Gnome Platinum Expandable Hose

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Gnome Platinum Expandable Hose Gnome Platinum Expandable Hose or Alternatives
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Gnome Platinum garden hose is a flexible, expandable, and retractable water hose that will never kink. Made with solid brass connectors, there is an on / off value for this reinforced hose. Moreover, it is lightweight and comes with a pocket bag so that you can carry it around more easily than any other hose. You can use it around your home, garden, to clean you cars, or to keep a commercial property clean and watered too.

Gnome Platinum Expandable Hose Gnome Platinum Expandable Hose or Alternatives
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  • Use for Many Things

    This hose is one of the most advanced from the Gnome garden hose line. The new 2017 heavy duty concept, it is compact, light weight, and ideally suited for washing your pets, cleaning a garage, watering your garden, or use around the home and yard. You can use the bag that comes with your order to store it, then bring it someplace else for another use. Take it on the road in your RV or bring it to a garden plot away from your home.

  • Small

    The unit is only 21 mm in diameter and resistant to the elements. You will be able to safely touch the hose no matter how hot it gets outside. Moreover, the self-draining nature means that no water will be left inside to freeze during the colder winter months.

  • Three Times Its Size

    The newest design means you get a hose which expands three times its length once water is inside and then contracts back down when the water is removed. Moreover, it is three times lighter than traditional garden hoses.

  • Quality Control

    The company has put forth highly effective quality control measures in their manufacturing. You can rest assured that all of the hoses go through stringent test procedures and advanced manufacturing.


  • Fast Customer Service

    This company is known for having some of the fastest US based customer service.

  • Kink Free

    This hose has a bungee type core which means it will not twist, tangle, or get any kinks in it. Moreover, the hose is three times lighter than traditional rubber hoses. You can use it with a generic spray nozzle and keep your garden watered, your yard clear, your car or RV clean, and even spray down your pets.

  • Solid Brass

    With heavy duty, solid brass connectors on the hose, you can turn on your water without any breaks. You will get an immediate expansion of the hose from its small, compact 17 foot size to the advertised 50 foot size as soon as it fills with water. Using the on / off valve you get to control the water spray too.

  • Triple Layer Core

    This hose has a triple layer core. That means there are three layers of stretchable latex in the core. Results of this mean a strong expandable hose. When you are no longer using it, the hose will shrink and drain on its own, coiling into a ball small enough that you can sore it in a pocket bag. Then keep it on a shelf for safe storage in a small space.

  • 48 Ply Exterior

    This hose comes with a 48 ply exterior which is currently the most durable webbing you will find on the market. The webbing is what makes this particular design so soft to the touch, lightweight, and easily coiled.


  • Two Sizes

    One of the biggest downfalls is that there are only two sizes available. You can purchase a fifty foot length or a one hundred foot length. Sadly there is nothing smaller or bigger. By comparison, many of the competing hoses on the market come in four sizes minimum. As such, this particular garden hose is intended for residential use rather than for commercial use.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Insert Rubber Washer

    Start off by inserting the rubber washer firmly into the female coupling.

  2. Turn Off

    Turn the hose valve to the off position.

  3. Connect to Water

    Connect the hose to your water source. Gradually turn on the water and watch as the hose begins to increase in size.

  4. Turn Valve on

    Once you see that the hose is fulled expanded, turn on the valve and use the Gnome hose just the same way you would use any other garden hose. You can even attach a spray nozzle to the end to aid in the process, to keep the hose pressurized, and expanded.

  5. Drain

    When you are done, drain the hose and watch as it retracts to its normal, compact size.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Keep Away From Sharp Things

    It is recommended that you keep the hose away from sharp objects when you are using it. Unlike similar expandable designs, this one is not impenetrable, so you could break or puncture it if you drag it over a sharp rock.

  2. Store Inside

    It is also recommended that you store it inside, somewhere out of the elements. However, you should drain it completely before doing so. While it is not a requirement, the more often you drain and store in a cooler place, the longer the hose will last. Even though it is designed to stand up to bad weather, that doesn't mean you should let it.

  3. You Can Use Pressure Washers

    With this hose you can connect one end to a regular sink or water faucet, and the other end to a pressure washer.

  4. Join Two

    If you need a longer length, two of these hoses can be combined to give you something more.

  5. Use Hose Reel

    If you have one, you can wind this hose around a hose reel. Many users hang it on a reel or a hook after use, or they just keep it in a basket out of the sun. In any case, you can store it the same way you would store a regular garden hose.


  • Maximum Pressure

    This hose is meant to be used with a PSI of 175, and no more. If your water pressure is higher than this, be forewarned.

  • Lifetim

    One of the biggest concerns with hoses like this one is the lifespan of the hose. Many people have used expandable hoses in the past only to have them burst within the first season of use. The lifetime of this particular hose is really contingent upon the care that you give it.

    For example, if you keep it on a roll or hang it away from inclement weather, it will last longer. Similarly, if you let it drain before you store it each time, it will last longer. If you make sure to avoid sharp objects which might puncture the hose, it will last longer. Failure to do these things, or choosing to do the wrong things, can compromise how long the product will last.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Gnome Platinum Expandable Hose online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Gnome Platinum Expandable Hose online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 10 Aug 2017 Robert Reyes - (Whiteland, IN)

I bought your 50' hose on Amazon Jul. 16, and got a hole in it Aug. 9, how can I return it and get another one?

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