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Ez View Pot

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Ez View Pot is a see through cooking pot that can be used on any type of stove. This glass pot is heat resistant and safe enough to use on your stove, in the oven or the microwave. It allows you to see what you are cooking so everything cooks to perfection and you never have to worry about boil overs. The glass is designed to distribute heat so everything in the pot cooks evenly.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Ez View Pot is $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Ez View Pot at the discounted price of only $6.99 for a total price of $43.97. This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page found at; however, the company has since ceased selling Ez View Pot and has taken down the website. Ez View Pot may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.


  • Two Quart Pot

    Ez View Pot is a two quart pot. You can cook just about anything it in. Cook pasta, casseroles, veggies, soups, stew, bake chicken, chilli or melt chocolate for fondue night.

  • Mini Pot

    Your order also comes with a miniature version which is a one quart pot. This pot is perfect for when you are cooking for one or only need to prepare small amounts of food.

  • Vapour Escape Lid

    Both the regular and mini pot come with a vapour escape lid. This lid allows moisture and vapour to escape through a small hole which prevents boil overs and unnecessary messes.

  • Nothing Sticks to it

    The glass has a non-porous surface which creates a great non-stick surface. Cleanup is made easy thanks to the fact that nothing sticks.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Cleanup is made even easier thanks to the fact that the pot and the lid are dishwasher safe.


  • Versatile

    This pot is very versatile. Not only does it allow you to cook just about anything but it also serves three different purposes. You can use it to cook your food, serve your food thanks to the elegant design and store your leftovers in the fridge.

  • All Stove Tops

    This pot can be used on electric, ceramic and gas stove tops.

  • Do Not Lose Heat

    When cooking with a traditional pot you often find yourself lifting the lid to check on your food. This reduces heat, prevents even cooking and increases cooking time. Thanks to the see through design you no longer have to lift the lid to see how your food is coming along. You never have to worry about losing heat because all you have to do is look at the pot.

  • Cook Your Food Perfectly

    This pot allows you to cook your food to perfection because you always know whats going on inside the pot. You will know exactly when your soup starts to boil or when you should adjust the heat.

How It Works

The secret behind Ez View Pot is the crystal clear glass which is heat resistant. A heat resistant design lets you use this pot on the stovetop, in the oven and in your microwave all without ever having to worry about it fogging up. No matter what the temperature and what you are cooking the glass will always stay crystal clear. The high intensity glass also works to absorb and circulate the heat which ensures your food is being cooked evenly. This reduces cooking time and helps you cook your food to perfection.


  • Hot to Cold

    It is extremely important not expose glass cookware to extreme temperature differences to prevent cracking and shattering. When removing Ez View Pot from the stove or oven do not place it directly on your cold ceramic island. Place a tea towel or a mat under the pot to balance out the temperatures. The same applies for when you are storing left over food in the fridge. Allow the pot time to cool before putting it in the fridge.

  • Oven Mitts

    When removing the pot from heat or when lifting the lid it is important to protect your hands by wearing oven mitts or using a towel.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ez View Pot online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ez View Pot online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Josie Mcdonald - (Dover, DE)
Posted: 10 Aug 2017
I have a Question

My Order

Where is my order Ordered back in July!

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Mary Braxton - (Hempstead, NY)
Posted: 08 Aug 2017
I Regret Buying it!

I ordered the large and small Ez View Pots but I never got them.

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