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Free Flight Cordless Steamer Free Flight Cordless Steamer or Alternatives
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The Free Flight Cordless Steamer is a device that's been made to do the job of both an iron and a steamer. It looks like an ordinary iron, but the difference is, you can use it without a cord. This iron has been designed to heat up in 30 seconds and enable you to iron at least one full garment without recharging it. However, to recharge it, all you'll need to do is drop it in the included charger for as little as eight seconds.

Free Flight Cordless Steamer Free Flight Cordless Steamer or Alternatives
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Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Free Flight Cordless Steamer is $39.99 and the shipping is FREE!

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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Select Garment to Treat

    Before you use this device, you'll normally need to set up your ironing board and select a garment to iron as you usually would. If you don't need to put any garment through the entire ironing process, you'll also have the option of leaving it hanging on a hanger while you give it a bit of steam. The same goes for curtains that you may not want to take down.

  2. Charge Device

    Next, once you've got a garment ready to iron or steam, plug in your device's charging dock and place the two-in-one tool in the appropriate slot. The shape of the dock makes it fairly clear, but if you need help figuring out where to place it, consult your instruction manual. Once your tool is resting in the dock, leave it there for 30 seconds to allow it to heat up.

  3. Iron or Steam

    After 30 seconds have passed, remove your cordless device from its dock and use it to iron or steam the garment of your choice (the buttons you'll need are on the handle). Aside from clothing and curtains, you can also use this tool to steam upholstery, stuffed toys, and other items that are made of fabric. As you move your device around, you'll have complete control due to the lack of a cord, and you may be able to complete each ironing or steaming job with one hand.

  4. Return To Dock

    When your first garment has been ironed, leave it hanging up or on your ironing board for a few minutes to cool down. Return your ironing and steaming tool to its dock to charge for eight seconds, if you need to use it to treat another piece of clothing or fabric item. If you're done with it for the day, leave it sitting in the dock and unplug the dock from the electrical outlet it's connected to.


  • Non-Stick Ceramic Plate

    Each Free Flight Cordless Steamer has a non-stick ironing plate made of ceramic that will heat up rapidly. As a result of its non-stick nature, no piece of clothing or alternative item should ever get stuck to this tool, even if it contains plastic pieces that the device will need to pass over.

  • Safe on Delicate Fabrics

    This tool is meant to be safe on delicate fabrics such as silk and lace, which means it can be used to iron or steam virtually anything. If you use it to iron sports jerseys that have screen-printed numbers on them, or any garment with a screen-printed design, the screen-printing should not be affected by its contact with this device.

  • Precision Tip

    The Free Flight Cordless Steamer has a targeted precision tip that will help a user move each one along any fabric item with accuracy. Therefore, you won't end up missing any wrinkles, and if you want to purposely create creases on a particular garment, you'll most likely be able to create attractive-looking ones.

  • Self-Cleaning

    This device is self-cleaning, which will prevent calcium and lime deposits that often come from an iron's steam from building up on its ceramic plate. To clean your iron, simply press the trapezoid-shaped gray button underneath the handle, and the cleaning process will start up with no further action from you. To your benefit, an iron that's regularly cleaned will probably last you for several years or longer, while one that's left dirty may wear out much more quickly than that.

Positive Points

  • Can Iron High and Low Items

    If you use a traditional iron, you'll need to keep anything you're ironing on one level, on top of your ironing board. When ironing or steaming with your Free Flight Cordless Steamer, though, you'll be able to reach high and reach low. This capability will come in handy if you want to iron the tops of your curtains or reach down to steam a throw pillow or stuffed toy without moving it far. When ironing or steaming without a board, you'll also be able to move left and right freely without being restricted by the length of your board.

  • No Tripping, Tangling

    Irons can always be a safety hazard, but a cordless one may be less hazardous than one with a cord. A standard iron's cord might get tangled around your ironing board and fall to the floor, or even worse, get tangled around you somehow and cause you to trip. Fortunately, with just a cordless tool to worry about, you'll eliminate those particular safety risks altogether, along with the risk of someone else entering your ironing area and tripping over your iron's cord. Just set your dock up slightly out of the way so it doesn't trip anyone up, either.

  • Corded Use Is An Option

    With this ironing and steaming tool, if you feel you absolutely must use a cord for any reason, it does actually come with one. The only foreseeable reason for using it is that you might get tired of returning your tool to its dock for charging between garments or items, and desire to use it continuously with no breaks. If that's the case, you'll be able to connect your tool's dock to its main body, which will give you access to the included cord. This connection can also be reversed quickly.

Negative Points

  • Not Safe For Children

    This tool may be less risky for children to use than a standard iron with a cord, but it's still not safe for them to use without supervision. If a child were to touch the hot ironing plate with a bare hand, they could end up with a bad burn. Plus, a child could injure one of their feet by accidentally dropping the tool on it. Consequently, you won't be able to turn your children loose with this type of iron just yet, and for safety's sake, you must closely watch any child who does use one.

Save Time

Adult users will likely be able to complete their ironing tasks more quickly than they otherwise would once they get their hands on a Free Flight Cordless Steamer. If you're pressed for time, you'll be able to walk around your home and steam a bunch of fabric items in mere minutes, instead of having to carry each to an ironing board. If you decide to go board-less, your cleanup time will also go down since you won't have to set a board up and put it away.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Free Flight Cordless Steamer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Free Flight Cordless Steamer online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Free Flight Cordless Steamer Infomercial
Free Flight Cordless Steamer Infomercial

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