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Garden Monkey Garden Monkey or Alternatives
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Garden Monkey is a four-in-one gardening and yard tool that comes with four different steel attachments. These attachments include a rake attachment, a round-headed shovel attachment, a hoe attachment, and a spade attachment. The tool's handle has been designed for a quick transfer of attachments, so you should be able to swap any of the four for another one in seconds. Each of these tools also comes with a mountable hanger that will hold every single piece at once.

Garden Monkey Garden Monkey or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Garden Monkey is $79.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $89.90.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Select Attachment

    First, you'll need to select an attachment based on the type of gardening or yard work you need to do. If you need to dig a hole, you'll probably want to use the shovel, while the rake attachment will work better for moving debris, and so on.

  2. Add Attachment

    Next, add your chosen attachment to the stem of your tool by pushing it into the hole in the bottom of that stem. Following that, push the small round button on the bottom of the stem. Once you hear a quiet click, you'll know the tool's push-button lock is holding the attachment tightly so it won't move as you use it. Make sure the attachment is pointing in the same direction as your hand will be when you're holding the tool's handle. If it's not, you'll need to pull it out again and rotate it a bit to either side.

  3. Use Tool

    Finally, it'll be time to use the attachment you've picked for virtually any task around your yard or garden. All of the attachments, due to the fact that they're made of steel, will stand up to things like heavy soil, sand, and even rocks as you work with them. When you're done using one attachment, you can either gently pull it out of your tool's stem and add a different one, or put the tool away. Whether you detach your current attachment before you store away your tool is up to you.


  • Durable Handle

    The handle attached to each Garden Monkey is a durable one, so it'll be unlikely to ever break, even if you apply lots of pressure to it while completing a task.

  • Lightweight

    Some gardening tools are extremely heavy, especially ones that were made from both wood and metal years ago, but this one is considered lightweight. Therefore, you probably won't be extremely fatigued or sore after you complete one to several outdoor jobs by using this tool. You may actually be able to accomplish more work in a shorter time than you'd be able to with a heavier tool, due to your reduced level of fatigue.

  • Green and Black

    The Garden Monkey comes in a color combination of green and black, two shades that gardening tools commonly tend to be, so it'll likely match the other tools you have (and your soil and plants!).

  • Storage Hanger Included

    With each of these tools, you'll receive a storage hanger that you'll be able to mount on a wall of your choice. You'll be able to comfortably hang your tool's handle and all of its (detached) attachments from this hanger at once, without any of them being crowded out. You may be able to fit one or two additional tools on the hanger, too, although any more than seven items might weigh it down too much.

Positive Points

  • Can Free Up Storage Space

    Without a Garden Monkey, you'll need to keep four different gardening tools on hand in order to perform the functions that this one can perform on its own. That might be a problem if you've got limited space in a one-car garage or a tiny shed. Fortunately, once you get a Garden Monkey, you'll have the option of selling or giving away a few of your old tools and using this one as a hoe, rake, shovel, and spade. With even four fewer tools in your garage or shed, you may feel like tons of space has been freed up.

  • Promotes Efficient Work

    If you were to use four separate tools to do this one's work, you'd need to carry them all out to your garden or keep returning to your shed or garage for a new one. On the other hand, when you start using your Garden Monkey, you'll only need to carry one tool outdoors, along with its attachments that are smaller than full tools. You may even be able to do this in one trip. When you want to switch tasks, all you'll need to do is pop out your current attachment and pop in a new one.

  • Will Fit In Any Vehicle

    Large gardening tools like shovels and rakes can be difficult to fit in vehicles when you need to transport them, especially if you drive a small car. However, you'll be able to fit your Garden Monkey into nearly any vehicle in the world due to the fact that it will come apart. Once all attachments are removed, the handle will be much shorter than the distance between your front and back window, and the attachments will be shorter than that. Consequently, you won't have a problem driving this tool to another location like a friend's house or your workplace.

Negative Points

  • Handle Isn't Adjustable

    One drawback to this tool is that it appears that the length of the handle isn't adjustable. It would be helpful if it was because sometimes people of different heights find it more comfortable to work with a longer or shorter handle in comparison to others. Some people might also prefer a different handle length when working with soil and plants in the ground as opposed to working with them in raised flowerbeds.

  • Must Mount Storage Hanger

    To use the storage hanger that comes with each tool, you'll need to mount it yourself, and some users may not have the technical skills required to do that. It's also unclear as to whether screws or other fasteners are included with the hanger, or if you need to provide those on your own. If you're unable to get this hanger onto a wall, you'll have to find some other place to store your tool's handle and attachments.


  • Change Attachments For Kids

    The Garden Monkey is a great tool for kids who are becoming interested in gardening and yard work to use, but you should change the attachments for kids who aren't yet teens. Otherwise, these younger children may not be careful enough and may accidentally allow the tool's push-button lock to pinch their fingers.

  • Not A Snow Shovel

    This tool can do a lot of things, but even with its shovel piece attached, it's not meant to be a snow shovel. You could attempt to use it to shovel snow, but there's no guarantee that it wouldn't end up getting damaged. It is durable, but it's meant to be used in fairly warm weather when the ground isn't frozen.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Garden Monkey online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Garden Monkey online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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