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Full Exterior is a cleaning solution that's meant to do away with any dirt, grease, and grime that's present on the exterior of your home and around your yard. This solution has also been made for use on vehicles, including boats and RVs, along with common outdoor objects such as swing sets. Once you add the cleaning solution (in the form of crystals) to the included container, and attach the whole thing to any garden hose, you'll be able to get started.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Full Exterior is $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping, for a total price of $27.94.

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Pour Crystals Into Bottle

    First, to get started with this cleaner, pour the package of cleaning crystals into the included container. Make a concerted effort not to spill any since that will make your solution less powerful. When you're done, dispose of the package the crystals came in and put the included lid on the container.

  2. Attach to Garden Hose

    Next, attach your container of crystals to your garden hose (any standard one will do) by plugging the end of the hose into the container's lid. You'll notice that the lid contains a nozzle—the hose must be attached to the opposite side.

  3. Turn On Hose

    Finally, turn on your garden hose and aim the hose (and your container's nozzle) at whatever you want to clean. You can use Full Exterior to clean virtually anything besides glass, but you must be standing within 27 feet of the dirty object. Once you've turned on your hose, the water coming through it will mix with the solution's crystals and create a water-based solution that'll quickly rinse away grime.

  4. Turn Hose Off

    When you need a break from cleaning, you'll also need to turn off your garden hose to conserve water. At that point, you can either leave your Full Exterior container attached to your garden hose or detach it until you need to use it again.


  • Works On Various Materials

    Aside from glass, Full Exterior will work effectively on the vast majority of materials found around the exterior of your home, including vinyl, aluminum, concrete, and wood. As a result, you normally won't have to switch cleaning solutions when you finish cleaning one area or object and need to move on to another.

  • Won't Hurt Plants, Grass

    This particular cleaning solution is free of both bleach and oxidizing agents, so if it gets on your grass or your plants (such as shrubs and flowers), it won't harm them. That means you won't have to carefully go around these living things whenever you need to clean non-living objects in your yard.

  • Lengthy Reach

    When attached to a garden hose, Full Exterior will clean things that are up to 27 feet away, in a vertical or horizontal sense. Therefore, you'll be able to stand on the ground and clean siding and shutters on the second floor of your home, if you desire. Furthermore, each bag of crystals you'll receive will contain enough of this cleaning solution to clean up to 2000 square feet of dirt in total.

  • Made In United States

    This solution is made in the United States, which means that while you use it, you'll be able to do so with the knowledge that certain labor and safety standards were followed during its manufacturing. Plus, it's made by the Fuller Brush Company, a company that's been providing reputable housewares products to Americans for more than 100 years. This attribute indicates that this cleaning solution is likely a high-quality one.

Positive Points

  • No Ladders Required

    If you want to use a different cleaning solution to clean something on your home's second-floor exterior, or up high in your yard, you may need to mount a ladder to do so. That can be a pain, especially if you're afraid of heights, and you'll have to carry the ladder to the appropriate place and set it up, too. Luckily, if you use Full Exterior, the fact that its container is attached to your garden hose will likely make using a ladder unnecessary. You'll simply be able to spray off whatever you need to clean from a distance instead.

  • Can Clean With Less Fatigue

    Even if you don't normally use a ladder to clean the exterior of your home, using Full Exterior will still enable you to clean with less fatigue than usual. Instead of carting your choice of cleaning solution from object to object in your yard, you'll be able to stand in one spot and spray all the dirty objects around you. If your yard isn't big, and your home isn't extremely wide, you may be able to stand in one spot while you spray everything.

  • Removes Most Dirt

    Some cleaning solutions will only remove some types of dirt, like sand and soil, but this one will remove virtually any unwanted substance, including grease and oil. This may eliminate the need for bringing in a professional cleaning team if your car has dripped ugly globs of oil and grease onto your light-gray driveway!

Negative Points

  • May Not Work On Glass

    The types of material that this cleaning solution will work on are briefly outlined, yet glass isn't included on that list, so there's a chance that this solution could actually harm glass. Consequently, when spraying anything on the exterior of your home that's near some glass, such as siding that's next to a window, you'll need to aim away from the glass. You'll also have to keep cleaning the glass around your home with some other solution. Even if Full Exterior managed not to harm it, there's a possibility that it could make glass appear dirtier instead of cleaner.

  • Not For Interior Use

    Due to the fact that this cleaning solution must be attached to a garden hose, it's not suitable for use on the interior of a home. One might try to mix the crystals with water in the included container without connecting it to a hose, but with that, the solution may not work as effectively. Part of its power comes from the pressure that the water coming through a garden hose is able to create.


  • Don't Use To Clean Body

    If you get grease, oil or any other type of grime on your body while you're outside, don't grab your garden hose and rinse yourself off with Full Exterior. The same thing goes if your pets or children get dirty. Although the solution isn't harmful to plants, it could potentially irritate a mammal's skin, and it should never be intentionally used to clean any living thing.

  • Supervise Kids

    Allowing your kids to do some cleaning with a garden hose and Full Exterior is acceptable, but you should make sure you always watch them as they do so. Their control over a garden hose may not be as good as an adult's, so they may need some advice and help, or they could end up spraying things you don't want to be sprayed.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Full Exterior online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Full Exterior online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Yvette Fauught - (Birmingham, AL)
Posted: 25 Mar 2019


I ordered this product as advertised. I received the plastic container, no crystals. I was very disappointed but I had the container and it was doing me no good so I went online and ordered a pack of two bags of crystals. I received a second plastic container, NO CRYSTALS. The box it came in looked like it had been run over by a car and the metal tip on the container was bent beyond the ability to work. Also, be sure you understand that while cleaning your house exterior, you are not supposed to get this solution on your windows.

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