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Flexclean By Rug Doctor Flexclean By Rug Doctor or Alternatives
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Many homeowners dream of a floor cleaner that can deep clean all types of floors. The Rug Doctor Flexclean is an all-floor cleaner that allows you to switch from carpets to tile and even hardwood floors seamlessly. This floor cleaner is lightweight making it quite easy to use just like a vacuum cleaner. It comes with different types of attachments for cleaning various floor types including hardwood, tile, and carpet. The floor cleaner features rotating brushes and has powerful suction for dislodging stubborn dirt and stains.

Flexclean By Rug Doctor Flexclean By Rug Doctor or Alternatives
Read Customer Reviews on

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Flexclean By Rug Doctor is $317.48 and the shipping is FREE!

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  • Multi-Surface Cleaner

    Rug Doctor Flexclean is a multi-surface cleaner that you can use on various types of floors including wood, laminate, and tile. This eliminates the need for buying different types of floor cleaners for multiple parts of your house.

    For its price, this machine has a very comfortable handle. You will use little effort to control the device.

  • Built-in Scrubber

    The cleaner has a mop that comes with a built-in scrubber for removing grime and grease. In addition, it has replaceable pads that can be removed and replaced if they become dirty. This equipment will not take too much storage space.

  • Convenient

    Flexclean works from different angles to enhance convenience. Its tank is big enough to hold enough water for cleaning a medium-sized room without refilling. This cleaning equipment is so lightweight you could push it around for quite some time without feeling the fatigue.

    The design of this cleaner makes it easy to use, efficient and reliable. You can easily install required attachments in minutes and clean your floors. Rug Doctor offers a comfortable feel as you clean and provides maximum convenience.

  • Ease of Use

    The minimalistic design of Rug Doctor Flexclean means that it does not take much time and effort to clean it up. It is easy to assemble and use; all you need to do is to fasten the attachments you want to use and start cleaning.

  • Maneuverable

    The unique and lightweight design of this machine makes it highly maneuverable. Equipment is also quiet during operation, which means that you can clean while others watch the TV or read a book. Besides, it comes with special attachments including cleaning pads and mops for different types of flooring.


  • What We Like

    Multi-surface cleaner. User-friendly. Lightweight. Does not take much storage space. Removable tanks. Safe on pets and children. Powerful suction. Affordable.


  • What We Do Not Like


Advantages of Flexclean

Rug Doctor Flexclean leads to quicker drying times. Your floor may take a while to dry after cleaning with traditional mop and bucket. However, this cleaner does not use as much water as a conventional mop. Wet floors will take much shorter periods to dry up.

The Flexclean machine uses less water and provides efficient clean. The cleaning equipment is powerful enough to remove grease, dirt, and grime. It efficiently sprays water and chemicals on the floor and scrubs dirt away leaving a clean floor in its wake.

Rug Doctor cleaning equipment is easy to use because you only have to choose the settings you want. You can push or pull it in any direction to clean your floor quickly. The cleaner significantly reduces the amount of effort you exert while cleaning and allows you to clean a large surface area in the shortest time possible.

This floor cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning areas that experience lots of traffic and require constant cleaning. This machine reduces fatigue because it allows you to stay upright and cover much space than traditional mop and bucket.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Cleaning Carpet Flooring

    Carpeting requires regular cleaning, at least twice a week for areas that do not receive much traffic and more times for areas with more traffic. Cleaning your carpet regularly helps to remove dirt and other objects that may damage the fibers in your rug.

    Apart from regular vacuuming, carpeting requires frequent washing. You can hand scrub small spots with water and light detergent. However, full cleaning needs a powerful carpet cleaner.

  2. Cleaning Hard Wood Flooring

    Avoid using excessive water and liquid cleaners on wood flooring as they may cause permanent damage. Wood is porous flooring that may absorb water if applied excessively. One of the best ways to clean hardwood floors is by sweeping regularly.

    Use light cleansers designed for hardwood floors if you want to clean spots and spills. You may also use deep cleaning solutions designed for the specific wood and finish of your flooring.

  3. Cleaning Vinyl and Laminate

    Like hardwood flooring, avoid using excessive amounts of water and liquid cleaners on vinyl and laminate flooring. Water may cause a vinyl floor to peel and laminate floors to expand. Consider cleaning spills on these types of floors immediately. The best way to clean vinyl and laminate flooring is through regular sweeping and light mopping.

  4. Cleaning Tile Flooring

    The type of tile you have on your floor will determine the cleaning method and product to use. Use non-abrasive cleaners on vinyl tiles. While other types of tiles may tolerate harsh cleansers, their grout might not.

    Grouted tile floors are usually not level and require cleaning products that can accommodate the spaces between grout and tile.

  5. Cleaning Concrete and Cork

    One of the best ways to prevent concrete from absorbing stains is by sealing it. This makes it easier for you to clean the flooring later. It is advisable to use stiff brushes when cleaning concrete flooring.

    Cork flooring is beautiful but porous flooring that is susceptible to water damage. The best way to clean cork flooring is by vacuuming it often, wiping up spills immediately and washing it at least once a week.

Other Surfaces

Bamboo is a beautiful and eco-friendly flooring option. Like hardwood flooring, bamboo is prone to nicks and scratches. Clean Bamboo flooring by sweeping off dirt and debris regularly. Considering the expense of bamboo flooring, use extra care on its cleaning and maintenance.

Like cork flooring, clean linoleum using dish soap and hot water. Spray the solution to a section of the floor and wipe with a damp mop before moving to the next part. Keep wiping with the microfiber mop until it does not feel sticky to touch.

Whatever you do, do not use vinegar to clean natural stone flooring. Instead, clean it with a non-bleaching cleanser that will not react with the minerals in the natural stone flooring. Use steam cleaning to remove stubborn dirt.

Factors to Consider

Type: Consider choosing a floor-cleaning machine that is compact, lightweight and portable.

Bagless: You do not have to spend much time changing dirty bags. Instead, choose a machine that comes with replaceable bags that you can unhook and empty without necessarily touching the dirtbag.

Power: One of the benefits of a cordless floor cleaner is that it is highly portable. On the other hand, electric cleaners deliver more consistent power than cordless cleaners do. Pieces: Choose floor cleaners that come with various accessories and attachments for different types of flooring.


The type of flooring you have determines how you will use Rug Doctor Flexclean for cleaning. Every type of flooring has unique maintenance and cleaning requirements. Therefore, choose a cleaning method that works for your needs.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flexclean By Rug Doctor online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Flexclean By Rug Doctor online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.


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Flexclean By Rug Doctor Infomercial
Flexclean By Rug Doctor Infomercial

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