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Genie Leggings Genie Leggings or Alternatives
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Genie Leggings are comprised of a mixture of nylon and spandex, giving you a slim and smooth outlook right from under your breasts down to your ankles, using unique compression technology. It helps accentuate your curves at just the right places, hiding unsightly cellulite and fatty tissue present in unwanted places across the body. Since they do not cling to your flesh, you are able to move completely freely while going about your daily tasks.

Genie Leggings Genie Leggings or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

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  • Dual Purpose

    Usually, leggings either provide a smooth finish to your skin or are specially built to support the contours of your body in a positive manner. Not very often does one get both these features present in one product itself. The reason being, manufacturers generally prefer you buying two separate products rather than just one comprehensive item.

    However, Genie Leggings is made up of special material composed of around 10% of Spandex and around 90% of Nylon. This unique “fusion” technology not only gives it very luxuriously comfortable feel but also helps in providing the right amount of compression. That’s what’s needed to give your body that extremely smooth, silky finish from top to bottom.

  • Problem Area Solver

    Leggings usually only superficially cover up problem areas across your body, giving you just an illusion that your body’s curved at the right places, by giving you a feeling of smoothness and being wrapped up. Using a unique groundbreaking shaping technology, Genie Leggings easily manage to hide these problem areas that women are constantly determined to keep undercover and unrevealed. As a result, you don’t have to dress in any particular way or change the way you move about just in order that your body appears the way you want it to.

  • Adjustable Support

    Everyone’s made differently, in terms of anatomy and physiology. The importance of this fact could not be more important when it comes to finding the right type of leggings to suit your body type. With Genie Leggings, one does not have to worry about compatibility, as these leggings come with an adjustable waistline support that can be moved to a position either high or low.

  • Non-clingy Technology

    Usually, when one wears leggings of any kind, there seems to be a constant pull on one’s skin with every move of the body, giving an illusion of them about to tear or give way. This constant tension within the leggings can turn out to be rather frustrating, especially for those leading an active life and wanting to get into perfect shape.

How it's Different from Competitors

When it comes to regular leggings they can be found to be available almost anywhere one goes these days. They are well equipped to conceal superficial blemishes and scars over the skin, but generally, no more than that.

In striking contrast, Genie Leggings are made from extremely superior material comprised of two different synthetics; spandex and nylon. Its unique “All Round” shaping technology means that there is no portion of your body that could not be concealed away from showing signs of fatty tissue or cellulite. The nylon present within the leggings provides one with that ultra-smooth finish. Simultaneously, the spandex mixed along at the right places within the structure of the leggings provides one with that uniquely concealing agent that makes one’s contours appear utterly flawless and perfectly shaped.

Furthermore, leggings in general, are not designed to cover any more than prescribed by the product you purchase. However, Genie Leggings don’t pose any such issue, as they can be very conveniently adjusted according to the size and surface area of your body.
These leggings also do not have any issue with tearing or shredding away with the slightest of pressures or regular exposure to rough surfaces and the elements in general. They can be considered much more robust and durable than some of the regular leggings available in the market these days.

Leggings that are usually available in the market do not seem to be sensitive to ambient temperature and either make you feel too warm or don’t keep you warm at all. In contrast to them, these leggings are made from a material that helps keep your body at just the right temperature. This is seen, regardless of whether the surroundings are cold or warm, unless your body’s exposed to temperatures extreme in nature.

Positive Aspects

  • Completely Washable

    Usually, many leggings out there in the market these days pose the hassle of being needed to be washed separately by hand rather than more conveniently via your washing machine. This is purely to avoid your leggings developing tear-ladders and losing their elasticity and bounce. However, with Genie Leggings there is no need to worry about tossing your leggings straight into your washing machine. These leggings are specially built using technology that can withstand the rigorous spin of your machine, whether they are being washed or simply dried in the tumble dryer. Please refer to your instruction manual before washing.

  • Slip-into Technology

    With the help of a unique technology built into these leggings, even though they have the ability to hug your body like regular tights, you should have no issues just slipping right into them.

  • Seamless Finish

    There is no need to worry about them being visible through your clothes, as they are utterly seamless.

  • No Panties

    With Genie Leggings, you don’t ever need to wear panties inside the leggings. These leggings are more than just leggings and can suffice as being used just the same way as you would a thick pair of jeans.


  • Pant-size Specific

    Most leggings have legging-specific sizes mentioned on the packaging. However, this item is sold with sizes specific to correspondingly sized panties, as these leggings are more like tights than regular leggings. Please refer to the sizing chart provided for this product in order to ensure that the pant-size mentioned against your item is going to be of the correct overall dimensions in terms of leg-length, etc.

  • Washing Instructions

    Unlike many others out there, these leggings can be washed effortlessly within your washing machine, and even dried using its tumble dryer. However, please remember that, regardless of how robust they might be, they are still a pair of leggings. Therefore, they still require a certain minimum amount of care when washed in order to allow the product to function as prescribed.
    Please wash your leggings on a cold, delicate cycle. While drying them within the tumble dryer, please ensure you only use the dryer on the lowest possible setting.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Genie Leggings online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Genie Leggings online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Posted: 09 Nov 2020 Cathy - (Jenison, MI)

I offered the idea to my former mother in law thinking she would like and be able to benefit from because she wasn't as busty as I am but she said she wasn't interested.

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