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Hang Hero is a device that's meant to help users hang pictures of various shapes and sizes on the wall without having to use a level and a measuring tape for attractive results. In fact, this device has been designed to perform the functions of a measuring tape and a level, along with a hammer, all in one. It has a built-in level, orange handles for measuring purposes, and a magnetic cylinder in the back that's meant to help you drive nails into your chosen wall.

Hang Hero Hang Hero or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hang Hero is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Measure Picture

    To start using your Hang Hero, select a picture that you want to hang from one of your walls, such as a photograph or a painting. Line up your device horizontally with the middle of the picture, and slide its orange handles inward or outward until the distance between them equals the width of the picture.

  2. Add Nails To Device

    Next, once you've measured your picture, you'll have to add a couple of nails to the back of your hanging device. On the back of each of the orange handles, there's a small hole that's meant to comfortably hold a number 17 nail. These nails are available at hardware and home building supply stores, but you'll also receive 50 of them with each Hang Hero. Once you insert both nails into the back of your device, headfirst, it'll hold the nails magnetically in place until you're ready to hang your picture.

  3. Push Nails Into the Wall

    With both your nails inside your device, place the device horizontally on your wall in the place in which you'd like to hang your picture. Glance at the built-in level in the middle of the hanging device to determine whether it's perfectly straight, and if not, tilt it to either side as necessary. When it's straight, push on both the orange handles with one hand each, in order to drive both nails into the wall.

  4. Hang Picture

    Finally, remove your Hang Hero from the wall and you should see two nails that are lined up in a straight line at a distance equaling the width of your chosen picture. Due to the device's work, they'll be positioned at an ideal depth inside the wall and at an ideal 45-degree angle. Hang the picture from the nails by using the frame or a hook that's on the back of the picture, if one's available.

How It Works

Without a device like the Hang Hero, to hang a picture successfully, you'll have to measure it with a standard measuring tape or ruler. Afterward, you'll need to use a hammer to bang two nails into your wall at an appropriate depth and distance and then check if they're lined up in a straight line with a level. If not, they'll have to be moved, which will result in a couple of extra holes in the wall. Alternatively, this device will allow you to do all this measuring and hanging with just one comfortable-to-hold device and no movement of wayward nails.


  • Compact Size

    Each Hang Hero is no longer than a couple of feet wide, horizontally, and is no more than three inches tall, vertically speaking. At a glance, it won't appear much larger than a standard construction level. As a result, almost anyone will be able to pick up this device, carry it around their home, and hold it against their wall when necessary. The device also won't take up much storage space in your home or garage, nor will it take up much space in a vehicle if you decide to transport it away from home.

  • Works With Various Pictures

    You'll be able to use this device to hang virtually any picture on any wall, as long as the picture isn't wider than the device itself and is no heavier than 10 pounds. The type of hook the picture has on the back (if any) is irrelevant, too, as this device will insert nails in your wall for pictures with various hook types. No matter what type of picture you're going to be hanging, the device's magnetic cylinders will ensure that each nail goes in at a 45-degree angle when you push on each orange handle.

  • Detachable Handles

    The time may come when you need to hang something, such as a small picture or a decorative sundial, with just one nail instead of two. In these situations, you'll be able to detach one of your Hang Hero's orange handles and place just one nail in the back of it. To insert the nail in the wall, you'll simply have to push the handle against the wall as you would while using the entire device with its two handles. The nail should go into the wall in the exact same way.

  • Nails Included

    With each Hang Hero that you obtain, you'll receive 50 number 17 nails, which is the type of nail the magnetic cylinders in the back of the device will surely accommodate. The device may accommodate nails of similar sizes, but this is the best size, so you should stick to it whenever possible.

Positive Points

  • Hang Pictures Independently

    If you were to hang up pictures in your home or office without a Hang Hero for an assistant, the help of another person could be needed. They might have to examine your nails to make sure they're perfectly lined up and then examine your picture(s) from far away to make sure they're straight on the wall. When you make use of this hanging device, though, it'll automatically hang your nails evenly and thereby ensure your picture is level, so this feedback from someone else won't be required.

  • No Holes In Wall

    When you're manually adding nails to your walls so they can hold pictures, you might need to move the nails multiple times to line them up evenly, especially if you're not experienced with hammering. You'll probably be able to hide the extra nail holes with pictures, but once you take them down, they'll look unsightly. Fortunately, you'll be able to avoid this issue by using your Hang Hero's orange handles to hang your nails up perfectly on your first try.

Save Time

People who choose to hang a lot of pictures manually and move them around often may find themselves frequently filling nail holes and then repainting the wall overtop of them. It could take hours to finish one room, but when you cut down on the number of extra nail holes in your wall by using this picture-hanging device, this job will no longer be necessary.

Critical Advice

You could attempt to use this device to hang up a picture that's larger than 10 pounds, but this may not work out properly for you, and it's best to avoid doing so. That's because a picture this large will likely have to be hung from nails larger than the number 17 size. This hanging device hasn't been designed for use with larger nails, and a picture heavier than 10 pounds that's hung from number 17 nails could end up falling to the ground.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hang Hero online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hang Hero online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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