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God Wants You Well God Wants You Well or Alternatives
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God Wants You Well is a free booklet that people can order if they want alleged secrets from the bible, secrets that can purportedly heal them from just about any sickness. It even claims to have secrets that can heal deadly disease, even terminal cancer. While it is a nice thought, and it can certainly be a comforting read for those with medical conditions or depression, it is not a medical form of treatment or therapy.

God Wants You Well God Wants You Well or Alternatives
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  • Book

    This is a book that allegedly contains the answers or solutions to just about any ailment that someone with a belief in the Christian god might have. Readers can purportedly be healed miraculously just be reading it, though not everyone who reads it gets healed.

    The claim on Andrew Wommacks personal website however, is that those who just do not dedicate the right amount of time, effort, money to real faith in god will not get the healing they want. So, if you read this and are not healed, then it is allegedly because you just did not try hard enough or your faith was not enough.


  • Free

    One has to wonder why the website is "free healing secrets" when it is most certainly not free. You only get a small booklet for free but if you want more details on how you can better your faith in order to let your god cure you, you have to buy more books.

    Moreover, if the solutions provided in this book come from the Bible then it stands to reason that people who are seeking these solutions might be better off not spending their money here. Instead just reading through the bible at home to find the same lessons. On that note, most true missionaries do their work for free, and are happy to contribute their gained spiritual knowledge, especially if that knowledge came from the Bible, free of charge.

  • Andrew Wommack

    Andrew Wommack is a conservative Evangelical television preacher who has made a lot of money by opening a college, teaching on television, and claiming himself to be a faith healer. He has claimed that he can raise people from the dead and has done so, and that he has performed multiple miracles or healings. Faith in the success of any medical process can physically influence the outcome of it. For example, belief that something will taste good has been scientifically shown to influence how something tastes, to make you think it really did taste better.

    By comparison, strong belief that someone will be able to heal your headache by laying their hands on you can actually help your body to change the pain so that it goes away. Belief has been scientifically shown to be very powerful. Wommack capitalizes upon this science under the premise of religion and faith, and monetizes it.

Critical Advice

The man behind this "healing" book is a man who has done a great deal of missionary work around the world. Also, he has been very vocal against homosexuality. He is currently a very controversial figure because of his direct involvement in Uganda where he has encouraged people to treat homosexuality not only as a sin but as a punishable offense. His presentations have been incredibly prolific and were the root cause of the recent changes to the Ugandan laws regarding homosexuality. Work done by missionaries like this man directly has caused hundreds of people in places like Uganda to be imprisoned or worse. It is in the best interest of people who are considering a purchase of this product, or any others that he has created, to take into consideration whether they want to inadvertently support this.

Not Medicinal

No matter how great this writing is, it is imperative that people with serious heal issues seek legitimate medical attention. Turning to evangelical healing methods should not be the only way one seeks healing. From a Christian perspective, the Christian god gave doctors their skills and knowledge so that they could allegedly do his work on Earth by healing people with medicine. The range of issues presented as "healed" by this book include bipolar disorder, head injuries, rod cone dystrophy, severe asthma, multiple sclerosis, stroke, neoplasm cancer, autism, breast cancer, and Barrett's esophagus.

Please understand that for some of these issues, there are cases of medication or spontaneous healing that can fix it. Barrett's esophagus, for example, can be fixed with dietary changes rather than anti-acid medications. However, things like autism or certain cancers do not have a cure. Certainly are things that can be better managed with regular medical care or therapies, but not necessarily cured or fixed. Those who have had cases of purported healing from reading a book are not to be taken from face value. No doubt these people might have had something environmental that exacerbated an issue, like an asthmatic who moved to a new home only to find their asthma "cured". Absolutely please seek medical attention from a certified doctor if you or a loved one has a serious medical condition like cancer.

No Substance

This entire page is almost void of real information. It has next to no legitimate information on what is contained inside the book other than to vaguely relate it back to a Christian god, faith, and the bible. One cannot really figure out if the book is meant to contain answers specifically to certain ailments. For example, there is no information available which specifies whether people with breast cancer in particular can find precise passages or versus from the bible which give some form of legitimate health care advice.

This vague nature of it is what helps someone like Wommack to sell multiple copies to people who might be experiencing any number of issues. Such vague work also preys upon those who are seeking comfort or support in their lives, who might honestly be struggling with an ailment and not know where to turn. Religion or faith are both great ways to find comfort in times of need, but they are not meant to be exploited for monetary gain nor meant to be a substitute for legitimate medical care.

Does It Really Work?

Absolutely not. There is no book out there that contains secrets from the bible that people over the last two thousand years have not already figured out. The Bible is an old collection of books, some of which are older than others. If there were healing secrets that somehow fixed cancer, it would stand to reason that out of the millions of devout Christian followers who read that book every day, they would have figured it out. They would have figured it out before now and cancer rates among Christians would be statistically lower than non-Abrahamic believers.

Wise Advice

Do not buy God Wants You Well online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy God Wants You Well online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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