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Flipazoo Chairs are not just your typical chair. They are made from soft fabric making them as soft as one of your child’s soft-toys, and come in four varieties and each variety has two characters in which they chairs are manufactured. One particular chair can very easily be converted to either of its two animal characters by simply flipping the chair inside out every time you need to swap characters, preventing your child getting bored.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Flipazoo Chairs is $39.99 plus $8.99 shipping, for a total price of $48.98. Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: flipazoochairs.com

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  • What Changes to What

    It is nice to know what characters are available before you decide on which one to buy for your child. There are certain animals and colors that your child may be more inclined to enjoying. So it is advisable to make a choice of chair that matches your child’s interest and preferences.

    As such, there are some interesting combinations within each of these toys. You will find four types of combinations within these chairs. There is a Polar Bear that converts to a Husky, an Elephant that converts to a Tiger, a Brown Dog that converts to a White Cat, and a Unicorn that converts to a Dragon.

  • Easily Attracts Attention

    Getting a child’s attention can be a tough challenge at the best of times, due to the amount of energy and curiosity children can tend to have within the world around them. It can, therefore, become a huge advantage to have something up one’s sleeve to use to grab your child’s attention when you need it the most. For example, while trying to get your child to eat or do something specific in nature.

  • Save Space

    Usually, in most houses, storage space is always something that every household has to consider before buying toys and other supplementary goods that are part of the non-essential group of items. Of course, this product can be used as both, a toy and a chair. But, nevertheless, the manufacturers have still attempted to bring to it an element of space-saving that helps it become something that is not only convenient to use but also not a burden to store away.

    Each chair converts into a different chair, with a different animal character, simply by flipping it inside out. This way, you can store two types of characters within one chair itself, helping to keep up the variety without actually having to purchase twice the number of goods.


  • Double the Fun

    When one buys a toy, usually the child is used to seeing just one particular character. This is fun for the child while the toy is still brand new. However, over time, the child grows accustomed to the toy and does not feel that excited about it anymore. This can at times lead to the toy being just left around the house, and eventually becoming part of the next car boot sale. Of course, no one likes this happening too soon as everything costs money and, it’s usually quite hard-earned.

    One can change this chair into a different animal character by simply flipping the chair inside out at regular intervals. You can do this whenever you notice your child has got sort of bored with a particular character and it doesn’t initiate that excitement anymore. This makes this product something that provides the child with double the amount of fun with just one chair, as such. It’s not like you need to buy two separate chairs with two different characters. Both characters can be very easily interchangeable within one chair itself.

  • Comfort, a Priority

    When it comes to children and toys, besides safety, the one thing that attracts a child to liking the toy is its comfort level, especially when it comes to soft toys. If a toy is comfortable, the child tends to automatically make that toy an integral part of their playing routine and the toy’s novelty doesn’t tend to wear off that easily. A comfortable toy also provides the child a place of solace in times when they are upset and irritable.

    These chairs are made in such a way that they are not just chairs but rather comfortable toys to play with. They are so comfortable that your child can quite easily hug them at any time and use them as a cushion to lie down on instead of sitting on them like a chair. Your child can even sleep while hugging the chair if that’s what makes them happy. That’s how comfortable this toy’s for your child.

How it's Different from Competitors

The colors, textures used to produce these chairs not only keep your child distracted and satisfied, but are also safe and pleasant for the child. Each chair can be converted into two different types of characters so that your child doesn’t get bored with the product that easily.

When you buy this chair for your child as a gift, say, for your child’s birthday, the toy will initially super-excite your child due to its unique features and characters. For some time, your child will play very happily and enthusiastically with this toy. However, every toy has a period of novelty, and this is something that inevitably wears away eventually. As a result, the toy becoming obsolete and useless.

This is where the surprise element comes in, wherein you simply flip the toy inside out and give your child a second, different toy, with a different character altogether. Your child would not have expected this and would certainly be pleasantly surprised with this new character, and may even feel it is a brand new toy itself.

Using this chair is not complicated or filled with hassle. It is made from material similar to a soft toy and can be easily flipped inside out to expose the other hidden character.

No parent wants to have the burden of buying unnecessarily expensive toys that are not reasonably priced. The manufacturers intend to encourage the purchase of this toy by pricing it at an affordable rate rather than discouraging the customer with sky-high prices. After all, this is something for children to have fun with, fun being an essential part of a child’s life and not exactly something to be considered a luxury.

Save Money

It goes without saying that you can save a fair bit of money by buying this two-in-one toy online.

Making this product involves a uniquely novel idea and as such, one might even find this toy eventually becoming a collectable item, potentially earning dividends in the future down the line.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Toy Stuffed Chairs online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Toy Stuffed Chairs online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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