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Gripper Socks

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The Copper Fit Gripper socks are new athletic socks with high performance silicone grips which give you the best support and footing. On the socks you will find that the foot bed is infused with copper so that it reduces odor and naturally wicks moisture from the feet so they are not sweaty. These socks are great for arch compression and foot support. They are the ultimate in comfort, performance, and durability for active people and the most sure-footed Gripper Socks on the market.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Gripper Socks is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!

Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:


  • No Slips

    These socks have high performance silicone grips which give you the best support and footing on slippery surfaces like stairs. Other fabrics have no traction on the floor which is why footing can be unsafe in socks, especially on hardwood or tile.

  • No Odor

    The foot bed is infused with copper. This copper naturally reduces the build up of bacteria in the socks which reduces odor. Other socks don't have this so the bacteria grows, and the smell grows.

  • Wicks

    With a unique cotton blend, these socks protect against sweat by wicking moisture from your feet.

  • Support

    The socks are not compression socks but they do offer arch support and compression for long term use.

  • Comfortable

    It is purported by the manufacturer that these socks are the ultimate in comfort, performance, and durability for active men and women. The site states that these socks are the most sure-footed Gripper Socks on the market.

Positive Points

  • Good Product Line

    For athletes especially, the right socks are a necessity, even if you are just around the house. Socks which are too thick do not let the feet breathe and socks that are too thin give blisters. In either case, bacteria and odor are a problem.

    Due to these reasons, Copper Fit were designed as a form of athlete socks. The copper is what helps to prevent moisture and to prevent odor. Copper has been seen in many other athletic clothing pieces sold by the same company under similar names.

    Known as Copper Fit Pro, this item is one such example, where the wearer is able to wick sweat and prevent odor in braces for the joints or athletic tops to be worn under clothing. Made in much the same way, Copper Fit socks are comfortable and durable, perfect for all activities in which you may use them. They are also gender neutral so boys and girls can wear them.

    What's more, Copper Fit has a line of socks which are meant for extended wear and have a high quality construction. These Gripper socks can be worn around the home for better grip during activities like yoga, walking around, using stairs, or in your shoes while you play sports or run.

  • Lots of Sizes

    They have both men’s and women’s socks in different sizes. The company also has different colors including the light blue and lime combination, back with charcoal grey combination, gray with royal blue combination and the white with orange.

  • Good Price

    If you place your order online you get two pairs of the Copper Fit Gripper Socks for only twenty dollars. They also throw in an extra order for no cost. What’s more, this is one of the few as seen on tv deals where the shipping is free.

    So your buy one get one free offer really is “free”. The special buy one get one free offer is completely covered by the guarantee. As far as this compares to other similar wicking socks, it is quite inexpensive and rather on the low end of athletic sock prices. This is especially true if you get two orders.

  • Check Orders Online

    You can check the status of your order online at all times.

  • Return Policy

    You can get a return for the first thirty days after your purchase if you are unhappy with the product. This does mean that if you go for the buy one get one free deal, you only get half of your money back.

  • Moisture Wicking

    The socks wick moisture from your heels and are scientifically able to prevent odor because of the copper infusion.

Negative Points

  • Not for All Athletes

    These may not work as effectively as claimed for every athlete. Those who have foot odor medical problems or those who work out all day, every day might not get the same results. That said, those who need serious help defeating bacteria build up and odor might be better off finding a similar version at a local sporting goods store.

  • Lack of Reviews

    This company has no real online reviews except for the endorsement, which makes it difficult to tell if the product is really worth buying. What makes it even more difficult is that the manufacturer has a somewhat negative reputation.

  • Odd Endorsement

    Copper Fit Gripper Socks are endorsed by Ashley Judd. While she is a celebrity and she is endorsing the product, her contribution to the advertisement is quite limited. She does not actually say anything positive about the socks, but rather, claims at the start that she won’t tell consumers these socks will change their lives. Instead, she will let them discover that on their own. While she is seen wearing them and talking about them, she doesn’t actually give a recommendation or endorsement like one would normally expect. This begs the question, why she contributed at all.

  • Not Sold in Stores

    You cannot order these socks in stores, so you have to place the order online or over the phone and wait for the longer delivery times.

  • Taxes

    Orders placed from Nevada, New Jersey, or California are subject to state taxes.

How It Works

The Copper Fit Gripper Socks have copper infused with copper and has silicone grips on the bottom designed to maximize your footing. Copper Fit line of socks, including the Gripper Socks are manufactured with copper ions which are bound at the fiber level. This binding takes place during manufacturing. Said process does not easily wash out nor will it wear away quickly. It is purported by the company that the copper process has been tested and remains effective throughout the course of numerous washes. What is most important, as claimed by the company is that the copper used in the socks is environmentally friendly. As a natural mineral, copper is a required nutrient in many naturally occurring ecosystems and somehow the extraction and use of the copper in socks does not take away from the needs of those ecosystems.

According to the website, copper has been used for thousands of years by people for its natural properties. Said site references the use of copper by Ancient Egyptians, Romans, in addition to the Aztecs for its ability to protect against odor. Also cited are sources for the natural properties in copper to protect against bacteria which otherwise cause sock deterioration, stains, and odors. The company highlights that copper is not harmful to people or the environment, is non-irritating to the skin, non-sensitizing, and is an essential nutrient.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Gripper Socks online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Gripper Socks online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Bridget Schneider - (Calexico, CA)
Posted: 22 Jan 2017
I Regret Buying it!

Ashley Judd

After seeing your spokesperson Ashley Judds vile rant recently against our president, I won't even consider your products.

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Cat - (Hendersonville, TN)
Posted: 02 Dec 2016
I have a Question

How MUCH Copper is in It?

No where can I find just HOW much copper is actually in the socks? Won't buy them until I can get a answer to this question! Plus I recognized right away that Ashley Judd did NOT actually endorse this product, which makes me wonder why put her in the commercial at all?

0 of 0 people found this review helpful.

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Marcy Smooth - (Vincennes, IN)
Posted: 09 Nov 2016
I have something to say!

Didn't Buy

The reason I did not complete my purchase was because of the inclusion of the magazines.

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