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Fur-Ever Clean Fur-Ever Clean or Alternatives
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Fur-Ever Clean is a rake-like device that's been designed to help you remove even deep-embedded pieces of pet fur from carpets and other fabric-covered surfaces. It's specified that each device has a double-sided wiping pad that will pick up fur, and once you retract it into the self-cleaning base, it'll clean the pad and store the fur for you. This device has a flat base so it can sit on a flat surface on its own, but you'll also have the option of hanging it from its built-in hook.

Fur-Ever Clean Fur-Ever Clean or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Fur-Ever Clean is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Wipe up Fur With Pad

    Once you're hanging onto the ergonomic slim handle of your Fur-Ever Clean device, gently push down on the handle so that the green wiping pad exits the self-cleaning base. Following that, use one or both sides of the wiping pad to clean fur off of a carpeted area, a rug, or another fabric-covered surface by simply wiping it against that chosen surface.

  2. Clean Wiping Pad

    When your wiping pad looks like it's covered in a fair amount of fur, gently pull up on your device's handle to retract the pad back into the self-cleaning base. There, the base will wipe the pad clean so that when you push down on the handle to reveal it again, it'll be fur-free. Meanwhile, the fur you've picked up will be securely stored inside the base.

  3. Dispose of Fur

    Repeat the previous steps as many times as is needed, depending on how much fur you want to remove from various surfaces. After that, it'll be time to dispose of the collected fur. To do so, open the translucent green lid that you'll find on the base and either dump the stored fur in a trash bin or remove it with your hands before you do that.

  4. Store Device

    When you're done with your device for a while, store it in a corner or against a wall by resting it on its flat base. The flatness of the base should stop it from falling over and getting in anyone's way. Your other option for storage will be hanging it from the included hook at the top if you have a place available to hang it.

How It Works

The wiping pad of each Fur-Ever Clean device contains a multitude of fine microfiber bristles that'll pick up virtually any piece of fur that's embedded in some carpet or another fabric-coated surface. It's stated that this device will actually be able to pick up deeply embedded pieces of fur that a vacuum might miss. Each device's self-cleaning base also contains similar microfiber bristles that will clean the wiping pad whenever you need it to, readying it for use again. Aside from containing these bristles, the wiping pad is double-sided, which means you'll likely be able to clean at a quicker pace (without stopping to clean the pad) than you would with a one-sided device.


  • Lightweight

    The Fur-Ever Clean device is a lightweight tool, similar to a broom, so you may find it a relief to use if you often use a heavy vacuum to clean up fur. It may tire you out to move a heavy vacuum up and down fur-covered stairs, but using this lightweight device to clean fur off your stairs shouldn't fatigue you so much. With multiple fur-covered areas around the home to clean, the vast majority of users should be able to carry this device from room to room in just one hand.

  • Works on Various Surfaces

    This device has been designed with cleaning carpets in mind, but if fur tends to accumulate in your pet's bed, on your sofa, or in some other fabric-covered area, it'll work effectively there, too. In fact, you can even use it to clean fur off your own clothes if your dog or cat tends to shed all over them.

  • Manually Powered

    The Fur-Ever Clean tool is powered completely by the human who is using it, which means that you'll never be required to plug it into electricity or add batteries before a fur-cleaning session. As a result, you'll be able to move about freely without being constrained by an extension cord or the presence of available electrical outlets. You also won't have to worry about regularly stocking up on appropriate batteries at the store.

Positive Points

  • Makes Home Look Nicer

    It almost goes without saying that by removing excess pet hair from every room in your home, or at least the rooms that people often see, you'll make your home look cleaner and prettier. Besides picking up pet fur, the Fur-Ever Clean is also capable of picking up other small forms of debris, such as dust or lint, which will only add to your home's clean and attractive look.

  • No Cleaning With Hands

    Those people who don't like getting a vacuum out more than once a week may attempt to pick up fur that pets have shed with their hands, but this can feel gross and unpleasant. It also can be fairly ineffective, as your hands may not be able to penetrate as deeply into your carpets as a vacuum or another cleaning tool would. Fortunately, once you start using your Fur-Even Clean tool, it will penetrate deeply into the surface of carpets and other fabric materials and you'll no longer have to do any fur-cleaning with your hands.

  • Good for People With Allergies

    If you have allergies to your pet's fur yourself, or you often have guests over that do, the Fur-Ever Clean is an ideal tool to use regularly. It'll be able to remove all the excess pet fur from your carpets, couches, fabric-coated chairs, and other areas so you and your guests won't become as stuffed up as you otherwise would. Once you start making use of this tool, you may find that guests who are allergic to your pets' fur start increasing their visits to your home.

Negative Points

  • Won't Clean up Wet Messes

    Fur-Ever Clean isn't to be used to clean up wet messes, such as pet urine or a spilled cup of coffee—you'll need a traditional mop for that. In fact, if you were to wet the head of your fur-cleaning tool, this might damage its microfiber bristles and render it unable to do its job as effectively. If you ever accidentally wet the head, that's OK, but you should halt the exposure as quickly as possible and let the head dry before you use it to clean up fur.

  • Base Can Fill up Fast

    The self-cleaning base of your Fur-Ever Clean device will only be about the size of a mop or broom's head, which means it won't hold onto an excessive amount of fur. If you're using your device to clean up fur from a number of rooms in your residence, you may end up emptying the base several times before your cleaning job is done. In the event that you let the base get too full without emptying it, it could stop wiping your device's head clean as it should.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Fur-Ever Clean online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Fur-Ever Clean online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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