Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask

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Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask or Alternatives
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Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask is a five-layer, non-medical face mask that's been designed to help users breathe freely while protecting both others and themselves from potentially harmful airborne particles. Aside from the cloth outer shell, each mask contains two polypropylene layers, two filters, and a hemp layer that's meant to wick moisture away from the skin of the face. Plus, in order to help with breathing, two valves that open and close and release air as a user breathes have been included in the design.

Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask is $29.98 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Mask Over Face

    To start putting on this face mask, place it over the lower half of your face, making sure that it's covering your mouth, nose, and chin. The plastic nosepiece should be positioned at the edge that's closest to your nose, while the mask's green valves should be closest to your mouth and chin. Otherwise, the mask is upside down and will need to be vertically flipped.

  2. Secure Ear Loops and Strap

    Next, loop one of the mask's two ear loops over each of your ears, and fasten the mask's Velcro strap around the back of your head. This strap is adjustable, so you can make it fit as tightly or as loosely as you want, although a secure fit that's still comfortable is the ideal choice.

  3. Go About Your Day

    Once you've secured the Velcro strap around the back of your head, you'll be able to go about your daily business while wearing your mask. You might choose to shop, hang out with friends, or even exercise while wearing this breathable version of a protective face mask—as long as you're not in the water, almost anything goes.

  4. Remove Safely

    When you return home in your mask, or if you want to remove it while you're out, undo its Velcro strap and then remove it by hanging onto one or both of the ear loops. In any case, avoid touching the front of the mask. Consult its fabric care instructions and prepare it for washing, or store it in a safe place if you're going to clean it at a later time.

How It Works

This face mask's five layers will work together to help catch and filter out potentially harmful particles from your environment, such as smoke, dust, pollen, other allergens, and even germs that can cause viruses. Consequently, these particles will be less likely to reach your mouth and nose. Moreover, the mask will also help stop the germs that you may breathe out from reaching the faces of others, even if they're unmasked. However, the main difference between this mask and many other non-medical masks is that this type contains two valves that'll aid with breathing. The valves will open and close as you inhale and exhale, thereby allowing you to release heat or moisture from your mask instead of breathing it in, which can lead to breathing difficulties.


  • Black

    Each Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask is black, a shade that's commonly considered to be gender and age-neutral. The only parts of each mask that aren't black are the two valves on the front of each one. Instead, these are bright green, a color that tends to complement black, and also indicates the presence of hemp within the mask.

  • Moisture-Wicking

    On a related note, each mask contains a hemp layer that's been included for moisture-wicking purposes. The wicking of moisture away from the skin will not only help with your freedom to breathe, but it'll also help prevent your face from getting uncomfortably sweaty if you wear your mask for hours.

  • Adjustable

    The strap that you must wrap around the back of your head to put on this mask is highly adjustable, so you'll be able to fit it around nearly any hairstyle you might be sporting. Similarly, the ear loops are quite flexible in nature, so no matter how big or small your ears are or how they're shaped, these loops will likely be able to accommodate them.

  • Fog-Resistant Design

    People who wear eyeglasses on a regular basis often complain that face masks cause their glasses to fog up, but that won't be so when you wear a Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask. Instead of flowing out the top edge of the mask and fogging up your glasses, any excess air you breathe out will be released through this mask's two frontal valves.

  • Five Filter Replacements

    With each face mask of this type that you choose to obtain, you'll receive five filter replacements along with it, which you can use to replace the innermost particle filter. If you decide to get a set of two masks at once, you'll receive 10 filter replacements.

Positive Points

  • May Help Prevent Sickness

    Although it's not guaranteed, wearing one of these masks may help protect you and those around you from inhaling particles that can lead to a case of the novel Coronavirus. They may also help you protect yourself and the people you're with from other illnesses, such as the flu or the common cold, and assist you with guarding yourself against exposure to environmental allergens. Logically, when everyone in a particular environment is feeling more healthy, everything will run more smoothly in both a professional and social sense.

  • Suitable for Exercise

    Valve-free masks that trap air and moisture inside typically aren't suitable for exercise, since a person who's wearing one of these will get too hot and out of breath to continue comfortably. On the other hand, a mask with two valves like this Hempvana one can be considered suitable for sports, as it'll let you breathe in almost the same way as you would without a mask. Even people with asthma or COPD who struggle to breathe in other masks may find it comfortable to participate in indoor or outdoor sports while wearing this one.

Negative Points

  • May Not be Allowed Everywhere

    Some businesses won't allow patrons to wear masks with valves, since some believe that these can allow a minimal amount of potentially viral droplets to be transferred to other patrons. If you encounter a business like this, you may have to wear another mask besides your Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask there, even if you wear this one elsewhere without encountering problems.

Critical Advice

This is a reusable mask, but ideally, it should be washed every day. On a daily basis, germs and other harmful particles are likely to build up within its interior and on its exterior layer. By wearing the mask again without washing it, you'll be exposing yourself to those particles, and you may also transfer them to your surrounding environment if you touch your mask with your hands. In order to keep yourself and everyone else as safe as possible, you should always wash your mask as soon as you can after arriving home.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 23 Oct 2020 Fredy Calle - (The Bronx, NY)

Mi Mask no me ha Llegado

No me llega my mask lo compre desde hacec15 dìas.

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Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask Infomercial
Hempvana Green Vent 5 Mask Infomercial

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