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Hands Free Taclight Hands Free Taclight or Alternatives
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Hands Free Tac Light works as a tactical headlamp allowing wearers to complete their work without having to hold onto a flashlight with their hands. This frees the hands to do more important tasks like reading a map, working on a car, or hunting at night. The snug headband can be tightened around any sized head, perfect for all genders. With this lamp, the light itself can be altered, moved and pivoted to face the direction you require.

Hands Free Taclight Hands Free Taclight or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Hands Free Taclight Commercial
Is Hands Free Taclight a scam or a great buy?

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The cost of Hands Free Taclight is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • 35 Times Better

    The light provided by this lamp is 35 times brighter than traditional flashlight bulbs.

  • Durable

    Durable, this light can be hit with a sledge hammer under a cement block and it will still come out just fine, working as it always has. This means you can drop it, hit it, stab it, or anything else and it will be fine.

  • Long Distance

    You can see the light from up to five nautical miles away, which makes it great for training purposes, for finding your way in the dark, and for use under water. That said, you can use it under water if necessary, as submersion won’t impact its usefulness. What’s more, the light works when it is frozen too.

  • Strobe

    There is a tactical strobe feature meant to stun or surprise any attacker or intruder. This presumably makes it safe to use at night or to wear when you are running near dusk. When worn at night or while running, it alleviates the need to hold a flashlight awkwardly in your hands. It alleviates the need to try and fumble with the light on your phone to see what is up ahead of you. That makes it a safer alternative to other lights.


  • Wear it Always

    You can wear it under any conditions. The water proof nature of the light lets you wear it outside when it is raining, under water, in the dark when you are running, and more. Its strobe feature gives you protection and the length of the bright light allows you to light up a longer pathway in front of you. It also enables you to scan easier from one side to the next, seeing more of what is out in front of you. Not all head mounted hands-free lamps like this can do that.

  • Bright

    The specialty bulbs really are brighter than normal flashlights. So you can see farther and find problems or alert people to your presence at a greater distance than you would be able to do with a generic flashlight. It is even better than a headlamp with normal bulbs.


  • Strobe is Questionable

    The tactical strobe feature is intended to stun or surprise an attacker. It should be noted that while this is possible, the strobe light flashing in their face only works if you are standing and facing them. The minute you try and run or turn your head, the light isn’t in their face and they can continue their pursuit. Obviously the use of this light is meant to buy you time and should not be relied upon as the only means of escape from a bad situation.


  • Totobay Led Headlamp

    Totobay has a waterproof LED headlamp that comes with four different modes of operation. Hands-free, this device takes batteries but can also be charged with an AC charger or in the car. Three beams are available for the LED light. Light brightness can be controlled here, unlike with the Hands free tac light. Options include low, medium, high, or the strobe light function. Adjustments can be made to the light direction with the 90 degree pivot function.

    Made from specialized plastic, it can withstand being stabbed or dropped without issue. Head straps make it easy to adjust to any size head. Water-resistant designs make this light ideal for outdoor activities like fishing in the rain, running at night in the mist or fog, hiking, hunting, even working inside on a car or electronics.

  • Innogear 5000

    InnoGear 5000 has a bright Headlight Headlamp that also functions as a flashlight. With rechargeable batteries the lifespan on this tool is increased. It also comes with a wall charger so batteries function more as a back up and not as the primary means of power. You can use this headlamp for riding, fishing, hunting, hiking, or camping. There are four modes available too, including the flashing mode to scare away intruders, in addition to the low, middle, and high settings. This makes it easy to use in all scenarios, not just at its brightest.

    The USB cable lets you connect other items to it in an emergency like a camera or phone so that they remain charged when you need them. When fully charged, it offers between four and six hours of working time. Rotational tops let you move the light ninety degrees. Heat and water proof, the aluminum alloy and rubber combination make it stable for regular use.

  • Princeton Tec

    Princeton Tec offers a headlamp with four LED lights that burn for a total of 105 hours. The light has interchangeable lenses so that you can pick from green, red, or blue colors. Designed to be durable and lightweight, you can use it camping, hiking, or just outdoors.

  • Grde

    GRDE has a zoomable LED headlamp. Said design comes with rechargeable batteries, a car charger, and a wall charger. This means you can use three different methods for keeping your light bright. What’s more, it has a USB cable allowing you to, in the event of emergencies, charge other things like a phone. Lights last for one hundred thousand hours. With a three in one design, you can use this hands-free device as a desk lamp, as a head lamp, or even as a waist lamp. Three modes included are low light, medium light, and strobe functions.

  • Vitchelo Outdoor Led Headlamp

    Vitchelo has an LED headlamp and flashlight combination that has red lights on it perfect for camping, backpacking, fishing, running, or anything in between. The headlamp is waterproof so inclement weather does not have a negative impact. What’s more, the red light gives it a practical edge over other tac lights, not just useful in emergencies. You can switch back and forth between the red light or the white light.

    Beams will travel 110 meters. There are six levels of lighting from which to choose. This light is the only one on the market which is RoHS and CE certified. With its hands-free aspects, walking a dog at night, doing repairs on the car, completing construction work, shooting, caving, and other activities are made easy.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hands Free Taclight online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hands Free Taclight online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 31 Jan 2017 Michael - (Renton, WA)

Tac Light Customer Service Lacking

After seeing the add for tac light hands free advertisement on tv, on November 7, 2016 I decided to order one and get another for a handling fee. As of today January 31, 2017 I still have not received my order. I contacted the customer service department at least 3 times inquiring about the status of the shipment of my order. They informed me that they had been back ordered and did not know when they would be shipped. While I do not doubt the quality of the product, I cannot recommend doing business with the company.

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Posted: 26 Oct 2017 Egelston

Rather concerned about the above comment. I just ordered this and when I view the tracking of it I am wondering? I live in mo and watching the tac light going from ky, to or, to seattle. I will find out if it arrives. They said to allow several days?


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Hands Free Taclight Infomercial
Hands Free Taclight Infomercial
Hands Free Taclight Infomercial

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