-Fal Heat Master

The T-Fal Heat Master is a revolutionary non-stick multi-purpose cooking pan. With this one kitchen tool, the home cook is able to saute, steam and fry all in the one pan. It is composed of sapphire infused metals, a new non-stick technology which boasts being the best material for non-stick pans. The home cook will never need to add cooking oil or fat to the pan to ensure that food does not stick, it is not necessary with the T-Fal Heat Master.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of T-Fal Heat Master is $67.36 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: heatmasteroffer.com

T-Fal Heat Master Commercial


  • Non-stick Pan

    The T-Fal Heat Master pan is the company's best non-stick pan that it has created. The pan is composed of sapphire infused metals which ensures that food does not stick.

  • Multi-use Cookware

    The T-Fal Heater Master is a multi-use cooking pan. It can saute, steam and fry all in the same pan with the added tools given. Having a multi-use tool in the kitchen is ideal for smaller kitchens so that many pans do not clutter space.

  • Cook at Perfect Temperature

    The T-Fal Heat Master has built-in patented technology that is able to show the home cook when the pan has reached the desired cooking temperature. No more needing to guess whether the pan has reached the ideal temperature. With the T-Fal Heat Master, the label in the middle of the pan will indicate that it has reached the set temperature.

  • Safe for All Utensils

    This pan is safe to use any kitchen utensils. The home cook does not need to worry about scratching or chipping the bottom of the pan with the use of metal utensils or cutlery.


  • No Use of Fats and Oils

    One major benefit to the T-Fal Heat Master is that because it is entirely non-stick, the home cook does not need to add or use any fats and oils when making meals. This is a benefit to individuals looking to cut out the extra oils and fats from their diets. Most pans require the added oil or fat to ensure that the food does not stick, which does not help those on specific diets. However, with the T-fal, there is no need for any of those added fats and calories.

  • Long-lasting

    The T-Fal Heat Master is built from sapphire infused materials which enable the pan to be entirely non-stick. These materials also enable the pan to be long lasting since the bottom of the pan will not wear down as other pans will do.

  • Recipe Book

    The T-Fal Heat Master comes with a recipe book so the home cook can learn new ways to use the pan to its full potential.

Save Money

The T-fall Heat Master saves the home cook money by purchasing only one product to have multiple functions in the kitchen. Along with the classic saute pan, it is able to become a fryer with the fry basket. The pan is also able to be used as a steamer. The T-Fal Heat Master is made from durable lasting materials and so the home cook can save money by making a purchase of a quality product that will last a lifetime.

How it's Different from Competitors

The T-Fal Heat Master boosts that it was the initial developer of non-stick pans. They are a leading kitchen cookware company in innovating new ways to cook. This pan is different in that it is composed of different materials. The pan is reinforced with sapphires making it a high quality durable non-stick pan, instead of copper or other degrading or potentially toxic materials.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. No Assembly Required

    The T-Fal is ready for use immediately. It does not need to be cured or have any additives to the pan. Simply place the pan on the stove and turn on the heat.

  2. Reaching Temperature

    The T-Fal has a heat sensor in the middle of the pan and will light up in the shape of a red T when the ideal temperature to begin cooking.

  3. Frying

    The T-Fal comes with additional tools in order to become a multipurpose cooking device. A fry basket can be inserted into the pan. In order to fry, the cook would fill up the pan with oil and let it reach temperature. The food would be inserted into the fry basket and placed inside of the pan. Once the food has completed frying, the fry basket can be removed with the cooked food and the oil can be discarded.

  4. Steamer

    In order to use the T-Fal as a steamer for food, simply pour a little bit of water into the pan and insert the steamer plate on top of the pan. The food to be steamed like vegetables would be placed on top of the steamer plate. Cover the pan with the lid and now you have use of the steamer function.

Save Time

The home cook has an easier quicker time with cleaning up this pan after cooking. Since it is completely no-stick, there should be nothing that burns or cakes onto the pan. Cleaning up after a meal will take no time as there will be hardly any residue to wipe off.

Wise Advice

Do not buy T-Fal Heat Master online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy T-Fal Heat Master online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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